Henna tattoos. How to make temporary henna tattoos

From time to time many people have the idea to decorate their bodies with beautiful patterns, however, not everyone will risk drawing the picture at once, which will not be possible to get rid of later. And this does not mean at all that whoever does not risk - goes without a tattoo, because there is an alternative. “What?” You ask. An alternative to permanent drawings is temporary henna tattoos.

When did they appear?

In this way, the pattern on the body was applied in ancient Egypt, Persia and India. Then it was considered a real art and was called Mehndi. The main advantage of henna over real ink is that it is applied not under the skin, but onto it. Thus, a person receives an interesting picture without the fear that it will not be possible to get rid of him when he gets bored.

on or basma

Typically, henna or Basma tattoos are applied to the palms, wrists, and feet, as well as the back, lower back, and bikini area. Some go further and draw patterns on the shoulders, hips and neck. Those who use henna for biotating will get a red-brown pattern on their body.In order for the image to be black, you need to use Basma.

henna tattoos

Henna tattoos are also harmless for children who often want to depict something on their skin. By the way, ethnic motifs look particularly impressive: drawings and patterns, if you emphasize them with the same thematic make-up, jewelry and clothing.

Pros and cons of henna tattoos

Usually, people who have already decided on the procedure are interested in whether allergy is possible after henna. Their fears are in vain, because this material is completely natural, without any chemical impurities. There are also those who are of the opinion that henna tattoos help improve the skin’s ability to regenerate cells - regeneration.

henna temporary tattoos

The only danger to human health is citrus essential oils, which are used in the process of applying the pattern to make it brighter and more contrast. If the master uses poor-quality or damaged ether, as well as if it is improperly diluted or overheated, there is a chance of getting a small burn. However, this happens very rarely, especially if you hire the services of a professional.

Another significant advantage of a temporary henna tattoo over an ordinary one is a painless application, which can even bring pleasure after a busy day, because it feels like a point massage.

But the following feature can be both a plus and a minus: temporary henna tattoos are quickly washed away. Usually in the salons customers promise that the picture will last from a week to two, but the time is somewhat exaggerated, especially if the person is often in contact with water. In this case, henna on the skin will be erased in 2-3 days. Although this is also an advantage, because sometimes any image on the body is superfluous.

Almost anyone can draw henna tattoos. It is only important to be confident in your abilities, you have to not only create a pattern, but also prepare henna, and then draw what you want to see on the body for several days or weeks.

how to make a henna tattoo

Drawings can be varied. This and animalistic images - a tattoo in the form of an animal, inflicted in small strokes or circles. Visually, such images usually consist of lines of different lengths and shapes.

Often choose and drawings of plants that are especially popular among residents of India. It can also be a colorless tattoo. But this does not mean that the pattern is not visible, it is just made of white paint. However, it can be absolutely any image, the main thing is that the one who will put it, copes with the task.

What you need and how to make a henna tattoo?

Before you begin to apply a tattoo, you need to collect everything you need. So, you will need henna powder (for one person, one sixth of a tablespoon will be enough), very warm strong black tea or coffee (just a couple of teaspoons), two lemons, a spoon and dishes, in which you need to mix all the ingredients. Remember that how dark the picture comes out depends on the amount of acid. Therefore, to make a henna tattoo black, you just need to squeeze more lemon juice into the mixture. The consistency of the composition should be slightly softer than toothpaste. It will be possible to use the composition only after it has spent the night in the refrigerator.

how to make a temporary henna tattoo

If you didn’t have to make henna tattoos before, then it is better to use a stencil, whereas experienced artists can paint with a thin brush.You can also use for the henna the wooden ends of the aroma sticks. You can also make a dispenser made of polyethylene, similar to the one used by cake decorators.

Before applying henna, it is imperative to smear the skin with essential oil of orange, grapefruit or lemon. That's all, you can start to create.

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