Helsinki from a height

Finland has become the eleventh country I have visited in life. I would like, of course, that the list was much longer, but still ahead!
We did not have goals to climb roofs in Helsinki, we didn’t even think about it, but it turned out that in the end there was no point in climbing. Firstly, almost in the very center of the capital there is a completely free public viewing platform of the restaurant right under the roof of the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni hotel at Yrjönkatu 26. You can walk from the central station in 5 minutes. It is not necessary to order anything in the restaurant, you can simply take the elevator upstairs and go to the observation deck. So do all the tourists, and the staff, of course, do not mind.
And secondly, Helsinki does not make any particular impression in terms of architecture and the urban atmosphere in general. It's just such a good European city: comfortable, moderately cozy, very calm. Well, more specifically about this, I'll tell you later!
2. Climb up and see.

3. The main central part of Helsinki is located on the peninsula, and some areas on separate islands. Therefore, the port is located practically along all the shores.

4. Railway station.From St. Petersburg to Helsinki can be reached by train Allegro in just 3 and a half hours.

5. Helsinki, together with the satellite cities of Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen, forms the metropolitan region with a population of over a million people.

6. A lot of trees in Helsinki.


8. All the architectural diversity of Helsinki can be seen in this photo.







15. I’m not an architect, but I’ll say that even new buildings in Helsinki fit in harmoniously with the image of the city. Frankly ugly houses, we have not met.

16. In places even Peter reminds.








24. Thank you for your attention!

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