Gymnastics for eyes Norbekova: reviews and description

Mirzakarim Norbekov is a unique personality who has passed a long and fruitful life path. From an ordinary boy from a large family, he grew up as a specialist, who, thanks to his own observation and desire for self-improvement, was able to develop an author's wellness program.

Brief biographical information

gymnastics of doctor norbekov

Despite numerous interviews and more than one published monograph, there is no reliable and accurate information about his biography. It is only known that Mirzakarim Sanakulovich was born in 1957 in Samarkand. The turning point in life was the years spent in the army, where the young man began to learn the philosophy of karate.

Understanding of the candidate of medical sciences Larisa Fotina helped her to reach her full potential and clothe it in the framework of the single system. It was she who stood with him at the origin of the wellness program.

For many years of fruitful work, significant results have been achieved, even cases of curing patients from oncological diseases are known. However, the most popular gymnastics on Norbekov eye.

How it all began

gymnastics for eyes Norbekova

In 2001, the world saw a new book by Mirzakarim Norbekov with the ironic title “The Experience of a Fool, or the Key to Insight. How to get rid of glasses. In it, the author proposes a new concept of vision for ophthalmological problems in humans and presents the reader with a set of exercises to improve his vision. This is the very gymnastics for Norbekov's eyes.

A fundamentally new approach is to consider Mirzakarim Sanakulovich two aspects of the impact on the quality of vision: psychological and physiological. The first is aimed at creating a favorable psychological environment for the patient, the second - exercises. The doctor focuses on the emotional state of the patient, encouraging him to visualize himself as a healthy person, who at the moment already sees well.

What does gymnastics in the Norbekov system include

To get rid of the disease, a person must learn to perceive himself, to perceive openly and kindly. Gymnastics for eyes Norbekova closely associated with the work of the person on himself. An interesting fact is that the author in his book focuses on the synergistic processes in the body, suggesting first of all to work out his, as he calls it, “muscular corset”. This explains the fact that sometimes in the technique there are exercises for other parts of the body, which, it would seem, are not related to the functions of vision.

gymnastics system norbekova

Through the whole book there is a close connection between the work of the eyes and the correct posture and a healthy spine. In addition to exercises to maintain in the tone of his "muscle corset", the wellness program provides a gymnastic complex for the joints. All movements should be carried out consciously, concentrating on sensations in the corrected organ. Thus, Dr. Norbekov's gymnastics allows a person to significantly adjust his vision, while spending only 20 minutes a day on exercises.

Principles of the Norbekov system

It can be said that the main postulatewhich Mirzakarim Sanakulovich relies on, is based on the fact that it is much easier to prevent the disease than to seek to get rid of it. A person is daily confronted with a large amount of information received by him through television, a computer and various informational tabloids. Constant tension of the eye muscles can lead to reduced vision. Therefore, the author offers a simple set of exercises that stimulates blood flow and relieves fatigue. Gymnastics for eyes Norbekova in terms of prevention is very effective, as it acts directly on the nerve nodes of the visual system, instantly contributing to their relaxation.

gymnastics system norbekova

An additional bonus in the application of the system is that, thanks to the principles developed under the influence of Eastern philosophy, it does not require memorizing the sequence of actions - you only need to understand the essence of the exercises. The general rules for performing wellness procedures are as follows:

  • effects on active points should be carried out only with fingertips;
  • all movements occur vertically, rubbing is not acceptable;
  • the pressure force on the activation sites should not be stronger in feeling than a slightly painful one;
  • after doing a set of exercises for the eye muscles, it is necessary to proceed to the effects on the active points on the face, neck.

gymnastics Norbekova reviews

The author does not promise that his program will allow patients to recover from ailments that require operable introduction, however, pathologies such as astigmatism, hyperopia or myopia may disappear.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

Meditation and self-hypnosis - these are the main whales on which the health program of Mirzakarim Norbekov is built. He argues that doing exercises in an unbalanced emotional state, without faith in yourself, will not give positive changes. This postulate is a stumbling block, because Norbekov's gymnastics, reviews of which are very contradictory, looks to many like a mystical treatise.

Work on the system is contraindicated for people suffering from epilepsy, mental disorders, all kinds of physiological dependence (substance abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism). It is also not recommended to use this system of exercises for pregnant women and people who have had a heart attack or stroke.

This proves the high impact of exercise on the human nervous system.Finally, the power of influence on the body has not been studied, so the author imposed restrictions on the above persons. Traditional medicine is skeptical of this approach to treatment, despite the fact that many exercises Norbekovskoy gymnastics successfully used in the practice of the American ophthalmologist William Bates.

The first exercise in the method

The sequence of stages of performing exercises for the eyes is outlined in the book. It describes the techniques of concentration and examples for meditation. The very first exercise for the eyes is as follows:

1) Set the head in a level position.

2) Slowly and smoothly gaze upwards so as to achieve the maximum angle of deflection. After that, you need to try to imagine how the eye continues to move further and turns into the orbits.

3) After returning to the starting position, it is necessary to do a similar manipulation in the downward direction with the only difference that the eye will have to try to rush inside the throat.

From the description it is clear that physiological actions are closely intertwined with psychological perception. Gymnastics for Norbekov’s eyes is simple and demanding at the same time, therefore, having understood the essence once, a person can do a complex in any place convenient for him.

Description of the basic exercises in the technique

gymnastics for eyes norbek

After the first exercise, the person does the same in the direction of the ears. The energy essence of the movements - the impact on the active points of the crown, ears, throat. It is important that the head remained static. After the eyes have made 360-degree turns in the direction at right angles, it's time to start developing them diagonally. The third task is called "Butterfly", as the successive movements of the eyeballs visually resemble the geometric outline of its wings.

The peculiarity of all the tricks with eyes is that they remain in a relaxed state. Gymnastics by Norbekov for the eyes is based on the principle of smooth rotation in all directions with different sequences. This allows you to use all the muscles. The author recommends that his readers do the exercises, first with their eyes open, then - using the “inner vision,” eventually - mentally.

System reviews

There is no consensus. Everyone just knows that there is gymnastics for the eyes. Norbekov, reviews of which differ in the same way as his healing method, enjoys prestige among a narrow group of ophthalmologists.Rather, they tend to consider this set of exercises as an opportunity to prevent eye diseases, rather than a full-fledged panacea.

Patients likewise dispersed on two fronts: some claim that gymnastics helped them get rid of their tearing eyes, and there were positive changes in general well-being, others did not feel the changes.

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