Gums hurt - what to do at home? Causes and treatment of gum disease

Parodont (periodontal tissue) consists of gums and jawbone. This fabric protects the teeth, and at the same time they are attached to it. All microorganisms caught and multiplied in the periodontal, give rise to various diseases in which the gums are inflamed. Often, all diseases are accompanied by the formation of pustules and the appearance of bad breath.sore gums what to do at home

If your gums hurt, what should you do at home? We will tell about it in this article.

Causes of Gum Disease

Studies conducted by scientists at the beginning of the 21st century suggest that not only the effects of microorganisms cause acute inflammation of the gums with bleeding and pain, but negative emotions also serve as an impetus to the formation of ulcers and pustules.

The human hormone cortisol, which also weakens the immune system, showed an increased value in patients with periodontal tissue diseases.This hormone is produced in the body by the adrenal glands for disorders, depressions and frequent stresses. During the collection of statistical data, it was found that benign gum tumors occur precisely in those patients who have an increased degree of anxiety, negative emotions are constantly present, and also experience recent stress.

Lack of flavonoids

The lack of flavonoids in the body in some cases led to bleeding, acute inflammation of the gums. Flavonoids in sufficient quantities are contained in food of plant origin. To replenish this substance in the body, you need to eat apples, plums, currants, raspberries, cabbage and carrots. It happens that the gum hurts over the tooth.sore gum after tooth extraction

The first indicator of possible inflammation is bad breath. The reason is the pockets formed between the teeth and the soft tissues of the gums, in which food debris accumulates and under the influence of microorganisms rot, causing dental calculus to form on the teeth, and subsequently caries.


Even the newest toothpastes, brushes will not be able to cope with tartar and clean the interdental pockets well.If your gums start to swell, it is best to seek professional help from a dentist who will clean the mouth and the necessary treatment. Purulent inflammation of the gums can be very dangerous.

Even in the absence of visible swelling of tissues, but with the appearance of an unusual smell from the mouth, it is necessary to simultaneously consult a gastroenterologist and a dentist.

Problems with the work of the salivary glands

rinsing the gums with pain

Problems with the work of the salivary glands can also cause gum disease. Saliva is necessary for cleaning the oral cavity, if it is produced in insufficient quantities, then food debris and microorganisms will contribute to changes in the periodontal tissue. Starch, which is in our food, is deposited on the tooth enamel, saliva contains enzymes that break down this starch. The acid contained in the fruit destroys the tooth enamel, but saliva has an alkaline reaction that neutralizes the aggressive effect of the acid. If your gums hurt, what should you do at home? This is a frequent question.

Suppuration of the gums

A prerequisite for the appearance of suppuration of the gums is the presence of a source of infection.It can be located both inside the tooth and on the surface of the root. Before you begin to treat yourself, you need to understand why pus appeared in the gums, and on the basis of this, select the appropriate therapy.

Pathology, in which a suppurative focus forms at the apex of the tooth root, is periodontitis. There are two main reasons for its appearance. First of all, it is on time untreated caries and pulpitis. The infection gradually affects all the deeper tissues of the tooth, the nerve in the tooth, and then the apex of the roots, is gradually inflamed and perishes.purulent inflammation of the gums

Prevention of gum disease

In order to avoid the accumulation of food residues in the gums, it is necessary to rinse the mouth with a solution of 1 tsp to prevent inflammation. soda in a glass of water after every meal.

It is necessary to develop the habit of conducting massage movements on the gums using vegetable oil and sea salt.

Brush your teeth often

It is obligatory to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and generally it is desirable after each meal. Sometimes, instead of toothpaste, use olive oil with sea salt. It prevents the formation of stone on the tooth enamel.In this case, a toothbrush will not be needed, the oral cavity is cleaned with the index and middle fingers in a circular motion from the gums to the tips of the teeth. Be sure to both the outside and the inside. At least the whole process should take 2 minutes.

If your gums hurt, treatment should be timely. It is very useful in the prevention of plaque solution of soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. Preparation: take half a teaspoon of soda, a few drops of lemon juice, 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide, mix everything thoroughly. Clean the mouth with the resulting mass. You can eat only after 20 minutes. These procedures improve blood circulation, relieve inflammation, which contributes to the restoration of periodontal tissues.

A person has sore gums, what to do at home?gum hurts over the tooth

Food Prevention

Mandatory inclusion in the diet of natural fruits and vegetables will serve as the best prevention of the disease of periodontal tissues. The process of chewing apples with peel, hard carrots, cabbage leaves acts as a simulator for the chewing muscles, causing an influx of oxygen and blood to the tissues.Reception of very soft food, even without participation in the process of chewing of the jaw muscles, in all cases is the main cause of diseases of the periodontal tissue.

In order to strengthen the teeth and prevent inflammation of the gums, if necessary, chew a clove of garlic for some time, then spit it out. To eliminate the pungent smell, eat walnut, parsley root or greens and drink a glass of hot milk.

Beeswax perfectly cleans the teeth from plaque, and they can safely replace the chewing gum without harm to health. Honey comb is one of the best and most pleasant products for the prevention of gum disease and cleaning of teeth.

When the gum hurts after a tooth is removed, folk methods can also help.

Solving the problem at home

Juices are an indispensable tool, they stimulate metabolic processes, are quickly absorbed by the body and relieve the circulatory system of harmful substances.
Cucumber juice helps to cope not only with swelling of the gums and face, but is also an excellent antiseptic for inflammation of the gums.sore gum treatment

The use of vegetable oils. First you need to warm up, use only a soft toothbrush.If it is impossible to touch the gums, then just rinse your mouth with oils for 10 minutes every day until the symptoms of the disease disappear. Lotions on the gums are usually made of fir oil. Vatu put on the inflamed area for 20 minutes.

If the gum hurts after tooth extraction, rinsing with calendula solution will help. Prepare a solution in the ratio of 1:10 alcohol infusion and water. Rinse the mouth to produce after each meal.

As you know, aloe is an excellent antiseptic. It is necessary to rub a leaf of scarlet and lubricate the flesh with this pulp at least three times a day.

In folk medicine, rinsing is used for gums of oak bark, as well as nettle, chamomile flowers.

What else can help:

  • Pickled cabbage pickle. Rinsing is carried out in case of loose gums.
  • Lemon juice. It is necessary to apply very carefully. It is applied to ulcers and loosening with a tampon, without touching the teeth.
  • Lemon oil. Peel the lemon, rub the peel, pour in oil, insist 3 days in the dark. Then rinse or clean the gums with the resulting solution.
  • Effective rinsing of the gums with the pain of St. John's wort. Prepare a tincture of herbs on vodka in the ratio of 1: 5.Rinse the mouth with diluted tincture at the rate of 30 drops to 0.5 cups of water. Or brew 1 tbsp. l grass with a glass of boiling water, let cool, strain. Hypericum has astringent and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • A solution of honey with salt. Salt must be completely dissolved in a small amount of honey. It is advisable to take sea salt. Rub the mixture every day with your fingers or a soft brush in case the gums hurt and bleed. The reason may be any.sore and bleed gums cause

Get rid of stress and bad habits

To gums are always healthy, you can try to revise their bad habits. Tobacco smoking and alcohol intake flush nutrients out of the body, which, in turn, affects the condition of blood vessels and all tissues, including periodontal tissue.

If possible, rest and get rid of the constant stressful state. In order to avoid problems with periodontal tissue, it is necessary to monitor oral hygiene, develop the habit of regularly brushing your teeth, take vitamins in the autumn and spring, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat more fruits with high vitamin C content.Do not self-medicate in the acute phases of the disease. Visit the dentist's office at least once every six months to avoid a situation where the gums hurt. What to do at home, now we know.

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