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Bicycles of the popular GT brand have always been distinguished from other bikes by their unique design and very high-quality assembly. The models that GT manufactures are constantly being improved, that is, each new bike pleases its buyer with new parts, special design and modern technologies. In this article we will talk about one of the popular GT models. In addition to the general review, the technical characteristics of the bike, its features and much more will be discussed in detail. A user who is thinking about purchasing this bike, at the end of the article will be able to decide on his decision.

GT Avalanche Sport Review

As soon as you see this model, immediately there is an unquenchable desire to ride on it on low slides, making steep jumps, maneuvering between the pines in the forest or just a ride around the city. But what does this model really represent?

gt avalanche sport

The appearance of this bike is excellent. Thanks to its bright colors, special shape of the frame and top-end components, the bike looks very aggressive.Now all the necessary equipment, that is, a helmet, jersey, gloves with a suit and the bike itself, looks even more stylish than before. His twenty-seven-inch wheels with coarse-rubber tires are also very prominent.


Classic durable mountain bike made of aluminum alloy. Thanks to this alloy bike became easier, which allows you to quickly climb the slopes.

GT has always been different from the rest with its unique frames. GT Avalanche Sport is no exception. Due to the special technology of boiling the frame, this design is more durable and does not add its weight. The GT Avalanche Sport bike is mounted on one of Suntour’s popular spring-and-oil forks. This front shock absorber does a good job with small holes, but the damping of vibrations leaves much to be desired. In order to slightly reduce the level of vibration during fast driving, you can buy special gloves on a gel basis. Because of the spring, which is located directly in the fork itself, this shock absorber has to be made of steel. Thanks to this material, the front fork is more durable, but is overweight.

gt avalanche sport bike

Transmission from GT Avalanche Sport specific.For example, an Alivio rear robot connects to an Altus front derailleur. All-Terra cranks have a 32/44/22 row of teeth. If you turn on the Sunrace cassette, you can call it a normal build, but far from perfect.

Bulk bearings do not have adequate protection against dirt and water. But if you constantly care for them, they will last a long time and give a good reel. On ordinary wheels mounted 32 spokes. But for a more confident off-road driving, you should still purchase a reinforced double rim. It will provide additional protection. Weight GT Avalanche Sport less than fifteen kilograms. This will greatly delight those who do not have a lift at home.

Reconciliation bike

gt avalanche sport reviews

All the benefits of the GT Avalanche Sport bicycle can be felt only by those people who can confidently hold this two-wheeled beast and are not afraid of dangerous sections of the road. The bike will fix a lot of your mistakes, as most of the work will do itself. It can be used not only on city streets, but also on a rough road. For example, forest, dirt road, rocky areas - this is his favorite habitat. He will serve as a good helper for active people. But in order for this bike to serve you for a long time, it requires constant care.It can also always be improved by itself, because most of the different parts will fit it.


gt avalanche sport review

About GT Avalanche Sport many lovers of extreme driving respond. According to them, this is a universal average bike with a variety of configurations. If you buy a GT Avalanche Sport only for city driving, the consultant may recommend certain thin tires for a flat road. You can also put rims in place of disc brakes and replace the seat. But you need to understand that the full potential of this bike can only be seen outside the city. On ordinary asphalt roads, this bike is no different from the rest of its colleagues.

Reinforced rims, steel blocking shock absorber and studded twenty-seven inch tires will provide you with the most comfortable ride on any grounded road. This bike is designed for aggressive driving, not for an evening stroll through the city.

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