Good detectives: review

Good detectives are like the best books that absorb the reader's attention from the very first lines. Films with a twisted plot and numerous riddles make the viewer completely immersed in a fictional story and imagine himself a participant in the action that unfolds on the screen.

The qualities of a good detective

What features do real-life detective films have? First of all, this is an incredibly confusing story, the presence of seemingly intractable mysteries, which are gradually revealed during the development of the plot. The best films detectives are unpredictable, they lack the standard directorial moves characteristic of the presented genre. The combination of all this in one movie film forms a pleasant impression on the viewer. In the end, high-quality detective tapes never leave behind a feeling of frustration and time wasted.

good detective qualities

Next, we consider a list of the best detectives according to audience ratings:

  • "Real Detective".
  • "Seven".
  • "Sleepy Hollow".
  • "Ten Little Indians".
  • "Silence of the Lambs".
  • "Insomnia".

"Real Detective"

Without any exaggeration, this mini-series, which appeared on the screens in 2014, deserves the title of one of the best detectives in the history of cinema. And how could it be otherwise, because the creators of the project managed to attract such brilliant actors as Woody Harelson, Matthew McConaughey and Michel Monaghan to the set.

good detectives

Thanks to a combination of a twisted plot with elements of a thriller, a successful disclosure of the thin sides of the character of the characters and the use of unworn directorial moves, the series was lucky to receive the highest ratings from critics and cause real delight among the audience.


We continue to consider good detectives. Next on our list is the iconic psychological thriller “Seven” by the famous Hollywood director David Fincher. After reaching the wide screens in 1995, this tape began to massively collect prestigious awards of various film festivals. In total, the film received 19 awards in various nominations, which was accompanied by a magnificent game of protagonists - Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

best movies detectives

The plot is the investigation of a number of mysterious murders with mystical overtones. An experienced detective and his buddy partner take on the search for a criminal. Maniac leaves the police tips without fear of being caught. Day after day, this game is becoming more and more complex and intense.

It is noteworthy that the film director David Fincher decided to display the general depression of what is happening on the screen and build fear on the viewer, removing the tape in gloomy colors, using the dark color scheme, dim lighting. Competent exposure of the picture in the same style, a deep disclosure of psychological portraits of characters and an unexpected finale - all this contributes to the fact that the film "Seven" for several decades remains in the list, which presents really good detective stories.

"Sleepy Hollow"

The presented film has all the signs of a detective, but it is framed in a rather uncharacteristic entourage for this genre. The work on the film was engaged in Tim Burton, who is known for his bizarre views on the direction, stage design, costume creation and the disclosure of the character of the characters.

list of the best detectives

To date, "Sleepy Hollow" remains the only successful combination of detective and fantasy. The characteristic eccentric play of Johnny Depp, who portrays the constable against the background of the mystical scenery of a small village located in the American wilderness, fills the film with a unique spirit.

"Ten Little Indians"

I would also like to say a few words about the best Russian detectives. One of them is considered to be the film “Ten Little Indians”, which was released in hire back in 1987.

This famous work of the domestic director Stanislav Govorukhin can hardly be called a film in the traditional sense of the word. The result of the work of the film crew was, rather, the birth of a competently set detective play.

"Ten little Indians decided to have dinner, one choked - and there were nine of them left." It is around this childish little book that the plot of the film based on the famous story of Agatha Christie is tied up.

"Silence of the Lambs"

Observing the good detectives, you can not ignore the cult film director Jonathan Demme "Silence of the Lambs." This movie is imbued with frightening anxiety, and the plot reveals in the best possible way the concealed human phobias and weaknesses. The brutality of some scenes allows us to rank this detective story to the horror genre.

best russian detectives

His success picture is largely due to the inimitable game of Anthony Hopkins, who surprisingly revealed the most complex image of the maniac Hannibal Lecter. To this end, the actor made a thorough preparation for the shooting, which consisted in visiting real prisons, communicating with well-known attackers, studying the most unusual trials.


Presented tape is one of the best works of the famous director Christopher Nolan, known to the modern audience for such films as "The Beginning" and "The Dark Knight".

“Insomnia” is a combination of a twisted detective story and a magnificent game of such American cinema stars as Al Pacino, Hilary Swank and Robin Williams.

In fact, the film is a remake of the film of the same name. However, the modern version has become much more successful compared to its predecessor. This was served by the magnificent work of the director, who made the viewer feel the same psychological pressure as the main characters throughout the entire film.

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