Gold of Russia

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The volume of gold in the international reserves of the Bank of Russia has increased over the past ten years four times from 451 tons to 1,838 tons. The Bank of Russia retains the first place in the world in gold purchases for the sixth consecutive year.
Before joining the list of the five largest countries in terms of gold reserves, Russia is only 5 tons apart. So far, Russia is in sixth place after China (1842.6 tons). However, the share of gold in Russia's foreign exchange reserves is almost 18%, while in China’s foreign exchange reserves it is only 2.5%.
But do not forget that ...
The United States has the largest gold reserves - 8133.5 tons. (75%foreign exchange reserves of the country) and Germany - 3373.6 tons. (67%). True, as I recall, Germany’s gold is in the United States, and few have seen the US gold in the eye.
Let's remember where did gold appear on Earth and how the gold price is set in the world and in general how much gold is in the world.

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