Games in the company - a glee!

When you go to a party, meet atnature or gather friends, do you wonder how to spend more time than light the guests? Games in the company - the most successful decision, which will help make the meeting unforgettable and childlike carefree.

"Bombage"games in the company

This game is suitable for a company of any agecategories. To their right leg, participants tied one ball so that he trailed behind the "master." On the bill: "Three, two, or ...", players try to "burst" as many balls as possible, and, naturally, leave their unscathed. The winner is the owner of the ball that survived in battle.


Games in the company should involve allpresent. It is impossible to refuse participation in the "Serpent". Crowd goes to any person and says: "I'm a funny snake ... I crawl, scream, I call:" Do you want to become my tail? ... "" I want! .. "and the man joins, clinging to the waist of the leader. Now they are coming together to the next one and the "head" repeats the question ... When the snake is all vacationers, the question of the presenter changes to the statement: "There was a merry snake, and now - hungry! I'm ready to eat my tail! "" Tail ", of course, should not allow itself to be" offended "and will run away, but it is impossible to break away from the" body of the snake ". Who broke away - drop out.

"Roddom"games for a small company

Artistic guests like pantomime games. In the company, men and boys are reincarnated as mummies that have just given birth. Accordingly, women and girls are "young fathers". The presenter gives the "mothers" a description of his child. For example, this: "We have a boy, his ears like your grandfather, and your navel like your aunt's." The task of the "father" is to recreate the description of the child born, conveyed by the mummy pantomime, on a clean leaflet.

"Penguins are booming!"

Without describing the rules of the game, the presenter collects playersin a chain where the next participant holds on to the belt ahead of him standing, and then announces: "You are penguins. The penguins are tired, they sat down to rest ... "The players perform the tasks of the ringleader, and he continues:" They rested, stood up and went on ... The penguins sat down, sat down to rest on their knees behind the going ... "Only everyone knelt on their knees, as the presenter declares: "Penguins - boom!" And quietly pushes the first penguin on the next. All players fall like dominoes.

"Associations"games in the company

Not everyone loves outdoor games. In the company of intellectuals, the speaker starts talking to the neighbor about the word he has conceived, the second tells the next player as soon as possible the association he heard. And so on. The last participant declares his association publicly, and the first one communicates the original word.

«Thick-cheeked lipshape»funny games in the company

Funny and funny games in the company necessarilyit is necessary to photograph. "Tolstoschekiy guboshlep" is just such a game. A pair of the most desperate sweethearts sit opposite each other with a plate of sweets. Each of them takes turns putting a candy in his mouth and calling his rival, as stingingly as possible: "A thick-cheeked guber, he ate all the sweets!" The one who pushed the sweets more into his mouth and at the same time could pronounce the "murderous" phrase is the winner!

The winner is laughter!

Funny and hilarious, mobile or "table games" for a small company or big, it does not matter, the main thing is the fervent mood, laughter and joy that they give to everyone.

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