Female intimate hairstyles: photos, types and technology of implementation

evolve from generation to generation. Since bikinis are becoming more open, and tattoos and other patterns on the skin are fashionable, the attitude to the hair on the body becomes tougher: they either disappear completely or take some kind of aesthetic shape, thereby giving confidence to their owner.

From the history

Someone successfully noticed that the changes in the fashion for female intimate design are inversely proportional to the fashion for the male style in the design of the facial growth.

Fashion haircuts

And this is true: very slowly, men “overgrown” without looking businesslike or untidy. While women very slowly, but confidently, continued to get rid of hair "in the wrong places."

There is a huge variety of ways to completely rid body hair: from waxing or shugaring to photo-epilation. Moreover, epilation for a long time (up to a month) quickly gave away the popularity of life, when the hair no longer appears on the treated areas of the body.More harm or benefit from this is another question.

But the hairstyles of female intimate zones have become popular and diverse. Often they are accompanied by coloring, tattoo, decoration with sparkles, feathers and rhinestones. So it turns out quite "grand" look. Photos of female intimate hairstyles can be found on the Internet and catalogs of many beauty salons.

shaving accessories

Women choose

What are attractive intimate haircuts? In fact, they have a number of advantages over standard hair removal or natural growth:

  1. Hygiene. Well-groomed pubis with a short haircut meets the requirements of modern hygiene.
  2. Smell. Short hair collects many times less germs, which reduces the likelihood of unpleasant odors.
  3. Aesthetics. Well-groomed pubis - the same as well-groomed feet, manicure or pedicure. A woman is more self-confident when she knows that she is well-groomed and irresistible.

In addition, intimate hairstyles liberate sexually. They add a "zest" to a woman, this is reflected in what kind of underwear she chooses, how she communicates and behaves with a man.


The most common haircuts that every woman can (and does) herself.Fast, comfortable, not devoid of "raisins" aesthetic hairstyles that will suit absolutely everyone.

Classic haircuts

Some recommendations on the form of a haircut in connection with the body complexion:

  1. Brazilian and semi-Brazilian will suit absolutely everyone and will be very comfortable under any swimsuit. Some even believe that such haircuts have a positive effect on the libido of both partners.
  2. Lush shapes are well suited for a rectangle and triangles with a wide top and a thin base (inverted).
  3. The heart will look good on standard and curvy hips. A small heart is also suitable for sports and rectangular hips.
  4. A triangle with an edge upwards, a thin rectangle and a crescent will look great on narrow hips.

Any of these haircuts are well suited for bikinis and underwear of almost any configuration. And it will look good in lace or translucent linen.


Women darer choose pictures more interesting. Mostly for myself, but also for my sexual partner. This gives impetus to fantasy and experiment in bed.

"Margarita", "martini" are named after the shape of glasses, which resemble the shape of these hairstyles.And the same with the "red carpet", "podium", "toothpick", "heart" and the like. There are also "Caribbean", "salsa", "tango" - these are already hairstyles to the mood.


Haircuts that have been seen by almost everyone, they are ordered in salons most often: "Brazilian" (that is, full hair removal), "heart", "strip", "arrow", "triangle" (or "mushroom"), "spikes" ( for gambling), "butterfly", "patriot" - in the form of their country (for fans and suitable cases).

Most of these intimate hairstyles can be done at home. The female half of humanity is doing so. More complex are made on the stencil and here it is already better to seek the help of a specialist.

Original haircuts


There are also frank female hairstyles in intimate places. These are very small characters, carefully displayed on the pubis. They have little effect on the visual perception of the figure, but they give the girl a "peppercorn" and aesthetic beauty.

Drawings look very subtle and neat, also comfortable under any underwear and bikini. In the summer, it is also a good option to maintain freshness and comfort without efforts.


We should also highlight non-standard cheerful female intimate hairstyles. Made in the form of a mustache C. Chaplin, D. Suzuki, the rising sun, lightning, and so on.Such women's hairstyles on intimate places at home are possible, but it will be better if you turn to professionals.

If you make a haircut in the salon, you can bring your own picture, from which a stencil will be made and exactly transfer the desired image to the pubis. Using paints (only natural) and permanent makeup, you can maximally embody any idea, almost a picture.

Creation method

female intimate hairstyles how to make

Female intimate hairstyle at home is possible only simple, from the first sections of the article. To create it you need:

  • clean hands and sterile instruments;
  • steady mirror;
  • comb and scissors for cutting hair, as well as nail scissors and tweezers (for thin parts);
  • trim hair to a length of 5-6 mm;
  • gently shave off unnecessary hairs in the form of a haircut;
  • sanitize the treated area;
  • process the skin with a nourishing cream.

If the plans also include painting, then everything is like with hair on the head with the only exception: you can use only natural dyes (henna), apply them strictly according to the technology described in the instructions, and only on the pubic area.

If we talk about more complex women's hairstyles in intimate places, you will still have to go to the salon. The procedure here is generally the same, but somewhat different:

  1. Consultation and stencil selection taking into account the shape and condition of the skin (there should be no cuts, scratches, scars, inflammations). Also, hairstyles are not made in a period of 3 days or less before the onset of menstruation.
  2. The skin in the area of ​​treatment is decontaminated and degreased.
  3. Drawing drawing through a stencil or manually.
  4. Along the contours of the pattern, heated wax is applied and left for a period of 15-20 minutes. After this epilation is carried out.
  5. Further, the hair is cut, dyed, if necessary.
  6. The paint is washed off, and the pubis is again covered with talcum powder.

If the hair should be rhinestones or sequins, they are applied at the final stage and secured with a safe glue for eyelashes.

When the female intimate hairstyle is ready, you can not swim, sunbathe, go to the pool or bath at least a day. Do not use washcloths or brushes.

To do or not

intimate hairstyles yes or no

In addition to aesthetic beauty and convenience, a properly selected intimate hairstyle can advantageously emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws:

  • a rectangle visually pulls the shape;
  • inverted triangle visually reduce the hips and abdomen;
  • a sharpened band will reduce the waist;
  • a wide horizontal band will make your hips smoother.

The following aspects should be taken into account: it should start below the line of linen, hairs should be short, you should not overdo it with rhinestones and other decorative ornaments. The idea is that they complement the hairstyle, rather than over-attention.

It is important to conduct a series of treatments for the bikini area after the haircut:

  1. Prevention of ingrown hairs: you need to use a special scrub once every three days, and in the shower to rub the skin with a washcloth (except for the first day after the procedure).
  2. Do not wear synthetic underwear. The skin must breathe, and it is very important that pimples are not formed, elasticity and beautiful appearance of the finished intimate hairstyle is not lost.
  3. It is better to completely abandon the use of sunbathing and tanning beds at least in the first 3-4 days after the procedure, you need to give your skin a normal recovery.
  4. You also need to regularly use moisturizing creams with vitamins to get rid of redness and irritation in the first days after art epilation.

You can also consider the use of special creams against hair growth. They need to rub every day in the area of ​​hair removal.Gradually, the hairs will thin and grow more slowly. After 6-8 weeks, significant progress will be noticeable, and the result of hair removal will be more pronounced.

hair removal cream

Art epilation is a great way to care for yourself, maintain hygiene and comfort. This is one of the methods of diversity of intimate life and switching attention to a partner during sex. Original drawings will not only look good in linen and without it, but also give their owner confidence in themselves and their irresistible. This will well affect the sexual life of partners who have long been together.

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