Exclusive Spice Jars

exclusive jars for spices

Tart, burning and unusually fragrant spices and spices - this is not just a culinary whim, but an integral ingredient of any oriental colorful dish. That's just with all its high position in the kitchen, they are usually stored in ordinary paper bags right in bulk somewhere in the far corner of the cabinet. We suggest that you correct such an injustice and make bright and unusual dishes for spices from ordinary baby food jars.
material to create

For the manufacture of crafts you will need:
1. Immediately the jar itself from baby food of any manufacturer and volume;
2. Acrylic or oil paints (we will use oil paints for painting);
3. Adhesive PVA;
4. Decorative elements made of polymer clay, which can be purchased at any sewing shop (if you are fond of modeling and you have free time and opportunity for this, you can make such jewelry yourself in advance);
5. Liquid polish remover, alcohol or other degreaser;
6.Transparent varnish for acrylic paints (we used glossy, however you can also choose its matte version);
7. Brush, fleece and capacity in which you will stir paint.
degrease the lid

But before we begin the creative process, the jar should be thoroughly rinsed beforehand, cleared of any baby food and traces of the label, and dried. And the lid of it - to degrease with nail polish remover as in our case, otherwise fingerprints will not allow to evenly paint the background.
stir paint

we paint

So, now that all the preparatory activities have been completed, in your chosen container (it is advisable to use a metal container), mix in 1: 2 ratio oil paints and PVA glue (this is done so that the paint lies on the surface of the lid with a thin even layer and not slazila) to a uniform consistency. Photo No. 5 And then proceed to dyeing your lid with the resulting mixture, starting with its rim and ending with the main part.

After the paint has dried well and provided that the surface of the lid will not need to be covered with the second layers (such a need may arise,if after drying the paint on it will still show any inscriptions), cover it with a transparent acrylic varnish and again set aside to the full drying. By the way, the lacquer can be applied even in several layers so that with further prolonged use of the jars the paint will not fade (remember that each subsequent layer should be applied only after the previous one is completely dry).

Actually, this is where the bulk of the work ends - it remains only with the help of the same PVA glue (as an alternative, you can use any other glue) to fix a decorative element made of polymer clay on the lid.
polymer clay decorative element

And our spice jar is completely ready! Now it can be safely carried to the kitchen and used for its intended purpose.

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