Elena Spirina: biography, personal life, business

Yelena Y. Spirina can rightly be called a diversified person. She manages to realize herself in a variety of projects, working as a producer, director, writer and owner of the Merry go Round agency.

To make it all

Elena Spirina is a representative of that happy (or just very wise and purposeful) type of women they are told: “And how does she manage to do everything ?!” Keeping the family hearth, raising three children, professional activities, creativity and hobby ... all that this woman is doing well while remaining ever-blooming and smiling.

elena spirina


Helen Spirina's childhood passed in the provincial city of Khabarovsk, where on July 18, 1979 the girl was born.

A little later, she and her family moved to the city of Kharkov, where she spent her teenage and young years.

From early childhood, Elena Spirina showed herself as a bright and charismatic person.The girl always had a lot of interests and hobbies. She wanted to do everything, always and everywhere. One of the most serious and lasting hobbies of the girl was rhythmic gymnastics. However, it, like any other sport, requires a lot of strength, perseverance and commitment. And Elena wanted to do everything at once, so she didn’t achieve great achievements in sports. However, even from this childish fascination, she endured many benefits. So, an excellent figure, plasticity and the ability to "lodge" themselves with the public have remained with Elena until today.


The versatility of the character of Elena Spirina manifested itself in the process of receiving education. The school, which the girl attended, was with in-depth study of English. Love and aptitude for humanitarian subjects manifested itself at a young age. How unexpected was Elena's decision to enter a technical university. And she did it. Later, Elena graduated from the National University of Economics in Kharkov. On this girl's education is not over. The second institution of higher education Elena graduated as a marketing specialist.

More recently, Elena Spirina, whose biography is full of interesting facts and events, was also fascinated by directing.After the birth of her third child, she even received a diploma from a director of documentaries.

model business

Work in the modeling business

At the age of 17, Elena linked her life with modeling activities. For this, the girl had all the data: a beautiful appearance, a slim figure, the ability to behave in public and to properly “give”. Even being firmly convinced that all prizes in beauty contests are previously agreed and sold, Elena decided to try her hand at this business, because it was something completely new and unexplored. What was the surprise of the girl when she won the national selection stage of the beauty contest and became “Miss Ukraine 1998”. This victory was followed by a trip to Honolulu, to the world stage of the competition. There, luck was no longer so favorable to the beauty, but the experience gained in the new country inspired her to new achievements.

Colombian dream

Being engaged in the modeling business, in parallel, Elena Y. Spirina made plans for her further education. Her goal was a university in Colombia. The girl did her best to go there. And she did it.However, disappointment crept completely from the other side. Elena was denied a visa, and this ruined all her plans. The girl did not know that losing in one case, she could win in a completely different way.

event agency

Family matters

Many people are interested in how Elena Spirina’s personal life turned out. Surely you can answer that quite well. With her future elect, businessman Stanislav Kapinos, she met at one of the parties with mutual friends. This meeting was fateful for both. Stanislav Kapinos belongs to the category of men who are called enviable suitors. And it is not surprising that Spirina’s view fell precisely on this man, because there are a lot of jokes about the model-hunters for wealthy men. However, the union of this couple became paradoxical in nature, because their relations were not built on material gain, but on joint hobbies. These two brought together the love of the same musical group.

As a confirmation of their mutual feelings, the couple made a bit of a crazy act: they made joint tattoos for themselves and bought bikes as a wedding gift.

Similar views on life and common aspirations did their job. The union of this pair is truly strong and built on mutual understanding and respect. Recently, Elena became a mother for the third time, and now the couple is raising three wonderful children.

Stanislav Kapinos


While still a model, Elena was always interested in the “behind the scenes” moments of various fashion shows, contests and shows. The girl has always been interested in how you can make the whole show from a simple event. Even then, she was thinking that the organization of such events is exactly what she would like to connect her life with. During the participation in the Miss Universe beauty contest, Elena gained a great experience, as she had the opportunity to observe the work of one of the best event management agencies.

Later, having secured a strong shoulder and the support of her spouse, Elena organized her own event agency, which specializes in organizing various types of events - from tourist tours to awards ceremonies. For more than ten years, Elena has been coping with her position "with a bang."

Business-woman + mother

Owning an event agency requires a lot of effort from Elena.The management of the company requires its presence almost 24/7. Therefore, many are interested in how a mother of three children copes with such a load. Answering this question, Elena says that in many ways she is saved by the presence of a nanny, who can help out in a difficult situation.

However, in spite of all her employment and her husband’s employment, Elena is in no way trying to pass on to the nanny all the details of raising children and by all means trying to take maximum part in this process.

An important component of a family holiday is Elena who considers traveling together. Elena calls her favorite countries Italy and France. Also, the woman is very proud that even the smallest son, who is now 1 year old (her two eldest sons, 7 and 8 years old), has already managed to visit several countries.

Often visiting various social events, Elena and Stanislav are not afraid to take children with them. Many people condemn it, but the family rejects any attacks of criticism, because both of them believe that this will help children to easily adapt to any environment in the future, be more open and easily meet new people.

agency merry go round

Special approach to parenting

It should be noted that Elena Spirina uses this approach to parenting constantly. She is not guided by generally accepted and slightly outdated methods, but relies solely on her own world perception and maternal intuition. In her blog, Elena often shares her own experiences and thoughts, tells what it is like to be a mother of three children, and is happy to share the experience of their upbringing. She emphasizes that she never read specialized literature on the upbringing of children and did not attend any courses for young mothers. She also did not give kids for courses and trainings for early development or something similar. But with all this, her children Elena Spirina allows to live the life that she lives by herself: visit the same countries, see the same landscapes, exhibitions and concerts. She proudly says that her youngest child has already managed to overcome 8 thousand kilometers in a car and three times more in an airplane. And one of the main principles of upbringing Elena considers the fact that a child should be perceived as he is. According to this mother of many children, there are no good or bad children.Their behavior is only a reflection of the behavior of adults.

Speaking about the difficulties that arise in the course of work, Elena first of all mentions that a lot of information should be kept in mind: the names and faces of clients, details of orders and so on.

Elena Spirina children

For myself. For the soul

In addition to family life and professional activities, Elena Y. Spirina also finds time for creativity.

Elena perfectly realized herself in directing. The first attempt to link her life with directing failed when Elena did not open a visa to study at Columbia University. The idea to become on par with well-known Hollywood directors had already crept into the head of young Elena Spirina. The failure to study in America not only did not shake her intentions, but also made them even more solid. After moving to her spouse in Moscow, she began attending specialized courses for screenwriters and directors and graduated with great success. The application of new knowledge in practice was not long in coming. Soon Elena released a joint project with Nika Belotserkovskaya entitled “Provence. Dramatic stories.This is a four-part film in which Spirina made a director, and her friend and colleague Belotserkovskaya lead.

Another field of self-realization for Elena is literature. The first "attempts at writing" a girl did at school age. Over time, she not only did not lose her love of literature, but also endured it, making her more mature and meaningful. In the past, Helen - the work of a journalist, and in the present - a personal blog, writing scripts and already two published books.

elena spirina personal life

What's next?

Despite the fact that now, at such a young age, Yelena Yuryevna Spirina has achieved more than many people can imagine, she is not going to stop, considering that much has not been done yet. It may seem that the brain of this tireless woman constantly generates more and more brilliant ideas. For example, at the moment she is already working in a completely new field for herself - she is busy creating her own clothing line.

For the future, the nearest and not only Elena Skaryna has only optimistic plans. Sometimes it may appear that the energy of this woman can be used to power an entire power station.

Elena Yurievna Spirina said that she was pleased when others enrolled her in the number of successful people, but she herself was in no way going to stop at what had been achieved and believed that her main peak was far ahead. Well, we can only wish this active and purposeful woman good luck in all her endeavors!

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