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All people probably know that heat therapy is a very effective remedy for various diseases. You can ease the pain by putting your hand to a warm heating pad, after a while a person gets a noticeable relief. If your legs are frozen, a special electric foot warmer will help you, which will not allow you to catch a cold even after a hard frost.electric heater

Electric foot warmers

Everyone knows the ancient proverb: “Keep your feet warm and your head cold!”. That is exactly what is necessary to do. But sometimes the weather gives unwanted surprises, wet or frozen feet can cause a serious cold. But the electric heater warms them very quickly, and the person will always be in good shape. This device is also often used after a hard day's work, when legs require rest.

The heater is made in the form of a boot. Having put a foot there, the person feels pleasant warm feelings. This device is quite reliable (withstands weight up to 100 kilograms) and durable. The boots are finished with cotton fabric, which gives the heater a more aesthetic look.But comfort and warmth are the main task of this device.foot warmer electric

Electric hand warmers

Not only feet should be warm, hands should also not be supercooling, so as not to get sick. An electric hand warmer is an ideal tool for quick warming. There is no need to fill it with water, as they do in conventional models. The device is already filled with a special liquid (antifreeze), thanks to which this device can also be used at minus temperatures.

The electric heater is very easy to use, it only needs to be connected to the electrical network for 10 to 30 minutes (depends on the manufacturer), it keeps heat for two to four hours. This is very convenient for those people who go on winter fishing, at the right time they can warm their hands in this device. There are also options for electric heaters that charge from the vehicle's cigarette lighter.electric heating pads in pharmacies

Electric heaters for animals

Pets should also be in a comfortable environment and not freeze, so the manufacturers did their best to create an electric heating pad for animals.It has the form of a regular rug, which is heated to the required temperature, as a rule, it can be in the range of 30 to 60 degrees.

Electric heaters of this type are very often made waterproof and with a removable cover that can be washed in a typewriter. For this type of device, this function is simply indispensable, because animals can soil the cover literally the very next day after the purchase of a heating pad. It is quite simple to remove it, but after washing it should be dried well and only then put on the device so that moisture does not get on the heating element or thermostat.

The device is a contact device, that is, it heats the one who comes into contact with it, the air does not heat up during operation of this device.

Before using the heaters for animals, you must take the following security measures:

  • Before switching on, it is necessary to check the operation of the device, to see if the power cord is not damaged;
  • check how it heats up, if in one place the heating pad is cool, and in the other hot, then it is forbidden to use it;
  • electric heater should be stored only on flat surfaces, kinks are extremely undesirable;
  • before leaving the house the device must be turned off.

electric hand warmer

The advantages of electric heating pads

These devices are very popular with a large number of people. For example, hand warmers are often used by fishermen and vendors in the markets. It is very convenient to use models for legs in house conditions after overcooling or in wet weather. If the apartment is cold, then such devices are simply indispensable devices for each family.

Electric heaters are sold in pharmacies at affordable prices, thanks to which there is no need for a person to look for this type of product throughout the city.

The main advantages of electric heating pads include:

  • ease of use;
  • reliability and durability;
  • warming rate;
  • availability;
  • they work only in contact with parts of the body (they do not heat the air);
  • low prices and selection of models.

Thanks to a fairly simple design, high-quality electric heaters, and they rarely fail. But if such a situation happens, the manufacturer company provides an official guarantee.

Reviews of electric heaters

People who bought electric heaters, generally speak positively about this type of product.Convenient heat control allows you to smoothly select the desired comfortable temperature.

A lot of positive feedback is associated with a removable cover, which can be removed and washed at any convenient time. Due to this, water will not get on the heating element and thermostat, and they will remain undamaged.

Also, people positively note the factor that all branded electric heaters are warranted for 12 months. In case of any breakdowns, a person can contact the service center, where his problem will be solved.electric heater for animals

People working in the winter on the street, only speak positively about electric heaters, which can be charged and work for some time without electricity. A very large number of sellers in the markets already use such devices.


Electric heaters are necessary in every family, in addition to the usual heating of body parts, they help to stimulate the metabolism, relieve fatigue and improve blood microcirculation. If there are wounds, a warm heating pad helps them heal faster.

But it is always worth remembering that not all injuries can be heated, and not all diseases can be treated with heat.Before heat therapy, it is necessary to consult a doctor for advice and only then an electric heating pad will bring the desired, positive result.

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