Elections 2016. Results Tambov

We continue to talk about the results of a single voting day in the Russian regions. Today the Tambov region is next in line.

According to the results of the elections, the Tambov region presented perhaps the most unexpected surprise, ensuring the highest voting performance in the country of the Rodina party. And in the elections to the regional Duma, she was able to take as many as the third place. But first things first.
The winner of the elections to the State Duma in the Tambov region was expectedly "United Russia". With a turnout of 49.2%, United Russia gained 63.51% - this is one of the highest results in the Central Federal District. The Communists, who took second place, managed to get only 10.77%. Third place went to the Liberal Democratic Party - 7.76, the fourth was the "Homeland", losing to the Liberal Democrats only half a percent - 7.21%. “Fair Russia” lost the opportunity to fight for the mandates, as it gained only 3.89% in the region.
United Russia candidates won in two single-mandate constituencies of the Tambov Region: former deputy of the Tambov Regional Duma, businessman Alexander Zhupikov, and his colleague in the regional parliament Alexander Polyakov became the newly elected deputies.In total, five deputies will represent the region in the State Duma. In addition to the already mentioned parliamentarians, they are Tamara Frolova, deputy head of the Tambov Oblast administration, Anatoly Petrov (both are United Russia), head doctor of the children's regional hospital, and Tamara Pletneva (KPRF), deputy to the State Duma of all convocations, elected from political party lists.
When compared with the 2011 elections, the results of the parties have changed very significantly. Despite the fairly high current result, United Russia gained 3% less than five years ago, when 66.7% voted for it. At that time, the communists had a result of 16.5%, at the Liberal Democratic Party - 7.1%, and at “Fair Russia” - 6%.
As for the elections to the regional Duma, here United Russia gained 62.25% of the votes, the second place was the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with 11.9%. The third place, as already mentioned, was unexpectedly taken by Motherland (8.82%) —that the party was inferior to the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia at the preliminary counting of votes, but in the end was able to take the bronze. The Liberal Democratic Party remained in the fourth with 8.55% of the vote. Closes the list of "Fair Russia" (5.44%).
By the way, for the outstanding result “Motherland” became the winner in the nomination “The Best Campaign of the Opposition Party in the Elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Subject of the Russian Federation”, awarded within the framework of the political prize “Hamburg Account”which was established by the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO).
Thus, for the first time in the history of the Tambov parliament, five factions will be formed in the regional Duma at once. And one of them - “Rodina” - had no previous representation here. However, United Russia will still “steer” in the parliament, having received 44 out of 50 seats, taking into account the counting of votes in single-mandate constituencies.
True, with the distribution of seats in the electoral committee after the elections, difficulties arose. Due to the mistakes of the electoral commission, the local communists almost lost their mandate. It turned out that by mistake one mandate was transferred from the list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to the list of “Fair Russia”. In fact, this mandate had to be taken from the United Russia party list. Now justice is restored, the mandate passed from the EP to the Communists.
The results of the elections in the Tambov region specifically for Davydov.Indeks were commented by Igor Sanzharevsky, Head of the Department of Political Science at the Tambov branch of the RANEPA:
- For me personally, it was unexpected that during the election campaign a number of candidates with a criminal record came to light. It is in the Tambov region. Among them are candidates from United Russia.Also, I have questions, where did the electoral commission look when checking documents, where did the law enforcement officers look?
Another interesting point that emerged in the Tambov region and which should be paid attention to: the Rodina party is still challenging the election results in court. And the judges refuse to consider claims and case materials. And it is not a secret that some judges are related to those who made decisions on the counting of votes. These are the facts that came to light during the 2016 campaign and after it.
Well, something like this.
The full version of the material with detailed comments of experts can be read here.
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