Egg hair masks - recipes of natural beauty

Egg as a cosmetic

A few centuries ago, in cosmetology and medicine, an egg was used as a basic tool, or rather, its yolk. This component is composed of many minerals that affect the growth of hair and its development. Among these vitamins are D, B2, B, A, salts, medicinal amino acids, lecithin, and also cholesterol, which has an excellent external effect. Hair masks from eggs, by the way, are considered seasonal. It is worth choosing a season (autumn or spring) in which to carry out the procedure.

Egg hair masks

Universal recipe

Speaking about the mask for the hair of eggs, it is impossible not to mention a few recipes. Of course, the first thing to consider is the option that is suitable for any type of hair. So, you need to mix the egg and burdock oil, add a little lemon juice and mix thoroughly. The resulting mask of egg white is rubbed into the head with massage movements for ten minutes. Then you need to wrap your head in a plastic bag and leave for thirty minutes.After this time, you will need to thoroughly wash the hair.

Alcohol masks

The masks for hair from eggs include those that have alcohol in their composition. So, you need a chicken egg and brandy. More precisely, one teaspoon of drink and egg white. To this still need to add vegetable or olive oil, then mix everything. And it is better to beat, so that the mass is applied to the hair easier. Well, if you throw in a bit of yeast. This mask should stay on the head for an hour or two, then the hair will need to be thoroughly rinsed. Such hair masks from eggs are good because you can get rid of hair loss and heal the scalp by using them regularly. One minus - the hair can smell unpleasant after such a procedure. But this is easily avoided if you apply fragrant shampoo. Or you can use the perfume.

Egg white mask

Oil masks

Everyone knows the miracle burdock oil. Nowadays, even red pepper oil is commercially available. Such an unusual additive provides effective stimulation of hair growth (red pepper warms up the scalp as a result, resulting in significantly improved hair growth).The easiest recipe for a hair mask - burdock oil is slightly warmed up, then is rubbed into the scalp with intense massage movements. An hour later, you need to thoroughly wash the hair with shampoo, in order to avoid oily shine. You do not need to apply the agent over the entire length, because the main property of burdock oil is to improve hair growth, so it’s enough to treat the roots.

Hair masks burdock oil

For brightness and brilliance

If the hair has lost its shine, which happens often enough, then a mask with glycerin will help. The recipe is very simple. You need to whip one egg, then add some glycerin, a few spoons of castor oil and a little lemon juice to the froth. And this mass needs to be rubbed into the scalp. After 50 minutes have passed (no more), you need to wash everything off. Done! After such a mask, the hair will once again acquire the desired shine.

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