Edita Piekha biography

Edith-Marie was born in a mining town 200 kilometers from Paris. The artist's father was a miner and died of silicosis in 1941. Both of her parents were Poles by nationality, but lived in France. They came here in search of work. Edita had an older brother who, after the death of his father, went to work in the mine. Unfortunately, he managed to work only three years, after which he died from tuberculosis. Pieha lived in France, owned two languages ​​- French and German.
Edita Pieha in childhoodEdita Pieha in childhood
In 1946, Edita with her mother, stepfather, Jan Golomb and one-year-old brother moved to Poland. There the family lived in the mining town of Boguszow. At school, the girl taught Polish, which she didn’t know at all. In school, Pieha began singing in the choir. However, Edita dreamed of becoming a teacher, so she soon entered the pedagogical lyceum in Walbrzych, which she graduated with honors. By the way, in the Lyceum, Edita achieved not only tremendous academic success, but also managed to play sports.

The unexpected triumph of Edita Piekha

After the competition in Gdansk, in 1955, Edita Stanislavovna was sent to the USSR to study. Pieha chose the city of Leningrad and went to the Herzen Pedagogical Institute. But, on arrival in the Soviet Union, it turned out that the recruitment to the psychological department had already ended, so P'eha entered the Leningrad State Institute named after Zhdanov. At the psychology department of the Leningrad State University, Edita began to study Russian, enrolled in a choir. Alexander Bronevitsky noticed her in the choir and invited Edita to the ensemble of students of the Conservatory, where he was a leader.
On the New Year's Eve in 1956, at the invitation of the same Alexander Bronevitsky, Edita P'eha performed with the ensemble, with the song "Red Bus". The team performed the song of Vladislav Shpilman in Polish.
Edita Pieha in his youthEdita Pieha in his youth
And this performance was a triumph for a Polish student. The very next day, the whole of Leningrad learned about the girl and students from the ensemble. Edita Pieha began performing, but concerts interfered with her very much interfered with her studies. In order to get permission to study in absentia, P'eha went to Moscow to see the Minister of Education himself.
In 1956, the Polish artist became the soloist of the ensemble, which was called "Friendship". By the way, the name was invented by Pieha herself right before the performance on the International Women's Day of 1956 at the Philharmonic. In the same year, the actress starred in the documentary film “Masters of Leningrad Variety” with the songs “Love Guitar” and “Red Bus”. A little later, on Lengramplastic, Edita recorded her first records. A year later, the Druzhba ensemble with the program “Songs of the World’s Nations” became the gold medalist and laureate of the sixth World Festival of Youth and Students in the Russian capital.
Songs Edita Piekha enjoyed great popularitySongs Edita Piekha enjoyed great popularity
The artist herself begins the countdown of her creative activity in the autumn of 1957. It was then that Edita first saw her name on the posters. Together with the group “Friendship”, Pieha began performing in dozens of countries, in particular, in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland, Germany, the GDR, Austria, Hungary, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras and Cuba. The singer even performed on the Olimpia stage in Paris at the invitation of B. Cockatrix.

Edita Piekha's solo career

In 1959, the ensemble "Friendship" collapsed.He was disbanded for the promotion of jazz, as well as for the fact that the artist distorted the Russian language, and the musicians themselves were stylists. But, thanks to Alexander Bronevitsky, after a review at the Ministry of Culture, the ensemble began work again, but in a new composition.
For 20 years of work of the ensemble, many musicians have visited “Friendship”. But in their place always remained the leader Alexander Bronevitsky and lead singer Piekha. However, nothing is everlasting, and in the summer of 1976 the actress left the “Friendship” and from Bronevitsky. Edita Pyekha organized her own ensemble, which was headed by Grigory Kleimits. At that time, the Pole worked with the best Soviet authors-composers A. Flyarkovsky, A. Petrov, G. Portnov, M. Fradkin, S. Pozhlakov, O. Feltsman, V. Uspensky, J. Frenkel, A. Pakhmutova, and also poets E. Dolmatovsky, N. Dobronravov, R. Rozhdestvensky, I. Shaferan, L. Oshanin, I. Korneluk.
Grandson of Edita Piekha with her grandmotherGrandson of Edita Piekha with her grandmother
Edita Piekha recorded more than 20 giant discs at the Melodiya studio, songs from which later fell into the golden fund of Soviet and Russian variety art. Some of the compositions were released by studios in France, in the GDR and in Cuba.The actress has been on tour in more than forty countries around the world. Edita twice performed in the Paris "Olympia", and in Cuba, the singer was awarded the title "Mrs. Song." In addition, Pieha was the first Soviet variety actress who performed in countries such as Afghanistan, Honduras and Bolivia.
At the 9th World Student and Youth Festival in 1968 in Sofia, Edita Pyekha won three gold medals for the song “Great Sky” at once, and besides, the performance of the song “Next!” By V. Uspensky won the first prize in the competition of the Festival Committee fascism.
Interview with Edith P'eha
And at the International Music Fair in Cannes, MIDEM Pieha brought Melodiya the main award, The Jade Record, for its record million copies of albums. By the way, Edita Stanislavovna herself sat on the jury of various All-Union and international song festivals and competitions more than once.
And here it is worth adding that Edita P'eha, as they say, cut through the door to the European stage. She was the first in many ways. In particular, she was the first in the union to perform a foreign song in Russian. It was the song “Only You” by the head of the ensemble “The Platters” Beck Rem.In addition, she was the first to remove a microphone from the stand, began to walk around the stage and communicate with the public. Also, Edita was the first to celebrate her birthdays and anniversaries of creative activity on the stage. In 1997, on the day of her 60th birthday, Piekha staged a concert on Palace Square in St. Petersburg - for the first time in the history of the northern capital.
Ten years later, in 2007, her 70th birthday, and part-time 50th anniversary of pop life, Edita P'eha celebrated in St. Petersburg with two grandiose concerts. She performed at Palace Square and in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall. In the anniversary year, the actress also performed a solo concert in the Kremlin Palace.
Edita Pieha. "Visiting Dmitry Gordon"
Until 2011, Edita P'eha continued touring, she toured the country from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk, as well as the countries of near and far abroad.
And in mid-2012, the singer once again celebrated the anniversary - the 75th anniversary - on the stage.

Edita Piekha's personal life

Alexander Bronevitsky became the first husband of Edita Piekha. The actress gave birth to her daughter Ilona in 1961 to her husband and the leader of the ensemble “Friendship”. She, by the way, followed in the footsteps of her mother and became an actress. The singer's grandson and granddaughter - Stas Pieha was born in 1981, became a singer. Erica Bystrov was born in 1986 and became a designer.
Edita Pieha is fluent in French, Russian, German and Polish, and she also learned to sing in a dozen other languages ​​of the world. In her free time she preferred not to sit still, she loved cycling, walking and playing badminton. Being the idols of millions of people around the world, Edita herself prefers Edith Piaf, Claudia Shulzhenko, Leonid Utesov.

Edita Pieha now

In recent years, two joyful events have occurred in the life of Edita Piekha. She became a great-grandmother twice! The grandson of the singer, Stas Piekha, had a son, and a granddaughter, Erika, a daughter.
Photo Edita Piekha in 2015Photo Edita Piekha in 2015
About the singer are going to shoot a 10-part film about her life and creative activity, which can be seen on the screens in the coming years.

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