Earnings on paid surveys. Experienced user reviews and tips

The opportunity to earn online (without leaving home) annually attracts many people to the Internet. Most users subsequently become active opponents of such types of enrichment, such as business from scratch, personal blogging, paid surveys ... Today, people say that survey questionnaires are a scam. However, earnings on the web is possible.

How to distinguish fraudulent questionnaire from genuine?

Online fraud schemes are not so numerous. The first “hook” is the promise of high income. After promising the potential victim of the mountains of gold, the fraudsters are asked to transfer to their account a “pledge” amount or buy something from them before starting work. Judging by the reviews, paid surveys also often end in extortion.

In some cases, the requirement to pay comes after the user, registering and earning the necessary amount, prepares a request for withdrawal of funds. Time spent, of course, does not return ...Freelancers, who once visited the networks of scammers, call on their colleagues to “not be led” to an offer to pay a “commission fee”.

By the way, in the long list of fraudulent web projects promulgated by deceived users, one constructive advice was found. This information does not help freelancers to get money back, but it will save their time. Before you start working at the next site, you should contact the administration of the project. More precisely, send a letter to the contact e-mail. If delivery of the letter is not possible, then the postal address is invented.

Paid surveys on the Internet. How much can you earn?

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Experienced users, despite the negative experience of beginning freelancers, recognize that you can still make money on the Internet. Just making money online has its own characteristics, the understanding of which comes with experience.

Of course, this kind of work harbors many “pitfalls”. According to the calculations made public on one of the thematic contents, out of thirty sites inviting everyone to take part in surveys for money, about two thirds are fakes.

For one survey, if you believe the information published on the Web, you can earn from twenty-five to one hundred fifty rubles.In order to achieve high earnings in this area, it is necessary to fill in a registration form so that you can become a participant in as many surveys as possible.

What should be done? The Internet found the answer to this question. In short, this kind of instruction looks like this:

  • It is necessary to convince the administrators of the questionnaire that they are dealing with a representative of the so-called middle class. According to the results of marketing research, this category of people is often invited to participate in surveys for money. They, as a rule, live in the city, raise at least two children and make many purchases every day.
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  • Do not indicate in the registration form postal addresses belonging to the mail.ru service. The invitation may not be reached. The best option is a mailbox from Google.
  • Make sure that the payment methods proposed by the organizers allow you to display earnings on a bank card.

How safe are paid surveys? User Reviews

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Reviews of some users suggest that among the sites that provide an opportunity to make money on surveys, there are scam.As you know, the main attribute of fraud is that before you start earning, you have to pay, and a lot.

Most users believe that passing paid surveys on the Internet is a waste of time. One cannot but agree with this opinion. As a rule, sites of this kind send invitations to users extremely rarely, no more than four times a month.

We can not ignore the following fact. Many freelancers report fraudulent actions by the administration of the GlobalTestMarket project. The site, if you believe the words of users, undertakes all sorts of tricks in order not to pay the user his earnings.

The authors of some comments believe that it is possible to earn decently on surveys, provided that the freelancer is registered on the questionnaire site several times from several mailboxes.

How to start making money on polls?

paid surveys on the Internet

After registering on the site-questionnaire and confirming the email (an email comes with a link that you need to go to the confirmation page), the user will receive an invitation to paid surveys.

In most cases, the invitation to the survey does not come immediately, but after a while. In very rare cases - in a few months.

Features of earnings

Advanced users recommend freelancers to beginners to show particular scrupulousness when filling out a profile. The organizers of the surveys will take note of this information, selecting topics for a specific person involved that correspond to his education, knowledge, hobbies, tastes and preferences.

According to reviews found on the Internet, paid surveys can take much longer than indicated in the invitation letter. Apparently, the doubts of experienced freelancers who believe that fast money seekers are unlikely to appreciate this method of enrichment are connected with this.

Paid surveys offline

This type of income is available for residents of large cities and some regional centers. Citizens usually learn about the topic of the survey, its place and time, from local newspapers.

paid surveys cash payment

To take part in one of these events, the applicant must complete a registration form. Based on the information provided during the survey, the event organizers decide whether a particular applicant is suitable for participating in the upcoming paid surveys. Cash payment.

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