Dresses from velor: styles, combinations and recommendations

The fashionable seventies are back, and now luxury and sophisticated velor dresses are in trend. They were shining at the royal court, they were put on the most solemn events, and in order to “play” the dress properly, it would be advantageous to combine it with satin, chiffon and original accessories.

Affordable luxury

Dresses from velor look amazing, but reviews indicate that they do not have the best reputation because of their capricious structure. That is why the choice of dress from this material should be treated with extreme caution. This is a must-have item in the wardrobe of any glamorous lady who requires proper wear and care. Previously, velvet and velor were associated exclusively with evening dresses, designed for special occasions. Now fashion designers recommend adding some brilliant luxury to your casual style, thereby distinguishing yourself from the crowd and making your own image completely individual.velor dresses

The advantages of dress

Any woman looks really luxurious in a dress from velor.Styles are diverse, so things are sewn from a variety of fabrics with textures similar to velvet. The range of prices for models is wide, and every lady here will be able to choose her outfit according to her taste and possibilities. Of all the advantages of this image, fashion designers in their reviews highlight the following:

  1. This velor contains cotton at its core, so the skin in this outfit breathes.
  2. Creates volume and is simply designed to model a shape. A slender girl in such a dress will acquire a great pomp of forms and will emphasize all the significant details of her image, and for magnificent ladies the designers have invented a number of luxurious models emphasizing their femininity.
  3. This material is the most comfortable, it is convenient in the summer and warm in the winter. Especially harmoniously look dresses from velor of dark tones in combination with black tight tights.
  4. Elastic stretch velor is ideal for sportswear, and thin flowing panne for evening wear. The color of velvet, whatever it is, always remains saturated, it literally draws its depth. The same can be said about the quality velor.
  5. Velor outfits fit perfectly with other types of clothing.So, for solemn occasions, they should be complemented with satin, lace and classic accessories, and in everyday life, natural blue jeans look particularly advantageous in tandem with this fabric.

dress from velor styles

Style options

In the future season, the designers decided to completely revise their usual approach to such an expensive and solemn type of material and sew ordinary everyday things out of it. So, along with the royal look, evening velvet dresses appeared more familiar to everyone and acceptable for daily wear socks from velor. Its styles are represented by a wide model range. Here every girl will be able to choose the desired option. Very advantageously on the models look dresses with embroidery and bright appliqués. Of course, such a combination will not allow itself to each, but it will precisely distinguish its owner from the crowd. Another no less successful acquisition will be an elegant cape, which is in harmony with the evening luxury of toilets. A dress from velor for women becomes an opportunity for some period of time to feel like a real queen, to plunge into the velvet luxury and feel the admiring glances of those around you.

Sheath Dress

Fits most girls. Equally well looks option to the middle of the knee or slightly lower, complemented by small inserts of lace and trim to match the edge of the product. This dress of dark shades can be safely put on in the office or at a business meeting. A classic jacket and a neat leather clutch look perfect with it. For an evening look, models with deep cuts in the neck and back are suitable. Fabric favorably emphasizes the freshness of the skin, so in this case would be appropriate dresses from the velor of the deepest saturated colors - blue, burgundy, emerald or purple.velor and velvet dresses

Dress A-line

This style is designed to hide all the flaws of the figure and advantageously emphasize the slimness of the legs. His special advantage can be called a little flared part of the bottom, which allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable in a dress of similar cut throughout the day. Fashion designers advise every day to choose models in the most simple versions, without additional draperies and finishes. They emphasize that velvet and velor are completely self-sufficient materials that require a minimum of detail in the image.For evening exits are recommended styles with a slightly high waist and geometric cut in the neck.dresses from velor for full

Asymmetrical dress

For lovers of bold experiments, fashion designers have prepared special dresses from velor and velvet. Their asymmetrical cut allows you to open the most attractive parts of your body, correctly emphasizing their dignity. Girls with slender legs are sure to appreciate models with deep cutouts on the floor, such options in combination with a closed top and long sleeves look especially luxurious.evening dresses from velor


May vary solely at the request of its owner. In the new season, designers do not put restrictions and recommend trying all possible options. Evening dresses from velor are good in their long interpretations: complemented by cascades of lace, silk trim and elegant decor, they look expensive and especially solemn.evening dresses from velor

For every day, you can choose an image from a short velor dress, it goes well with any kind of denim, coarse boots with a tractor sole and black leather jacket.

For full

Very good in their performance dresses from velor for the full.Fashion designers draped them with fine folds, decorated with a V-neck and chose the brightest shades of material for their tailoring. Designer recommends that all girls with magnificent forms buy a classic straight cut with a slightly high waist and regular vertical trim along the entire length of the product. It is not recommended to hide the figure behind massive draperies and too loose silhouette. The most ideal option for overweight girls will be a dress-up robe knee-length or on the floor: it focuses the attention of others on the necessary details, and thanks to a deep smell it hides all the defects of the figure in the waist area well.women velor dresses

Trendy colors

The most popular this season will be dresses from the velor of all dark noble shades. The lead here, of course, luxurious black and deep emerald green. Dark blue, burgundy and chocolate options can be called universal, they are a wonderful everyday option, and if you change your regular shoes with formal shoes, add a clutch bag and a stylish jacket to your look, you can safely go to a club or an evening romantic stroll.

What to wear is prohibited

This luxurious material requires the right approach, not only in terms of care. Velor is completely self-sufficient, and it is very easy to overload it with excessive decoration or accessories, therefore, when choosing a dress for every day or for a solemn event, consider a number of fixed rules:

  • things from velor cannot be combined with other clothes of contrasting shades;
  • Do not wear velvet / velor completely, it requires minimalism, it is also unacceptable combination of fabric in a dress and shoes;
  • This deep iridescent material is able to highlight all the flaws of the figure, so if there are any flaws, it is better to choose styles with a freer, flowing silhouette.

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