Dispersers for LED strips - choice and fixing

LED lighting appeared on the domesticmarket relatively recently, but thanks to its economy, flexibility and high production resources are gaining more and more popularity in various industrial sectors, as well as in everyday life. One of the main constructive elements that make LED-lighting comfortable, and the diode itself is protected from damage, are the diffusers for LED strips.

Functions performed by the diffuser

Although traditional incandescent light bulbsuneconomical in use and short-lived, the light spectrum emitted by them is most optimal for human eyes, since in many respects it is identical to natural illumination. The diode strip provides bright, but cold and unpleasant for eyes lighting.

Dispersers for LED strips

The solution to the problem was the scatterers, which areThe structural part of many lamps that make the light warmer and more natural. But there are also objects that do not need to "refine" the light spectrum. An example is architectural monuments or devices that do not require protection from damage.

The tasks that scatterers perform forLED strips are reduced not only to low-cost lighting. Such devices are used to decorate the appearance of an object: a room, a car or an interior. You can not forget about the protective function and the vandal-proof, which is especially relevant in public places.


Modern technologies have significantly expandeda range of materials used to make diffusers. For today, besides usual classical glass, use the combined compositions.

Diffusers for lighting fixtures

Dispersers for LED tapes can be made of such materials:

  • Polymethyl acrylate materials(acrylic / organic glass) are distinguished by high transparency, strength, resistance to aging, plasticity. It is also worth noting the flammability and fragility of the material.
  • Transparent polystyrene - thermoplastic polymer is distinguished by its strength, versatility, low cost.
  • Polycarbonate. Products are characterized by increased strength, durability due to UV resistance, high transparency and lightness. Adding fire retardants and fire extinguishing elements makes the material ideal for making diode lamps. At a cost, it is more expensive than acrylic.

The choice of material depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer and the requirements for lighting equipment, as well as environmental conditions.

Types of scatterers

In addition to the differences in the composition of the material, the scatterersfor light-emitting diode tapes have differences in the way of light supply and surface structure, thus expanding the scope of their application. The surface may differ in its color and structure.

Fixtures made of prismaticglass, due to the effect of refraction of light rays, give the greatest effect of light scattering (up to 90%). With the use of frosted glass, the coefficient is not higher than 60%, while providing a cozy, muted light.

Diode tape

A separate type of diffusers differinga variety in drawing and color, is made using 3D-polymer material. Such devices are mounted on large Armstrong type lighting fixtures.

Installation Methods

The profile with the diffuser for the LED strip can be installed:

  • Invoice / universal.
  • Mortise. It is installed in chipboard or cardboard: ceilings, furniture.
  • Angular. For lighting of rooms, furniture.
  • Interior. It is easily combined with any design of the room, it is used for installation of LED tapes.
  • For mounting on glass shelves with silicone gaskets.

The convenience and ease of installation allowwork and independently, the main thing - to choose the necessary type of glass. Also it is worth bearing in mind that due to the fragility of acrylic delivery it is desirable to order from a trusted company, since the installation of a damaged profile can be hazardous to health. The diffusers based on plastic and polycarbonate are more practical, since they have a more resistant structure to mechanical shocks.

Types of fastening

The diode band has several ways of installation, hence, and the diffusers are produced in the form of blanks, allowing for the most rapid and convenient installation.

Flexible diffuser for LED strip

To install the tape you need a smooth and smoothsurface structure, these requirements correspond to specially designed profiles for LED lighting. Thus, it is possible to install LEDs in the form of rulers, strips, lamps, searchlights, rings, allowing to decorate car headlights, etc.

Flexible diffuser for LED strip more oftenall set on a plastic profile to provide illumination of various objects of the interior in the form of a circle or along an arch on arches, car lights and circular lamps.


Diffusers for luminaires manufactured withusing acrylic materials, there are several types: with a high level of transparency, as well as with a prismatic or matte structure. The disadvantage is fragility. Therefore, such devices are recommended to be used indoors. They are produced with a smooth or corrugated surface.

Due to the ease of handling, the use of Plexiglas is very popular for interior decoration of apartments, nightclubs and other public buildings.

Profile with diffuser for LED strip

For street lighting, including transport,public places and in rooms subject to constant vibrations (underground, stations, transitions), the most optimal option will be scatterers from monolithic carbonate. Indoor use is impractical due to their relatively high cost.

Plastic diffuser for LED stripIt is made of polystyrene, distinguished by its small price and convenient installation. It is widely used for installation on street lamps and indoors, as well as in the industrial sector. Types: mirror raster of aluminum (Armstrong lamps), opal (matte), prismatic, transparent.


The task of the scatterer is to give a soft and uniformglow, removing the point, inherent in LED strips and lamps. Since the lighting level for different residential zones and objects is different, the fixtures must have different degrees of dispersion. In this regard, there is a separate sale of components for installation. The diffuser is selected separately depending on the customer's requirements. Convenient installation allows in an independent manner to replace a non-approached or damaged profile.

Plastic diffuser for LED strip

In the process of cost planning, it is necessary to havein view of the fact that matt fixtures, most often used to create a warm semi-darkness in bedrooms and children's rooms, have a higher cost than transparent ones.

Street luminaires for fixtures must withstand temperature changes and shocks. Such devices should not contain cracks through which moisture can penetrate.


The new century requires new types of lighting. The usual fluorescent lamp due to its low cost still firmly holds positions in the domestic market, but the situation is changing. LEDs in combination with the diffuser, despite their high cost, are chosen by an increasing number of buyers who want to not only illuminate and decorate the room, but also save energy.

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