Day of intelligence of what number in the Russian Federation?

Intelligence is at the heart ofsecurity of any country. And, like any unit, representatives of this profession have their own holiday. Day of Intelligence - what number? How was this structure created and what is its contemporary activity? The article will tell about all this.

What day is Military Intelligence Day?

day of exploration of what number

Today this holiday is celebrated by soldierscontract and emergency service, cadets and graduates of vocational schools. Day of intelligence of what number to mark, long time has not been established. There was no official date, but those involved in the service knew about its symbolic meaning. The day of the military intelligence officer as a professional holiday of Russia arose only in 2006 and is celebrated on November 5. On this day in 1918 a special Registration Department was created, coordinating the actions of all units conducting intelligence work.

September 29th day of exploration

Now it's time to celebrate the Day of Intelligence, everyone knows. Annually in Russia, solemn events are held on the occasion of this day.

History of the emergence of the profession

It appeared simultaneously with the emergence offirst state. In Russia, the collection of valuable information attracted messengers, traders, military, residents of border regions. Later, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich ordered the creation in 1654 of an Order of Secret Affairs, which became the first official intelligence agency.

In 1810 Barclay de Tolly was the initiatorcreation of secret affairs under the Ministry of War, later renamed the Special Chancellery of the Minister of War. The officers of the department were engaged in collecting strategic intelligence information abroad, followed and reported on foreign troops and their maneuvers at the border, and also carried out serious work to identify foreign agents. The first head of this division was the aide-de-camp, Colonel A.V. Voeikov, who took office on September 29. The day of exploration began to celebrate much later.

After the Revolution, intelligence activitiescontinued to be among the main priorities of the new state. November 5, 1918, the Registration Department arose, which included intelligence (intelligence) and military control (counterintelligence). He was headed by Semyon Aralov.

In 1918, special courses were organized,on which future scouts were trained. Among the disciplines studied were such as topography, tactics, intelligence intelligence and others. Later they began to teach English, German and other foreign languages. In 1926 the intelligence agencies began to be called the IV Staff of the Red Army.

Exploration during the Great Patriotic War

All the activities of the Intelligence Agency wereis focused on providing combat operations. Not only all regions of the country were covered, but also foreign countries, occupied by the enemy and territories. The enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups were sent to the rear of the enemy, many of whom later became the basis of partisan detachments. Information gathered by strategic and operational intelligence was the basis of all military operations.

Since 1942, the Intelligence Agency has becomeobey only the people's commissar of defense. The activity was completely focused on intelligence reconnaissance both in the USSR and in the territory of other states. A number of transformations were subsequently carried out, and since 1949 the structure of the GRU of the General Staff of the Armed Forces has been fixed.

Modern Intelligence

 what day is military intelligence

Her area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest continued to develop andexpand. Now it covers everything that affects the preservation and strengthening of the security of the state. The GRU includes all types and directions of reconnaissance, which only exist at the present time, and this is a large number. The day of intelligence is now celebrated throughout the country, representatives of this profession are congratulated and honored. It is because of their activities that all the important information in the military, economic and political fields is extracted. Military scouts are watching the hot spots, the actions of extremist and terrorist organizations. Possible sources and ways of distribution of components of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons are being studied. At a high level is military-space reconnaissance, which has shown its effectiveness during the fighting in Syria.


day of intelligence

The day of intelligence of what number is now known to all. In Russia, the Academy of Foreign Intelligence is engaged in the training of future members of this profession, on the basis of which intelligence officers also raise their qualifications. All future cadets undergo a strict medical and psychological examination before admission to entrance examinations.

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