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Daria Ekamasova is a Russian theater and film actress, known for her roles in the films “Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger, ”“ Once upon a time there was a woman ”, as well as the TV series“ Women in Love ”,“ Money ”, etc.“ I am an actress of mostly author's independent films. Difficult and incomprehensible. I love it to crawl, ”admits Daria.
Daria N. EkamasovaDaria N. Ekamasova

Childhood and youth

Daria was born on May 20, 1984 in Moscow. The father of the actress is an engineer, the mother is the head of the kindergarten. The activities of Daria’s parents are not related to art, but her mother plays the piano well, and her father was the vocalist and keyboardist of the 99% group in the 1970s.
Daria Ekamasova in childhoodDaria Ekamasova in childhood
Little Dasha inherited a musical ear from her parents, so at the age of five she began to attend music school in the piano class, and later the girl continued her studies at the music school.


At the age of 14, Daria was noticed by representatives of the Moscow model agency (noting the “fashionable type of face” of the girl), but because of too young age, she had to postpone her career as a model.However, Ekamasova began working as a promoter for the agency — Darya gathered tall girls in Moscow and brought them to agents. At 16, Ekamasova herself started making money as a model.
Daria Ekamasova without makeupDaria Ekamasova without makeup
In 1999, the agents sent Daria to shoot the video of Valery Meladze for the song "Dawn". In the video, which presented the image of a Russian woman in the best colors, also appeared Russian actress Tatyana Drubich.
Valery Meladze - Dawn
Daria got into the world of cinema, one might say, by chance. When director Andrei Proshkin started shooting his first film Spartak and Kalashnikov about the adventures of a foster child, he spent a long time looking for an actress to play as a favorite of the street gang Vera Dudkina named Chichcholina, and one day the director was shown a photo by Ekamasova. The image of Darya - no longer a child, but also not an adult girl - Proshkina approached, and Ekamasova was approved for the role. On the set, Dasha showed her best, and the director advised her to enroll in a theater school.
Young Daria Ekamasova in the movie "Spartak and Kalashnikov" (movie debut)Young Daria Ekamasova in the movie "Spartak and Kalashnikov" (movie debut)
Becoming a student of GITIS Ekamasova was only possible with the fourth attempt.In the end, Daria was credited immediately to the second course to Alexander Porokhovshchikov. By this time, Ekamasova had already graduated from the music school. However, sometimes Daria regrets throwing music.
Daria Ekamasova - a graduate of GITISDaria Ekamasova - a graduate of GITIS
Before graduating from a theater school in 2007, Ekamasova again appeared in episodic roles in various films and TV shows. In particular, the girl got a small role in the Russian TV series Doctor Zhivago, which was filmed by the father of Andrei Proshkin’s director Alexander Proshkin.
After graduating from GITIS, Ekamasova began working in the theater - the girl participated in the productions of the “Other Theater”, the Center for Dramatic Art and Direction A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchina and “Theatra.doc”. In parallel with her work in the theater, Daria often starred in small roles in Russian and Ukrainian TV shows and films.
Daria Ekamasova: "I have been admitted to GITIS for 5 years"
His favorite role “from the early” Ekamasova calls the role of secretary in the 2009 film “Figa.Ro”, in which she was fortunate enough to work with Andrei Molochny and Ivan Okhlobystin. The actress received a small amount of fame in 2011 after the release of the military saga based on the story by Mikhail Weller “The Ballad of the Bomber” - in it Ekamasova presented the viewer a paramedic in a partisan detachment.
But the real popularity came to Daria after filming in the folk drama “Once there was a woman” (dir. Andrei Smirnov). The actress acted in the main role as a simple peasant Varvara, who is going through all the turning points of Russian history: World War I, dispossession, revolution, famine, uprising led by Antonov.
“Once upon a time there was one woman”: Daria Ekamasova as Varvara“Once upon a time there was one woman”: Daria Ekamasova as Varvara
Ekamasova said that shooting the picture was difficult - there were injuries, and psychologically difficult moments, and once Daria really sank (this frame, however, was not included in the film). But on the other hand, during the filming, Ekamasova learned many useful things: to milk a cow, to harness a horse, to gather hay. And so that the immersion in the objective world was complete, Smirnov asked the actors to refuse to participate in other projects.
Photos from the filming of the drama "Once upon a time there was a woman"Photos from the filming of the drama "Once upon a time there was a woman"
Some of the subsequent works of Ekamasova also displayed dark episodes of Russian history. For example, in the series Split (2011) about the split of the Russian Orthodox Church in the seventeenth century, Daria played the wife of Protopope Avvakum, an ardent opponent of church reforms.
Daria Ekamasova's height - 169 centimetersDaria Ekamasova's height - 169 centimeters
The bright appearance of the actress played her hand during the casting for the role in the mystical film “Heavenly Wives of Meadow Mari”, released in 2012. Ekamasova played a central role in one of 22 short stories that director Alexei Fedorchenko called “documentary tales” on an ethnographic theme. The film, which tells about the culture, philosophy and traditions of the Mari people, was shot in the Mari language. In the other novels, films have been shot including Yana Sextte, Julia Aug and her daughter Polina, Yana Troyanova.
Frame from the film “Heavenly Wives of the Meadow Mari”Frame from the film “Heavenly Wives of the Meadow Mari”
Ekamasova also appeared in the sensational film “Legend No. 17” with Danila Kozlovsky (2012) and played a major role in the crime drama “Ugly Love” (2013).
Daria Ekamasova and Julia Aug at the premiere of "Heavenly Wives"Daria Ekamasova and Julia Aug at the premiere of "Heavenly Wives"
In 2014, Alexey Fedorchenko decided to work with Daria again and invited her to play the main role in the romantic drama “Angels of the Revolution”. In the film based on real events, Ekamasova played a commissar named Polina Revolution, the leader of the detachment called upon to turn the rebellious northern peoples of the Khanty and Nenets into Bolshevism.In addition to Darya, several other actors from Heavenly Wives appeared in this film - Polina Aug, Boris Petrov, Yaroslava Pulinovich and Egor Partin.
Daria Ekamasova as Polina Schneider (“Angels of the Revolution”)Daria Ekamasova as Polina Schneider (“Angels of the Revolution”)
In the same year, Ekamasova had a chance to work with the infamous Russian director Valeria Gai Germanika. Daria starred in the title role in her mini-series "May Ribbons" about the happy-miserable stories of lovers. The film received a lot of negative and restrained reviews, although many noted the professional game Ekamasova.
The next main role of Darya caused a new wave of fans' love: in the Russian-Ukrainian TV series “Women in Love” about the life of Ekamasova's four friends, she played the exemplary and insecure mother of two children Tamara. Ekaterina Volkova, Ekaterina Klimova and Ravshana Kurkova played the heroine of Daria’s heroine.
Daria Ekamasova in the series "Women in Love"Daria Ekamasova in the series "Women in Love"
In 2015, Ekamasov could be seen in the lead role in the dramatic series “Money” and in the Yakuza clan war movie “Priest-San: Samurai Confession”. The brightest role of 2016 was the role of a friend of Alexander Popov (actor Yevgeny Pronin) in the film “Champions: Faster.Higher. Stronger".
Shot from the film “Champions. Faster, higher, stronger"Shot from the film “Champions. Faster, higher, stronger"
She also received the role of Sophia Kovalenko in the fifth season of the series “Americans”, which was filmed in New York.
Daria Ekamasova starred in the TV series "Americans"Daria Ekamasova starred in the TV series "Americans"


In early 2016, Daria took part in the extreme show “Without insurance” on Channel One. However, the training was given to the girl is not easy: for some time she performed with a sore leg and ligaments stretched around her neck, and in the end, during the next stunt, she broke her leg. According to the confessions of Ekamasova, the blame for injuring lies entirely on her shoulders. “I was inattentive, relaxed for a moment. And, as they say, “she fell, she came to, plaster ...”, - shared Daria.
Daria Ekamasova in the show "Without insurance"
However, Ekamasova, even with crutches, continued to lead an active lifestyle, to act in films and attend social events.

Personal life of Darya Ekamasova

According to the actress, to 30 years she was no time to engage in personal life, but at one point she wanted to “devote herself to this magical feeling.”
In the photo: Daria Ekamasova and her husband Denis FreemanIn the photo: Daria Ekamasova and her husband Denis Freeman
Several years ago, Daria met with Denis Freeman, with whom she soon began a romantic relationship. And on December 31, 2016, the lovers got married - even close friends did not know about the wedding.

Daria Ekamasova now

In August 2017, the comedy “Graphomania” came out in which the audience got acquainted with the work of their favorite artists (Daria Ekamasova, Aristarkh Venez, Gosha Kutsenko, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Eduard Radzyukevich, etc.) in unusual roles. The film was practically not shown in cinemas, but it gained its audience.
Interview with Darya Ekamasova (“Looking at Night”)
The 8-series saga “The Demon of the Revolution” about the leader of the world proletariat, which takes place in 1915-1917, is awaiting release: Daria got the role of Nadezhda Krupskaya, while Yevgeny Mironov will play Lenin.
Daria Ekamasova on the set of the series “AL.ZH.I.R.”Daria Ekamasova on the set of the series “AL.ZH.I.R.”
During this period, Daria Ekamasova was shot in two more projects that reveal the secrets of the past: the “ALZH.I.R.” series, which takes place in the years 1938-1945 (Daria will play the wife of the aircraft designer Olga Pavlova, arrested as ČSIR) and the military drama “The Corridor of Immortality” about the difficult fate of a schoolgirl after the blockade winter of 1941-1942. It also became known about the filming of the Russian adaptation of the cult American television series Doctor House, which was named Doctor Richter. In addition to Ekamasova, Alexey Serebryakov, Anna Mikhalkova, Ekaterina Vilkova, Maria Mironova and other famous actors will appear in the series. In addition, the shooting of the new series “Trial” continues, which tells about the hard life of a novice director - Daria’s partners on the set will be Julia Aug, Mikhail Bogdasarov.

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