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Daniel Day-Lewis is without a doubt one of the best actors in modern Hollywood history. His whole life is inextricably linked with the cinematic art. He - became part of the American cinema, and it became for him the meaning of his life.
His track record has many iconic roles, as well as countless many diverse cinema awards, for which the separate regiment is most likely assigned to his home. But what else can you say about this talented Briton? We will try to answer this question in our today's article.

The early years, childhood and the family of Daniel Day-Lewis

Our today's hero was born in the capital of a wealthy and prosperous English kingdom. His family was among the representatives of the British aristocracy, and therefore from early childhood, Daniel Day-Lewis never needed anything.
Actor Daniel Day-Lewis had a rich biography before his first filmsActor Daniel Day-Lewis had a rich biography before his first films
Life of the future actor was in abundance, but because he himself could always choose for himself any occupation. He chose the theater. And then often, along with his younger sister, he played out small scenes from favorite cinematographic works for parents and family friends.
His father, Sesil Day-Lewis, was a well-known English poet, and therefore he always supported in every way the similar undertakings of his son. Not opposed to them and his mother - Jill Blackon - the daughter of an influential movie mogul. Thus, already from childhood, the future actor could improve his talent by working with theater teachers and repeaters.
The future seemed cloudless, but the rainbow world of children's dreams collapsed at once ...
In 1970, when Daniel was only thirteen years old, his father died of cancer. This episode had a tremendous impact on the young guy. He started having problems with classmates, as well as frequent nervous breakdowns. Soon after the hooligan behavior, the future actor was expelled from the elite school, where he studied before. However, this was only the beginning of a long series of troubles. In the new school, Daniel became one of the members of the youth gangs, and therefore quite often had problems with the law. The only outlet for a young guy was the theater, which he never threw.Over and over again, throwing all the basic school subjects, Daniel Day-Lewis, at the same time, showed an amazing ability to theatrical art. To some extent, only this fact allowed our today's hero to finish school safely.
However, close ties with London youth groups had not only a negative impact on the life and fate of the actor. Paradoxically, it was relations with representatives of English gangs that for the young actor were a pass to the world of big cinema. The thing is that during this period, director John Schlesinger was looking for several "street" guys for his film "Sunday, damn Sunday". In the end, the choice fell on Daniel and his friends. Despite the fact that the role proposed to him was only episodic, it had a significant impact on the life of the young actor. It was during this period that he clearly realized that he wanted to become a serious actor. And subsequently, he purposefully walked towards his dream.
Some time later, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Troupe, and then even made an attempt to break into the National Theater.However, in the end, he really found himself in the cinema.

Daniel Day-Lewis Star Trek, filmography

In 1982, Daniel Day-Lewis played a small role in the Oscar-winning film Gandhi. And three years later, she appeared in two more films - “My favorite laundry” and “Room with a view”.
Thus, the year 1985 became truly triumphant for a young actor. Both of his roles were marked by many prestigious awards and brought him awards from the National Council of Critics of the United States and the Society of Film Critics of New York. However, this was only the beginning of the star path.
Already in 1988, the actor got his first major role - in the film “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” which became for him a new triumph. At this point, Daniel Day-Lewis established himself as one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, and subsequently never gave reason to doubt his talent.
In 1989, he put his first Oscar into his piggy bank. Having played a man suffering from cerebral palsy in the film “My left leg”, the talented Englishman achieved simply tremendous success and, in addition to the highest award of the American Film Academy, managed to receive several significant prizes, including the BAFTA award.
Several important awards to our today's hero were also brought by the films The Last of the Mohicans, In the Name of the Father, The Boxer, The Ballad of Jack and Rose. In this context, it is also worth noting the films “Gangs of New York” and “Oil”, which again brought the name of Daniel Dye-Lewis to the number of nominees for the Oscar. In the end, the actor got only one golden statuette (for the film “Oil”), but the full list of awards and nominations that occurred in the life of a British man after the tapes of the tapes marked were really amazing. Daniel Day-Lewis worked with such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and many others.

Daniel Day-Lewis now

Daniel Day-Lewis continued to collect prestigious awards, one after another, also after the release of the Nine Melodrama and the Lincoln historical tape, in each of which he again got the main roles. In 2012, the British actor got his last Oscar at the moment, thus becoming one of two actors (along with Jack Nicholson) in the history of cinema who managed to conquer such significant height three times.

Daniel Day-Lewis Personal Life

Actress Isabelle Adjani has given birth to a son Daniel Day-LewisActress Isabelle Adjani has given birth to a son Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis's personal life is no less remarkable and interesting than his career. In 1990, a talented Briton began to meet with French actress Isabelle Adjani. Relationship lasted five years, but ultimately ended in a scandal. Leaving her former lover, the actress left their common home, reporting her pregnancy only by fax. Currently, Daniel sees his son only occasionally.
Just six months later, after a relationship with his former girlfriend, Daniel started a new romance. This time, his beloved became Rebecca Miller (known for a few directorial works). Some time later, the couple announced the wedding. In this marriage, two children were born.

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