Cyst in the nose. Removal of a cyst in the nose

A cyst in the nose is a benign formation, the nature of the contents, the size and thickness of which depend on the causes of the pathology, the duration of organ damage. Why does this ailment appear and should it be treated? Today we will find out what a cyst in the nose is. Treatment, symptoms and causes of this disease will be discussed below.cyst in the nose

Definition of ailment

A cyst in the nose is a hollow, benign formation with soft walls, inside of which there is a liquid. Its size can be different, and the symptoms depend on it. The disease occurs frequently, but is detected, as a rule, by chance, for example, with X-rays.

Cysts are divided into:

  • True - occur after blockage of the channels of the mucous membrane.
  • Imaginary - occur under the influence of an allergen, after an infectious disease or inflammatory process.

The classification depends on what content is filled with education. Cysts can be:

  • purulent;
  • mucous membranes;
  • serous.

Causes of pathology

A cyst in the nose may appear due to the presence of such factors:

  • Chronic, allergic, vasomotor rhinitis.
  • Inflammation of the nasal sinuses - sinusitis, polyps.
  • Long-term diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Frequent manifestations of sinusitis.
  • Diseases of the teeth.

effects of cysts


The effects of cysts may be different. The following manifestations are possible:

  • Headache.
  • Sensation of discomfort in the forehead and jaw.
  • Periodic nasal congestion or difficulty breathing (especially after exercise).
  • Swimmers may experience pain in the nasal region due to pressure drops at depth.
  • Purulent discharge (if, in addition, there is also sinusitis).
  • Disturbance of smell.

Sometimes a cyst in the nose, the symptoms of which are described above, may not manifest itself. A person is able to live his whole life with her and not even know about her existence. Therefore, the diagnosis of a cyst in the sinus nose is not a sentence at all. The above symptoms may not necessarily be manifestations of such a disease. In the presence of suspicion, it is additionally necessary to do tests and conduct surveys. And only after that treatment will be prescribed.

Diagnosis of the disease

Accurately diagnosing a cyst to an otolaryngologist will be helped by studies such as:

  • X-ray of the sinuses.
  • Sounding.
  • Puncture.
  • Sinus endoscopy.
  • CT scan.

Also, the doctor should examine the patient on his own, inquire what concerns him, and on the basis of this and the measures listed above, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

sinus nose

Ways to get rid of education

A cyst in the sinus can be eliminated by such methods:

  • Surgical intervention.
  • Removal with an endoscope.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Folk remedies.

Does size matter?

The choice of one or another method of getting rid of a cyst largely depends on its diameter, which is determined after X-rays. In the picture itself, education is measured, and if it is less than one centimeter, it is considered small. In this case, surgical intervention is prescribed at the request of the patient, of course, the symptoms that accompany the pathological process are taken into account.

If the tumor in the nose is more than one centimeter in diameter, then its elimination is necessary. And to produce it with the help of an endoscope or a surgical knife - this will be decided by the attending doctor, taking into account the symptoms.


Removal of a cyst in the nose is carried out by surgery, by the Caldwell-Luc method. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia (local or general - at the discretion of the doctor). The patient is dissected under the upper lip, the front part of the sinus wall is cut, and a cyst is extracted through the hole with special surgical tools. However, this method has its drawbacks: the stoma, made at the time of the operation, becomes overgrown with scars, not bone tissue, which can lead to dysfunction of the tissues of the mucous membrane and, as a result, to the appearance of rhinitis or sinusitis. Also, after carrying out this type of intervention, the patient is not immediately released home, he must be under the supervision of a doctor for several more days.

sinus cyst

Rehabilitation period

If the doctor has decided that a cyst in the nose is to be removed, the operation should be done only in the clinic. In the future, the patient must adhere to special recommendations and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions so that no negative consequences occur.

  • Rest for two days, in order not to provoke complications in the form of bleeding.
  • Conducting nasal hygiene: washing, moisturizing, treatment with antiseptics.
  • It is forbidden to do steaming procedures.
  • Heavy physical activity is contraindicated.


The operation can not be carried out with the following diseases and features of the body:

  • In case of violation of blood clotting.
  • If there are malignant tumors.
  • If the woman is in an "interesting" position or is a nursing mother.
  • In severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • If there is epilepsy.

Opinions of patients about surgery

Reviews of people who have removed the cyst in the nose in the usual surgical way are different. Someone is 100% sure that this is the ideal way to get rid of such an education, and some complain about the prolonged recovery after surgery. In any case, before taking such a step as an operative intervention, it is necessary to take into account three important factors, and these are:

  1. Qualifications and experience of the doctor. It is the specialist who plays a significant role in this matter, since he decides how to remove the formation in the nose.
  2. The severity of the pathological process.
  3. Intervention method

Is cyst in the nose dangerous?

Endoscopic removal

In this case, the operation is done using a special apparatus, which is introduced to the patient through the nostril. However, the doctor does not make any perforations or incisions. The whole process can be seen on the monitor. The advantages of this method of getting rid of the disease is that the maxillary sinus remains intact, and all the properties of the mucous membrane are fully preserved. This operation is carried out without the use of anesthesia. Another advantage is that after such a procedure the patient is allowed to go home on the same day, and this is very important for the emotional state of the person. Also, this method of getting rid of a cyst has no limitations to carrying out and very rarely leads to complications.

Laser application

This method has gained high popularity, and all due to the fact that it is almost painless, and the regeneration process is much shorter than during the standard operation. Before you go to the procedure, you need to consult with the doctor, who will give his recommendations and find out which method is best to remove the education.

Medication Treatment

Get rid of the cyst in the nose with the help of tablets will not work, so if someone recommends this method of healing, you can not believe him. However, scientific research is currently underway aimed at creating special preparations capable of dissolving such formations.

cyst in the nose symptoms

What not to do?

The use of traditional medicine in the treatment of cyst in the nose may not give results, and even, on the contrary, can worsen the situation. Especially if the cause of the formation of education was allergic rhinitis. After all, the use of home treatment methods, such as the use of honey or propolis, can only provoke the appearance of even larger allergy attacks, as a result of which the cyst can even increase in size.

If such an education takes place, the following methods of popular treatment are strictly prohibited:

  • Lubrication of the nasal mucosa with honey.
  • Instill with herbal infusions, decoctions, oils.
  • Washing the nasal cavity with tinctures, extracts.
  • Conducting inhalation with essential oils.
  • Acceptance of homeopathic medicines.

Traditional methods of treatment

But what kind of home therapy options are possible? Next, consider the most innocuous recipes.getting rid of cysts in the nose, but their effectiveness is not confirmed.

  • Juice of forest cyclamen. The drug is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4. You need to bury two drops in each nostril for seven days. The procedure is best done in the morning.
  • A mixture of glycerin (10 ml), purified boiled water (25 ml), mumiyo (2 g). Combine all the ingredients and use a pipette to drip the medicine into the diseased bosom of three drops twice a day.
  • Golden mustache juice - drip three drops twice a day.
  • Drawing salt water (for one glass of liquid you need to take two teaspoons of bisulfate). Boil this mixture, cool to forty degrees, and then rinse the nose with this solution in the morning and evening. On the night after the procedure, it is necessary to bury five drops of warm vegetable oil in both nostrils. The duration of such treatment is two weeks.

Preventive measures

To a cyst in the nose did not appear, it is enough to adhere to such recommendations:

  • Timely treat diseases that can provoke the development of such an education, and this is rhinitis, caries, periodontal disease.
  • In time to carry out the treatment of allergic rhinitis allergy nature of antihistamines.

cyst nose treatment

What will happen if not treated?

Is the cyst in the nose dangerous and what can the failure of therapy lead to? If this education does not deliver any discomfort to a person, it is small, imperceptible, then there will be no harm from him, and you can live with him for the rest of your life. However, if a cyst grows, becomes inflamed, it may threaten an increase in pressure on the organs of the head, an increase in body temperature. The worst thing that can be without treatment is that education can burst. And this, in turn, will cause leakage of pus, which will spread through the tissues, which may even lead to the occurrence of necrosis.


Now you know what a cyst in the nose and what consequences it can lead to. In the article, we identified the causes of the appearance of the formation and symptoms, as well as possible methods of removal. Despite the fact that traditional medicine is considered safe in the treatment of certain ailments, in relation to a cyst, this method of therapy can only be resorted to if the doctor gives permission. Since home methods have not yet justified themselves, the correct option would be to perform an operation to remove such an education.

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