Curious mysteries of nature: explainable and remain secrets

Mother Nature has so many different secrets that you just wonder. The world's best architect and designer plays with people, asking them new questions and confusing scientific minds. The wonders of the world, the riddles of nature, anomalous phenomena cannot be explained at all. However, such puzzles and rebuses cause undiminished interest among people who want to know the truth, lift the veil of secrecy.

Geological Phenomenon in Death Valley

For several decades, scientists around the world have been puzzled by reports that huge boulders weighing more than 300 kg are moving across the desert without any help. Moving along the bottom of a dried lake takes place in Death Valley - a national park of the United States. Giant cobblestones scattered among the scorched corner of the area, had not previously attracted such attention.

mysteries of nature unexplained phenomena

In 1915, an American prospector discovered visible traces up to three centimeters in depth, which left dozens of huge boulders, incomprehensible as they moved across the clay bottom of a dried-up reservoir.Immediately began the study of scientists who tried to figure out the nature of the geological phenomenon. It seems incredible, but the tracks of the tracks left by the boulders, then fancifully bend, then walked very evenly, then suddenly move to the left or the right.

Boulders that "travel"

The moving stones of Death Valley easily changed their location, independently moving across the desert once every few years. When in 2013 the movements got on a video camera, it became clear that they were “traveling”, even turning over without any help from sentient beings. Sometimes the cobblestones begin to move in parallel, and suddenly one of them goes to the side. Such riddles of nature worried experts trying to find at least some plausible explanation for the anomalous phenomenon.

moving stones of the valley of death

Scientists hypotheses

Previously, people attributed the transfer of supernatural forces, and only in the XX century, new hypotheses. Some researchers believe that magnetic fields are to blame for everything, others see the true reason in rare floods, others point to a strong wind that pushes boulders lying on slippery clay.But why only some stones “travel”, while others stand still? Why are they scattered throughout the desert, and not gathered at one of its edges? Scientists could not give intelligible answers to numerous questions.

wonders of the world riddles of nature

And only in 2013, the mysteries of nature in the Death Valley were revealed by a scientist who studied the territory for a long time and came to the conclusion that the movement of stones begins when the bottom of a dried lake is covered with a centimeter layer of water. In frosty nights, melting ice moves giant cobblestones at a speed of about five meters per second. The stones as if float on the frozen clay bottom, and their trajectory is determined by the desert wind.

Mystical corner

Many riddles of nature have no explanation, despite all the efforts of scientists. Thus, the unique forest of Gryfino, located in Poland, arouses interest among tourists who fall into a mystical place where birds do not sing and no sounds of insects are heard. But the mysterious corner, which appeared in 1930, surprises quite differently - strange trees grow on its territory, which differ from the rest. Not reaching the standard height, they all crook toward the north.Four hundred twisted pines look so unusual that the guests of the country literally freeze in surprise. Scientists put forward different versions, but so far no one has been able to solve the riddles of nature.

riddles of nature

Unexplained phenomena in the forest: versions

It is assumed that people who lived a few decades ago, specially twisted the trunks of the pines to make it more convenient to make furniture and boats from them. However, experts claim that the wood of the curving trees is absolutely not suitable for production.

Another version, according to which an unusual corner appeared as a result of strong winds, sounds quite absurd. Scientists say that no hurricanes can so disfigure the pines, they can only uproot immature trees, and not bend them in a bizarre way.

But local people in their own way explain the mysteries of nature and believe that once a long time ago a terrible witch lived in a pine forest, and her dwelling was reliably protected by a forest from prying eyes. And when the woodcutters who came to its territory tried to cut down the pines, the trees were bent, dodging sharply sharpened axes. So they froze in a strange posture, as if warning all people that they should not go here.

Experts on anomalous phenomena noted the negative energy of the mysterious corner. After research, they stated that it was she who caused this kind of change in the growth of pines. The old men remembered how in the 1930s the Germans who inhabited the territory before the start of the war carried out their scientific experiments, but no one knows whether this is so because archive documents have not survived.

curve forest

Now "Curve Forest" is recognized as a natural monument, which is protected by the state, and the cutting of trees is strictly prohibited.

The world is not fully understood

Nature has been working on its admirable masterpieces for millions of years. She creates great works, genuine wonders of the world. The riddles of nature, of which there are many, remain the mysteries that confound the official science.

It often seems to people that the modern world is fully explored, but this is not so, and the planet explored far and wide gives us more surprises.

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