Crimean cesspool

What is called, "I can not, do not share." You can arbitrarily slander the Crimea for its type of disorder and for the boring relaxation (although it all depends on how you want to rest - just stupidly lying on the beach is not interesting in any country). But now it's about something else - about the garbage. It is even surprising that such a guardian for the urban environment, like Varlamov, never wrote about it. And it would be worth it.
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Here is such an example of a dump in Alushta. Everything seems to be nothing - two containers, like two containers. Only here, while we all say that it would be nice to do separate collection of garbage, then they took it and did it. Plastic - separately. It is customary to put glass bottles next to containers, but this is also often done in our country, so that the “forest nurses”, that is, those who collect and rent them, were easier.
That is, plastic bottles, which are just the most polluted by nature, are collected separately. I did not know where they were sent then, but I think that it is not just that, because the garbage truck also collects these containers in different compartments and then apparently all the plastic goes for recycling and incineration.
There will be no morals - it's just an observation that there is something to learn in Crimea.

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