Credit card "VTB 24": terms of use, customer reviews

People living at a modern pace, plastic cards have long managed to replace the traditional system of making payments and storing money. In addition to debit cards, there are credit cards. Almost every Russian who has a formal job and has reached the age of 21 can get the latest one at VTB 24. This bank provides a wide range of card lending services.

In this article we consider the conditions for using a credit card "VTB 24". Reviews about her abound.
credit card vtb 24 terms of use

Types of cards

Today, a bank credit card is a profitable alternative to other types of loans. This product is provided by most financial institutions, each of them has different conditions, which allows customers to choose the right ones.

A credit card of a bank with a certain limit is available to individuals who have a permanent job and a positive credit history. Available instant, classic and gold versions of the product.

In order to make it easier to use, as well as to be able to track the balance and debt, the bank offers the connection of an additional option - SMS notification. Credit plastic card is suitable for paying for purchases, making payments on the Internet, withdrawing cash. The terms of using a VTB 24 credit card (reviews confirm this) can be specified on the bank’s website.

The process of obtaining a credit card with a limit lasts no more than two weeks. The term depends on the region in which the client applied for its issuance. You can replenish your account not only in bank branches, but also through ATMs or online banking. If the customer allows late payment, the financial institution imposes a certain penalty, the amount of which is specified in the contract. The grace period will be calculated from the day when the first purchase paid by the card was made. Each client is provided with a choice of services that he can connect at his own request, and taking into account which the amount of annual maintenance will be calculated. This is confirmed by the credit card "VTB 24" conditions and reviews.golden credit card vtb 24 terms of use


Credit cards with a limit have several advantages:

  • There is a possibility of remote registration on the passport.
  • Loan repayment is possible in various free ways.
  • Credit card can be used in any country.
  • The cardholder may receive additional gifts and promotions from Visa and MasterCard.
  • Several plastic cards can be connected to each card account. Thus, funds from the account can be simultaneously used by the client and his relatives, for example.
  • If the client is in a difficult life situation, the bank may consider refinancing, which will reduce the monthly payment or reduce the rate.
  • The client independently controls the daily spending limit.
  • Reissuing the card can be ordered by calling the contact center.

There are several types of cards:

  • Classic card. Its registration costs 75 rubles, the credit limit can reach 300 thousand rubles.

credit card vtb 24 terms of use reviews

  • Gold credit card "VTB 24". Terms of use indicate that the fee for its registration is 350 rubles, and the credit limit can reach 750 thousand rubles.
  • Platinum card. Its registration makes 850 rubles, and the credit limit can be no more than one million rubles.

This is confirmed by the terms and conditions of use of the VTB 24 credit card.

What is a cashback?

This type of card is the most popular product of the bank, it has a lot of positive feedback from consumers. Such a card has not only a credit limit, but the possibility of receiving a cashback for the purchases made. It is issued on the general terms - it can get a citizen who has a permanent job. Such a credit card is issued subject to the following conditions:

  • For cash withdrawals is 5.5%.
  • In the form of a cashback, 1% of the sum of all purchases is returned to the account.
  • Grace period - up to 50 days.
  • Make a card for 75 rubles.
  • The maintenance of such a card is free if the client spends more than 20 thousand rubles a month from the card.
  • The size of the loan limit can reach 299 thousand rubles.

Terms of cash withdrawal of credit cards "VTB 24" for each card are card vtb 24 terms of use interest

Credit card "Collection"

The next option of the credit card provided by this bank and providing for bonuses for purchases made is a credit card that is connected to the Collection program. Her conditions are similar to the previous one.The owners of such a card for every thirty rubles receive bonuses. For the most part, this type of plastic has positive reviews. Received bonuses can be exchanged for entertainment fees or commissions. The total loan rate is 28% per annum.

"Pocket" credit card

This type of credit card will be beneficial for those customers who are planning to withdraw cash from the account. For this procedure, the bank charges a fee of 1% of the withdrawn amount. The service of the “Pocket” card will cost its owner 900 rubles. The total loan rate is 28% per annum. The credit limit on this card can reach 299 thousand rubles.

In addition, such a credit card provides for the possibility of receiving gifts and discounts of up to 30%, which are provided by the partners of the bank. However, it does not have a grace period for the use of funds. This is confirmed by the terms of use for a VTB 24 credit card.

This is not all products that are available to customers of the bank. The choice is much wider, and you can learn all the details about the types of credit cards and the conditions for their use not only at the bank’s office, but also on the official website of the financial institution.

How to choose a card?

When choosing a card, it is best to be guided by the purpose for which you will use it. At the moment, the bank has the following options:

  • For lovers of travel. In this case, the client will receive a nice bonus in the form of miles, which will be credited by the bank’s partner, Transaero or Russian Railways.
  • Cards for car owners, for example, a gold credit card "VTB 24". Terms of use can be checked with the bank employee.
  • For lovers of entertainment. The owner of such a card will be able to receive cashback when paying bills with its help in restaurants and clubs.

Each of these cards can be classic, gold or platinum. On a VTB 24 credit card, terms of use and interest are transparent and clear.

Getting a credit card

The bank has a fairly wide range of products, each of which has different conditions. Obtaining a credit card involves the observance of several conditions and the provision of a specific list of documents, namely:
credit card vtb 24 classic terms of use

  • Passports
  • Applications for a credit card.
  • Inquiries about income. It can be obtained at the place of work.
  • Statements to which salary is transferred.

It should be noted that only citizens who are already clients of the bank can receive a credit card by providing only a passport. The issuance of cards with a credit limit is made for a fee, which can range from 75 to 900 rubles. Its cost depends on the type and tariff. You can get a card in one of the additional offices of the bank, after having signed the relevant agreement. Application for registration can also be sent online using the official website of the bank. Making a plastic card takes no more than three weeks.

Credit card "VTB 24" "Classic": terms of use

This bank offers a fairly rich selection of classic cards, gift and premium class. The latter provide the opportunity to pay for large purchases. The conditions of use, as well as the possibilities that the client receives, are entirely dependent on the service package that is connected to the card. The classic package provides:

  • Interest rate of 28% per annum.
  • Credit limit in the amount of up to 299,000 rubles.
  • The SMS alert service, which in the first month of using a credit card is provided free of charge, and from the second month its cost will be 59 rubles.
  • Grace period of 50 days.

How to withdraw cash from a card with a credit limit

Most holders of credit cards issued by other banks note that financial institutions charge a fairly large fee for cash withdrawals. This bank offers its customers very favorable rates for such operations.

You can withdraw cash from the VTB 24 card with a commission of 1% of the requested amount, but it cannot be less than 50 rubles. If the credit card has its own funds, then it can be removed absolutely free of charge. All credit cards of the bank, except the MasterCard Standart card, have a period during which you can use the funds without interest.
credit cards vtb 24 terms reviews

Grace period on a gold credit card

Its conditions are quite simple. Many clients do not quite understand how the interest-free time for using credit cards is calculated. According to the VTB 24 card, the grace period can be up to fifty days from the time when the first purchase was made. The grace period is calculated based on calendar months. If it is fifty days, then the client actually has thirty days for the interest-free use of borrowed funds and twenty days for repaying the debt.

In the event that the client does not have time to deposit the required amount in time to the account, then the minimum payment of three to five percent of the outstanding amount will be charged.

How to use it?

First of all, after receiving a credit card at a bank, you should familiarize yourself with the terms of its activation. This can be done in two main ways:

  • Activate it directly in the office at the time of receipt. Any employee of the bank will tell you how to do this, and help you make the necessary actions.
  • By calling the bank support service. By completing certain actions, the sequence of which will be reported by the operator, you can easily activate your card. The only thing worth remembering is that this method requires prior identification of the client.

After activating the card, you can begin to use it, and in the same way as a debit card. The main difference is the need to repay debt. The employee of the bank will tell about the rules and conditions of the refund when issuing a card, they are also contained in the loan agreement of VTB 24 Bank. Terms and conditions of credit cards are described in detail on the official website.vtb 24 gold card credit terms

Card closure

The presence of a card at the client indicates that he has certain obligations to the bank. In order to get rid of them, you will need to perform certain actions. First of all, you need to come to the bank office and get accurate information about the amount of debt on a particular credit card. After that you will need to deposit it on your card account

As soon as the funds arrive, you can begin the procedure for closing the card. To do this, you need to write a written statement and then register it. After its approval by the bank, the card should be handed over.


Feedback on this credit product is mostly positive. The conditions are good, the bank is reliable. It is very convenient to use the grace period, there is always money before the salary. Of the negative aspects - high interest on the loan.

We have considered a VTB 24 credit card, terms of use and reviews are given.

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