Creativity and interesting facts from the life of Leo Tolstoy

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy - an outstanding writer, educator, philosopher, religious thinker and publicist. Works of Tolstoy are considered the property of Russian literature and are popular throughout the world. The famous writer was not only a master of his craft, but also an incredibly interesting person with outstanding human qualities.

Interesting facts about their lives of Leo Tolstoy

Today we will look at interesting facts from the life of Leo Tolstoy, which reflect the depth of his soul and unusual outlook. Perhaps some of the beliefs of the writer could be relevant in the modern world. Well, let's check it out!

First piece

A review on the topic “Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy: the facts of life and creativity” it would be logical to start with the first literary successes of the writer. Like many colleagues, Tolstoy first took up the pen in early childhood.The first work of the future writer was a short story called "The Kremlin". In it, the child shared his impressions of visiting the Moscow Kremlin.

Outlook on life

Tolstoy was an ardent opponent of private property and of any authority, including political and ecclesiastical. As a result, the writer was excommunicated from the church for his beliefs and bringing them to the general public.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy: Facts from Life

Fascinated by the occult, Tolstoy created a personal Christian doctrine, which was called "Tolstoyism". The ideas of this doctrine were set forth in the works of the writer: “Confession”, “Christian teaching”, “What is my faith” and others. One of the famous followers of the Tolstoy was M. Bulgakov, which illustrates the novel "The Master and Margarita".


The writer had many followers who were called Tolstoyans. They idolized Tolstoy, and even created certain communities in which connoisseurs of Lev Nikolayevich’s creativity could get together and comprehend the depth of his texts. Considering interesting facts from the life of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, it is worth noting that he did not like it when people tried to find life truth through his works.He believed that everyone should look for her personally, without any help.

Excitement and arrogance

Like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy loved playing cards. One day, he was so carried away with the game with his neighbor that he did not notice how he lost the greatest value of his family - the estate Yasnaya Polyana. Since it was not about the site, but about the house, a neighbor, landowner Gorokhov, had to pick up the building in a disassembled form. He was so pleased with his winnings that he was not too lazy to transport parts of the house for 35 miles. All in order to boast to friends. In the future, Lev Nikolaevich had the opportunity to redeem the estate, but he never did. In essence, the estate was completely useless to Gorokhov, but Tolstoy spent his childhood, adolescence and youth in it.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy: Facts from Life and Creativity

Lev Nikolaevich always stood out among the writers and representatives of the then beau monde. He refused any material benefits, and for Tolstoy the peasants were the most respected people.

"War and Peace"

The writer disliked in terms of volume and content “War and Peace”. He was so scornful of him that in one of his correspondence with Fet he called him a "verbose rubbish."

Quarrel with Turgenev

In 1858, Tolstoy, being on a visit to Fet, quarreled with Turgenev. According to the official version, the conflict occurred due to the fact that Turgenev told how the governess of his daughter makes the girl repair clothes for the poor. Tolstoy considered this story ugly and theatrical, for which Turgenev promised to strike him. As a result, Tolstoy summoned Turgenev to a duel. In the end, the writers made it up. According to another version, the cause of their conflict was Turgenev’s interest in Lev Nikolayevich’s sister, Maria.

Koumiss treatment

In 1862, the writer diagnosed himself with longing and indifference (there was no such diagnosis as depression at the time). Following the fashion, he decided to treat his anguish with koumiss. The writer liked the method so much that he even bought a house near the kumysolechebnitsy and came there every summer with his family and children.


One of the daughters of Tolstoy, Agrippina, lived and worked on her father’s estate. She was involved in proofreading his works. One day, Lev Nikolayevich had a strong quarrel with his daughter. To get revenge on the priest, Agrippina returned to the novel "Sunday" all the typos previously revealed.As a result, the first three editions of the work were published with errors.

Hiking from Moscow to Yasnaya Polyana

Tolstoy traveled three times on foot from Moscow to Yasnaya Polyana. At the time of the first campaign (1886) he was 58 years old. The distance between these settlements is about two hundred kilometers.

Hard work

The ability to work honestly Tolstoy always considered the main wealth of a person. He himself never missed an opportunity to help his neighbor. Once at the station a noble lady approached him with a lot of baggage, who took Lev Nikolayevich for a porter. The writer who was not recognized as a lady moved the luggage to the indicated place, for which he received the payment due to him.

10 facts from the life of Tolstoy Lev Nikolayevich

By chance, a year later he was again destined to meet with this lady. This time Tolstoy gave a lecture in French, and she sat in the audience. The lady's surprise had no limits when she realized how respected the person helped her with her luggage. The woman approached Lev Nikolayevich with an apology, and he replied that everything was at its best: he honestly earned and received payment for it. 10 facts from the life of Tolstoy Lev Nikolayevich are already behind us, but many more interesting things await us.


Discussing interesting facts from the life of Leo Tolstoy, one cannot ignore the fact that he was a staunch vegetarian. He believed that eating meat from animals for food was as ignorant and immoral as cannibalism.

The life and work of Leo Tolstoy

It all started with the fact that the famous writer William Frey welcomed the estate of Tolstoy. He told Lev Nikolayevich about his view on food and that a man definitely cannot be a predator, since his teeth and digestive system are not designed to eat meat. This idea was so impressed with the classic that until the end of his days he refused meat and fish. The daughters of Tolstoy, Tatiana and Maria, followed the example of their father. Lev Nikolaevich sincerely believed that the time would come when all of humanity would grow to a deep understanding of this issue and abandon meat.

Relationship with mother-in-law

The personal life of Tolstoy Lev Nikolaevich was very successful, at least until old age. He honored and sincerely respected the mother of his future wife. Often in his house, for a long time he could not choose which of the three daughters to call a wife.


Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, the facts from the life of which we are considering today, loved to sew boots on a gift. He gave them to relatives, friends and just good friends.Tolstoy's son-in-law, Mikhail Sukhotin, kept the boots from his father-in-law on the same shelf with the work “War and Peace”.


Especially for peasant children, Tolstoy published his ABC. The writer wanted to help them become more literate. The book turned out so good that it became desktop and in a variety of noble families. For example, Anna Akhmatova studied the grammar of the ABC of Tolstoy.

No shoe

The last years of Tolstoy Lev Nikolayevich’s life were remembered for the fact that he almost completely refused to wear shoes. Why the writer chose to walk barefoot is unknown. The researchers of his life and work believe that this is how a classic wanted to illustrate his closeness to the common people. There is another version, according to which the writer just wanted to harden.

Waiver of the Nobel Prize

When Tolstoy learned that the Russian Academy of Sciences had nominated him as a candidate for the Nobel Prize, the writer appealed to the Finns not to award him an award. According to Lev Nikolayevich, if this had happened, it would have been extremely unpleasant for him to refuse. Tolstoy did not get the prize, and he was terribly happy about it.

The personal life of Tolstoy Lev Nikolayevch

The writer's joy was caused by two reasons. First, big money would be a real problem for him. He considered them evil, even though he quite honestly deserved it. Secondly, Tolstoy was pleased with the very fact of his nomination, and he received real pleasure by accepting signs of sympathy for failure at a premium from not familiar but respected persons.

George Cross

In 1853, during his service in the Caucasus, Tolstoy gave his cross of St. George to an unfamiliar soldier. This cross gave the owner the right to a life pension in the amount of wages.

"Lucky" relative

Leo Tolstoy's nephew, Fedor, like his uncle, was remarkable for his amazing penchant for gambling. Only now his main passion was not cards, but duels. Of course, the reason was not that Fedor liked to kill, it was just that he was incredibly lucky and loved to tempt fate. In total, an avid dueling killed 11 people. He entered their names in his notebook. Fate or coincidence is unknown, but Fyodor has 11 children died. Whatever he and his wife did, each new child was born very weak. After the death of the next baby, Fedor opened his notebook and put a note Kvit in front of one of the dead.

Escape from home

In October 1910, society was shocked by the news that the 82-year-old Count Tolstoy had fled from his own estate. He left a message to his wife asking him not to look for him. Desperate, Sofia Andreevna decided to drown herself, fortunately, she was stopped in time. Society began to accuse the Countess of having left the family. Sofia Andreevna idolized her husband since she was 17 years old. She devoted her whole life to him and bore thirteen children. It was she who inspired the writer to create the great novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina. The wife of Tolstoy even rewrote his manuscripts into a clean copy.

The discord in the family began when the classic was excommunicated, began to deny all material goods and engaged in deep thinking. The wife could not accept her husband's worldview, but he stood firm on his own. When Tolstoy was preparing to escape, he was helped by his youngest daughter, who, like no one else, understood and respected the views of her father.


Our conversation on the topic “Interesting facts from the life of Leo Tolstoy” is coming to an end. It remains only to find out how a great writer died. It happened in November 1910, during the journey of Lev Nikolayevich.The cause of death was aggravated pneumonia. Perhaps the immunity of Tolstoy gave up the slack due to the mental anguish associated with leaving the family. Or on the contrary, he left home, as he began to feel weak and did not want to upset his family. Anyway, the writer lived a life that was rich and rather long for those times. The society will remember for a long time who Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy is. The dates of the writer's life: September 9, 1828 - November 20, 1910.

The last years of the life of Tolstoy Lev Nikolaevich

In his declining years, Tolstoy bequeathed to be buried without any honors in the deep forest, where he played with his brother as a child. His funeral was the first time that a famous person was held on his last journey without priests, prayers, candles and other Christian attributes. Subsequently, according to the writer's will, his horse Delire was buried next to him. The life and work of Leo Tolstoy illustrate that he always tried to find the meaning of life. In adulthood, he found it in goodness.

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