Create original crafts for children with their own hands

Every mother tries to develop her baby from birth, and it is not a secret to anyone that it is the exercises aimed at developing fine motor skills that stimulate the development of the baby’s speech and his mental abilities in general. And if you add creative and logical skills, the child will significantly outpace his peers.

crafts for children with their own handsAs you know, the child does not like to learn, so the whole lesson should be presented in a playful way. And what can give more pleasure than creating crafts for children with their own hands! Crafts are different, they are appliqué, and modeling, and origami, and weaving of beads, etc. But they all bring joy to the baby and help him in the development of his creative abilities and children's imagination.

Creating children's masterpieces of clay

Crafts made from plasticine for children are a wonderful stimulation of fine motor skills and fantasy of a child. In addition, plasticine can be given to the smallest children, who will knead, tear, give it different forms, but only if there are adults nearby.crafts from plasticine for childrenIt should be noted that with the help of modeling you can create both the simplest geometric shapes, such as a ball, and cosmic monsters or princesses. For example, children a little older than a year can attach small colored circles of plasticine to the cardboard, which will resemble fireworks, and if you take blue cardboard and white plasticine, you will get snowfall. Older children can easily create not only pictures, but also favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters.

crafts for children 7 yearsHowever, do not forget that crafts from plasticine for children should be fun, and if your crumb has no desire to sculpt or something does not work, then you should not force him, but rather help him. Then the child will feel your care, perhaps he will have the desire and inspiration to do something on his own.

Instructions for creating dandelions from clay

This craft can be made by children over 3 years old, for this they will need:

• Plasticine.
• A lot of matches.
• Skewers.

First you need to roll the ball of medium size, then fix it on the skewer. We take matches and stick them in a ball, we try to keep the matches as close as possible to each other, then the dandelion cap will be more lush and beautiful.

Pictures of cereals and pasta

crafts of children 5 6 yearsRecently it has become very fashionable to create crafts for children with their own hands from cereals or pasta. This type of craft is suitable for children over two years old. By the way, the drawing technology is different. For example, for kids, you can simply pour the rump and drive a finger over it, creating some kind of drawing. But to create such crafts with children of 4 years, you must use glue, which will save it for many years.

Instructions for creating a picture of cereals

Before you start drawing, you need to make the outline of the drawing, for example, we will draw a vase with tulips with the help of cereals. So, we draw it with a simple pencil or print it.

Lubricate with glue in the beginning buds of tulips and immediately sprinkle them with millet or any other yellow cereal. Then put glue on the stem and leaves and sprinkle them with either green jelly, or any white cereal, allowing the child to paint it later in green.

After that, turn the sheet and shake off all unnecessary. Now you can start drawing a vase. Perform similar actions for the vase, you can choose buckwheat. By the way, it is also possible to decorate a vase, for this it is necessary to put a pattern on it in advance and sprinkle it with pasta or some kind of white grain.

I wanted to emphasize that crafts for children 7 years old, perhaps a little younger or older, can be done only from semolina or other cereals, but it is necessary to paint it with different colors. Semolina gives the image a tremendous amount, this picture looks very original.

Application - space for the realization of fantasy

Colored paper is a great tool for creating DIY crafts for children. The application helps to develop children comprehensively. I wanted to note that there are certain age requirements for how to create crafts. Children 5-6 years old can either be asked to create the simplest application, randomly sticking to different shapes, or they can already draw a picture with the help of details, which a child in 2-3 years cannot yet.

Instructions for creating applications "Spring Tree" using buttons

The following will be necessary for this application:

  • Colored cardboard.
  • Paints, markers or pencils.
  • Glue.
  • Multicolored buttons.
  • Scissors.crafts with children 4 years

On a piece of cardboard, it is necessary to draw a tree trunk with paints, felt-tip pens or pencils. Then, according to the pattern, you need to cut out flowers from cardboard of different colors.With the help of glue we glue flowers to the trunk, and also attach buttons to the core of the flower.

This application is simple, with the help of an adult, even a 3-year-old child can do it.

Of course, you should definitely take into account the age of the child, as crafts for children 7 years and older will differ in that they require perseverance, attentiveness, and since the child is already of school age, parents can allow him to do everything on their own, without their sensitive control. Mostly at this age, children are addicted to weaving beads, origami or create models of airplanes or cars. And sometimes children make dolls from threads, stands for pens or pencils, or even vases from plastic bottles.

Hand-made crafts for children are a fascinating pastime for the whole family, which develops not only creative skills and imagination, but also logical thinking.

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