Cream for hemorrhoids

In the fight against such an unpleasant phenomenon ashemorrhoids, various forms of medicines are used. They can serve as a candle, ointment, and also a cream. Whether it is possible to cure hemorrhoids, and what form of medication is best used, the patient should consult a specialist. The cause of this unpleasant pathology is the defeat of veins located in the mucosa of the anus. Their expansion provokes the process of knot formation. In this case, there is a risk of bleeding as a result of any injury. For a course of treatment, as well as to eliminate the symptoms of this pathology, a hemorrhoids cream is recommended. This drug can improve the tone of the hemorrhoidal veins, remove foci of inflammation and itching, eliminate pain and discomfort, and heal cracks.

Cream from hemorrhoids has an advantage over ointment inconnection with the fact that he is able to eliminate burning, pain and itching in a very short time. This action is due to its high penetration rate. In addition, the cream from hemorrhoids has a long-term effect, removing the inflammation processes, normalizing the elasticity of the walls of the vessels, eliminating the phenomena of stagnation and toning the rectum. The main active ingredients of this drug are able to produce a cosmetic effect, to provide hemostatic action, to heal wounds and cracks in the anus. When choosing a dosage form, prescribed from hemorrhoids, the cream has its advantages and in front of the candles. Rectal suppositories do not have a curative effect when getting rid of the external form of pathology. And the internal appearance of the disease is not alleviated because of their very deep penetration into the anus.

Cream of hemorrhoids usually has in its compositionpetroleum jelly and beeswax, purified sulfur and lanolin, as well as extracts derived from the bark of oak, raspberry, black poplar and chestnut. To the main active components of this dosage form can be attributed and essential oils of cypress and lemon. The cream can contain alcohols, vitamins and organic acids.

Some elements have astringent properties and are capable ofstop bleeding, others normalize the blood supply, narrow the vessels of the anus, eliminate puffiness and anesthetize. Extracts of plants and essential oils strengthen the vascular walls and facilitate the process of defecation, reducing the volume of hemorrhoids, and also produce a softening effect.

Treatment for hemorrhoids can be done with the help ofanti-inflammatory creams. They are recommended for patients suffering from burning of the anus, which is especially evident during defecation. As an anti-inflammatory agent, cream-balm with chamomile and belladonna can be used. Its main active ingredients contribute to the elimination of foci of tissue irritation and external manifestations of discomfort. The use of the cream removes the foci of inflammation. Manufacturers of pharmacological agents have developed anti-inflammatory creams containing anesthetic as anti-hemorrhoids.

An example of such a drug may be"Zenmed Ziro Cream". The composition of this drug combines ingredients of organic origin with pharmacological elements, which, in addition to alleviating pain symptoms, heal tissue tumors. The action of this cream allows you to instantly calm the inflamed areas, as well as speed up the healing process of anal fissure cracks, provide an improvement in blood flow and produce the effect of a natural anesthetic. Anesthetic drugs can temporarily eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids - itching, burning sensation. Such preparations include the Relief cream. This drug forms a protective layer on the tissue in the upper part of the inflammation focus, preventing loss of fluid and thus preventing the formation of cracks.

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