Course for “little” and “mono”

Yesterday I watched the opening of the Moscow Urban Forum (how not to look, if even the Guarantor spoke there!), Today I looked through reports from it.
The course on “little” and “mono” will be, the program of development, single-industry towns, there will be cities, namely, it turned out that, single-industry towns, then, large, program, simply, also urban, Shuvalov, fears, Igor, now

Having rejected many speeches devoted to the development of Moscow and large cities, I want to focus on single-industry towns, which, as it turned out, no one is going to quit. They will also be further developed, the program will continue.
Let me explain where there are concerns from. At one time, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov was very closely involved in the development of single-industry towns, after he went to work at VEB, it appeared that the projects supervised by him would be curtailed. As it turned out, the fears were in vain: the project on single-industry towns, in particular, will develop further.
The entire development program for single-industry cities will also be supervised by the Development Fund for a Modern Urban Economy, which will simply be transformed into a single-industry foundation. The Fund has been operating since 2014 (I wrote about it more than once), and now you can see the fruits of its activities,in which Igor Shuvalov took the most active part (he personally supervised the program, traveled through monotowns, participated in events and just followed the construction site). It was precisely with the participation of Shuvalov that the Comfortable Environment for Life program was launched, and it was thanks to him that together with DOM.rf and KB Strelka, a completely new program was launched, called the Cities of the Future.
"City for the Future" is an interesting program in itself. Its essence: on one platform to bring together experts who will look for solutions to typical problems for cities. At the beginning, it is planned to be launched for large cities, but in the future, I think, similar systems will start working with single-industry towns.
In general, the development of the urban environment will continue, and in all directions, not only in Moscow.
Well, for the uniform development of the whole country, this is exactly what needs to be done.

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