Coconut oil for hair is useful!

Coconut oil for hair is one of the most useful and common tools in cosmetology. It contains a large amount of antioxidants and lauric acid, which is similar in its properties to fatty acids found in women's breast milk. This tool is very versatile in use. In the summer, it is able to protect against ultraviolet radiation, and in winter - from the negative effects of cold wind and frost, due to the formation of a special protective film. Besides all this, coconut hair oil is not allergenic. High-quality refined means transparent and odorless. It must be kept at room temperature to prevent precipitation. If the product is unrefined, then it has a solid texture.

coconut hair oil

Coconut oil for hair: application

If you use it before washing, it will help to preserve the protein contained in the hair structure, which is often washed out with hard water and shampoo, which leads to brittle hair, as well as hair loss. The tool will help prevent swelling of curls from water.Coconut oil for hair, unlike many other drugs, is evenly distributed over the surface, creating a film that protects the curls from damage during combing, drying and wiping.

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Coconut oil for hair: how does it work?

It is very useful to use this tool for dry hair. It will help get rid of the smallest damage, dullness, as well as prevent the cross section of the tips. This is due to the regenerating properties of the oil and its high nutritional value. Its components help to preserve the natural shine of the hair and their natural strength. Strengthen the structure, make the strands smooth and soft. Thanks to good moisturizing hair will be protected from excessive dryness. In addition to all this, it has been proven that regular use of this nutrient reduces hair loss and prevents dandruff.

How to use coconut oil for hair?

It is used as follows: applied to the surface of the hair for half an hour before washing. For maximum effect, after applying the oil, cover the head with polyethylene and wrap it in a towel. Then rinse with your shampoo.You can also apply the oil after washing, hold it for about 10 minutes and wash your head with shampoo again. Such procedures are recommended to be done several times (two-three) a week. If the tips split, also apply this tool. It is applied to the hair and left overnight.

coconut oil for hair application

Hair mask: coconut oil will help strengthen curls

These procedures are used for different types of hair and fortifying. For damaged, this mask is perfect: three teaspoons of oil should be mixed with natural yogurt in equal shares. The resulting elixir is applied to the hair, covered with polyethylene to preserve heat. Hold this mask costs about half an hour. Then wash off with shampoo. For oily hair, use a mask consisting of a tablespoon of oil and two spoons of skimmed milk. It can be kept on the head for an unlimited amount of time. At the end of the procedure, the product is washed off with shampoo.

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