Clip for curtains: appointment, function, types

Curtains - an essential attribute of the interior. They not only protect the room from excessively bright sunlight, wind and curious neighbors, but also have an important decorative function, decorating and complementing the interior decoration of the room. Curtains in the interior are almost always used with additional fittings, be it a curtain rod, eyelets, or clamps for curtains. It is the latter that will be paid close attention today. From the article you will learn what are the clips for curtains, what materials they are made of, how they can be used, and also how to make a beautiful clip for curtains with your own hands.

Purpose and functions

Clips are used to fasten drapes to the cornice, as well as to control the degree of illumination of the room and create beautiful folds. The design and design of accessories for curtains can be very diverse. They are made of metal, plastic, textiles and decorated with decorative elements.An elegant clip for curtains is able to add mood even to the simplest canvas, to make the window decoration stylish and original.

Clips exist almost as long as the curtains on the windows, but their design has not changed significantly, only the design changes. They are easy to use, reliable and affordable. The clamps do not require processing the edge of the blade, but also allow you to adjust its length. Folds fastened with clips always look neat and even.

curtain cord grab

Choose clips based on the density and gravity of the material of the curtains, as well as the overall design solutions for the room. Bright patterned curtains fit discreet monochrome accessories and vice versa. For classic interiors suitable wooden accessories, a variety of floral arrangements, rhinestones, decorative cords. In modern, striving for minimalism, styles will look organic clips made of plastic, metal, simple geometric shapes.

There are two types of clips for curtains. The first is designed for fastening curtains to the eaves, and the second for dimming and creating decorative folds.

Clothes pegs for curtains

For fixing the curtains on the eaves use special clothespins. They consist of a part that moves along the eaves, and directly clamp. The upper part often has a rounded shape, but there are oval, square, rectangular, triangular varieties, as well as hooks. The most popular materials for the manufacture of clips are metal and plastic, the ring can be cut from wood.

Metal clips for curtains are strong and durable. They are able to withstand the weight of even the heaviest curtains. In addition to the classic clothes pegs, in recent years clamps-cylinders have gained popularity. They look original and create a beautiful wave at the attachment to the blind. Clips are decorated with rhinestones, enamel paint. The disadvantage of metal models is their instability to high humidity. Such clips can leave traces of rust on curtains. Also, do not hang up the not completely dried curtains on metal clothespins.

metal clips

Plastic clips are not afraid of moisture, they can even be washed with curtains. However, they are more fragile than metal, and often break. Pins of plastic can not withstand the dense and heavy drapes, they are suitable only for light fabrics. Plastic models are varied in color and design.There are products in the form of flowers, animals, stars, various geometric shapes.

Tiebacks for curtains

Tiebacks for curtains are designed to control the degree of illumination of the room and create decorative folds. The classic options are textile pods and cords. They are fixed at the level of the window sill and fixed on a hook mounted in the wall. The shape and design of such accessories can be any: from decorative cord and ribbon, to beads and beads strung on a fishing line. Holders decorated with artificial flower arrangements, animal figurines, ornaments. In the children's room, the pegs in the form of toys “hanging around” the curtains and holding the tail by the hook in the wall look original.

pickup for curtains

Brooches are quite popular. They do not require fixing to the wall and consist of a base with a hole in the middle and a stud. Such an accessory in the kitchen looks original if you replace the hairpin with cutlery.

Modern magnetic clips for curtains have won recognition for their versatility, simplicity and diverse design. They consist of two magnets connected by a tape, wire or fishing line.Magnets can be fixed anywhere in the curtains, and they hold well even heavy draperies. The clip is decorated with a decorative element made of metal, plastic, ornamental stones, glass.

magnetic clip for curtains

Clip for curtains do it yourself

Clamp for curtains easy to make your own hands. The easiest option - pickup from the tape or twine. Armed with a braid weaving scheme, you can create a real work of art from such simple materials.

Clip brooch is also quite simple to manufacture. You will need an old CD-ROM, a wooden stick to remove the cuticle and a couple of meters of satin ribbon. Instead of tape, you can use braid, narrow lace, yarn. First, enlarge the inner hole of the disc. For structural strength, leave the blank at least 1.5 cm wide. Next, the blank and wooden stick are wrapped with tape and fixed the end with glue or threads. The resulting clip can be decorated with beads, beads, flowers.

clip brooch for curtains

Clips for curtains - an accessory for curtains allowing to hang textiles to the eaves, and also to regulate the level of illumination of the room. Metal and plastic clothespins are used for fixing drapes on the eaves, and for making decorative folds of various designs, clamps.

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