"Citroen C5": reviews, features, advantages and disadvantages

Typically, the brand "Citroen" is associated with budgetary, small cars. Yes, the French manufacturer has quite a lot of such models. However, today we look at the niche mid-size cars. One of these - "Citroen C5". This car is available in sedan and station wagon and belongs to the business class. In the Russian market, this model is not too much demand. But why? Let's figure it out.


The French have always been distinguished by creative solutions. And the "Citroen C5" is no exception. Externally, the car looks attractive even after more than ten years (such a body is presented in the photo below).citroen c5 reviewsFrom a distance, the car impresses with its massive long body. In front of the car has a wide chrome grille, which is a continuation of the hood. Headlights are somewhat similar to those of the "Chevrolet Epic", but already in the "base" came with xenon. Modling painted in body color.Also on the car there are plastic covers that partially protect the thresholds from gravel. The car has a streamlined body. Over time, it became more angular, but no less massive.Citroen C5 wagonMore recent sedans come already with upgraded optics. In addition to the lenses there are strips of running lights. The front bumper has become prominent, the protivotuman configuration has changed. Sideline is now more pronounced, and moldings moved down. The body got a teardrop shape. This gives the car a sporty and energetic look.

About body

What are the merits of the reviews? "Citroen C5" well maintains the Russian winters and does not rust after the reagents. Body model C5 galvanized, but over the years may appear chipped. The most vulnerable places are wheel arches, the bottom of the front bumper and doors.

Among the shortcomings of the car "Citroen C5" reviews indicate a weak mechanism for opening the hood. It has a cable drive. It is installed with a strong bend, because of which it can freeze in the winter and does not open at all. As a result, the drive either breaks the handle itself. The latter is made of plastic, not metal, as on all other cars. The trunk opens well.But because of the ice (it accumulates on the convex rear window) the paint of the trunk lid is damaged when it is opened. The rest of the body does not cause problems to the owners.


Inside the French sedan you feel like in a spaceship: smooth lines of the front panel, a powerful center console and a mass of decorative inserts. Special attention deserves the steering wheel.Citroen C5 dieselIt rotates separately from the central part. On the latter is the mass of all kinds of buttons. But for many this is a disadvantage. The steering wheel should be as simple and convenient as possible. Here it is overloaded with various keys and besides it rotates separately from the “center”. Among the advantages - the mass of adjustments (both speakers and chairs). The instrument panel is almost digital, with the exception of the arrow speedometer.Citroen C5 characteristicsIn the center is the display of the onboard computer. Here the driver can find out all the information about the performance (including daily and total mileage). The computer calculates fuel consumption without errors. The second row of seats is not less comfortable. It can accommodate up to three people. Among the advantages - a good molding of the sofa and back.Due to the long base, the rear passengers will not be out of space. Seat upholstery can be velor or leather. The last option is offered in different colors and shades.Citroen C5 enginesAmong the advantages of the sedan "Citroen C5" reviews mark a lot of "chips". This is not only the climate control in the "base", but also double glazing, heated front and rear seats, as well as a massage function. There is a backlight not only on the buttons, but also in various niches - the glove compartment and door cards. Another plus - good insulation. In the car, you can not hear the work of the suspension, engine and other units. "Citroen C5" - a very quiet car.

Among the shortcomings reviews indicate poor airflow side windows. Because of this, an ice crust forms in winter - at this moment it is better not to open the windows. Often the owners breaks the drive windows. May be a buggy electronics.


"Citroen C5" is equipped with both gasoline and diesel engines. However, in Russia, most of the copies are equipped with engines of the first category. The base engine for the Citroen C5 is a 1.8-liter aspirated. Maximum engine power - 127 horsepower. This is the weakest engine of the line.With him, the car accelerates to a hundred in 13.5 seconds on the mechanics. Other PPC for the 1.8-liter "Citroen" was not provided. Fuel consumption is 11 liters in city mode. Outside of this, this figure drops to 5.6 liters.Citroen C5 repairOne of the most popular is the two-liter engine with 143 power. It is completed with an automatic or manual transmission. Fuel consumption of this unit - 12.5 liters in the city and 7 on the highway. Top in the line - V-shaped six-cylinder engine 2.9 liters. Its power is 210 horsepower. This unit is equipped only with an automatic transmission. Average fuel consumption - 12 liters in the combined cycle.


Among the diesel is worth noting the line of two-liter units. Depending on the degree of force, they develop 138 and 160 horsepower. Manned with manual or automatic transmission. Acceleration to hundreds takes from 9 to 12 seconds. There is also a 2.2-liter engine range. Their power is 173 and 204 horsepower.

The most powerful - 2.7-liter turbodiesel engine. Even with an automatic transmission, it accelerates to a hundred in 8 seconds (of course, the power of the unit is as much as 240 horsepower).

Engines "Citroen C5" 2017 release

Recently, the line was replenished with new power units. This is a 1.6-liter gasoline and two-liter diesel engine. The first develops power of 120 or 150 horsepower. It is completed with an automatic and manual gearbox in the first and in the second case, respectively. Car accelerates to a hundred in 8.6-12.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 198 and 210 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption - from 5 to 9.8 liters, depending on the transmission and operating mode.

The diesel turbocharged engine develops power of 138 horsepower. With him, the car accelerates to a hundred in 11.8 seconds. Maximum speed - 200 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption - from 5.5 to 10 liters at the automatic transmission.

About transmission

For the "Citroen C5" transmissions there are several:

  • Automatic four-step AL-4.
  • Six-speed automatic "Aisin".
  • Five-speed mechanics.
  • Six-speed mechanics.

Judging by the reviews, the most unreliable machine for the Citroen C5 is a four-stage AL-4. The cost of repairing the box - from 60 thousand rubles. Also with this transmission high fuel consumption. The mechanics are the most reliable, but there are very few such copies. Especially for a big city I want a machine.Among the automatic transmission reviews are advised to take a six-speed "Aisin". These are Japanese boxes that have long proved their reliability. Their resource is comparable to the engine. By the way, the most optimal engine for the car "Citroen C5" - diesel 2.2 liters. Among the problems of the other engines is an unexpected break in the timing belt, after which the valve mechanism definitely dies. You need to change the belt every 50 thousand km.


The car is built on the PF3 platform. Front are racks "MacPherson", behind - mnogorichazhka. Among the features - hydropneumatic suspension "hydroective 3". Instead of springs air cylinders are installed here, as on premium cars. The advantage of such a suspension - high smoothness. According to reviews, the Citroen C5 perfectly swallows all the bumps and does not roll in corners, despite the heavy weight. Another plus is the ability to adjust the clearance. The car will not fail at full load (and its clearance is frankly small, and this is a drawback for our roads). And if necessary, the clearance can be increased - the compressor in a short time will pump the pillows to the desired level (maximum - 21 centimeters).Citroen C5 BoxAmong the disadvantages of this suspension - expensive repairs. "Citroen C5" costs maintenance as a Mercedes S-class. In addition, not every service is taken for diagnostics - there are a lot of electronics here. Hobs are assembled with the levers, which increases the cost of repairs. The only plus is the interchangeability of spare parts with the 407th Peugeot.


In the secondary market, "Citroen C5" can be purchased for 300-700 thousand rubles, depending on the year of production. New copies are available for 1 million 473 thousand rubles (in the minimum configuration). "Citroen C5" wagon sold for 1 million 682 thousand rubles.

The basic list of options includes:

  • Front and side airbags.
  • Climate control.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Heated and electrically operated mirrors.
  • Adaptive lighting.
  • Acoustics.
  • 17-inch alloy wheels.

The maximum version is available rear and front parking sensors, bi-xenon optics, electric and seat ventilation, rain and light sensors.

Should I buy?

It would seem that the “Citroen C5” is a pretty good car, with a pleasant appearance, ergonomic interior and comfortable suspension. But this “Frenchman” is hard to sell in our market.Among the reasons is a complicated device. The machine is literally stuffed with electronics, which begins to fail after 8-10 years. And in order to ring the whole chain and find out what the reason is, it will take more than one hour. Automatic transmission also causes problems. It’s impossible to do anything with it. And services can simply not be taken for its repair. The same goes for the suspension.Citroen C5 AutomaticWith its “stuffing”, the versatile Citroen C5 pushes buyers away. Even for a low price, few people risk taking the "Frenchman." Over the years, sensors and other elements of electronics fail. The machine is all in error, after the elimination of which no one guarantees that new ones will not appear. Therefore, "Citroen" is so poorly sold. And to find a serviceable copy on the "secondary housing" is very difficult.

So, we found out what characteristics Citroen C5 has, testimonials and features. To take or not to take - you decide.

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