Child 3 years: features of development


A child in 3 years comes to a certain line of his own development from the moment of birth.Psychologists consider a three-year age of crisis. At this time, the period of unity with the mother ends, the child begins to feel more and more that he is separate, individual.

Let's find out today, what else are the features of the development of a child in three years? What should parents prepare for?

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What should be able to child in three years?

All parents want their children to develop according to their age, so they often wonder what the child should be able to do at one age or another. Maria Malykhina, a psychologist at the ilaya clinic, will tell us today about what a child should be able to be at 3 years old.

Maria Malykhina, psychologist at the clinic "ilaya":«At 3 years old the child must already own some sanitary and hygienic skills: - mastered the use of the pot and asked to go to the toilet; - able to sit properly at the table, independently eats with a spoon, drinks from a cup; - On his own or with a little help from an adult, he dresses and undresses, puts on shoes and shoes, and washes his face and hands.He draws with pencils, paints ("doodles"), sculpts simple figures, makes elementary applications. He speaks with simple sentences, can express his desire, knows his name and the names of close adults, answers for how many years. It can fulfill a simple request: to carry, bring, file, put in place, etc. If the child has mastered most of the listed skills, then it is developing normally. ”

It should be understood that all children are different, if your child has not mastered some of these skills - this is not a reason for panic. You just have to go to a consultation with a doctor and ask him your questions, let him appreciate the development of your baby.

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Child 3 years: features of physical development

From two to three years old, the baby grows by 7-8 cm, gaining about 2 kg in weight over this period. The body of the child changes: the legs become longer, the skeleton becomes stiff, the child’s walking becomes more coordinated, the step length and stability of the baby increase, but the movements of the arms and legs still remain uncoordinated.

For three years, the baby can ride a tricycle, jump on two legs, climb under the obstacles, throw the ball forward, down, holding it with two handles above the head or in front of the chest.

The child's fine motor skills continue to develop, the kid already knows how to dress and undress independently, tie the laces.

By the age of three, the child's body becomes stronger. Immunity is more stable.

At this age, kids are very mobile and inquisitive, they sleep once a day for 2-3 hours, they eat about 4 times a day.

Child 3 years:psychological development:

  • the child wants to do everything in his own way, he begins to realize himself as an individual, he tries to separate from adults and establish a new kind of relationship with them, within which adults would recognize him as a separate person with their tastes and desires, the child can reject almost everything what adults are offering, trying to do everything on their own - this is quite normal;
  • at the age of 3, the child experiences a crisis, during which he begins to recognize himself as a separate person and is separated from his mother;
  • the child learns to act based on elementary logic, his interests, preferences, and not on the basis of random desires, as before, is a very important step on the road to secession from parents;
  • the child seeks to communicate more with peers, he gradually masters the rules of communication through the reactions of his acquaintances and friends to his actions;
  • the game during this period is the main activity of the child, at the age of three the child learns to play in a group, the game becomes more figuratively role-playing, but the kid can often switch from one case to another, from one game to another
  • playing with peers, a child learns to defend himself as a person, to defend his opinion, he learns to distinguish the opinion from other people, the child learns to take into account the opinions and desires of his friends in games;
  • the child's speech develops actively, the child talks a lot, can think up words that are not useful.

Mom-forumchanka Christina shared her story:“My daughter until two years almost never spoke, I was so worried, I thought that something was wrong with her, took her to the doctor. The doctor advised us to stop worrying and talk more with the child, clean his books, and everything will work out. We did, but by 2.5 years the situation has not improved much. Jasnova was on the lookout. but a couple of weeks passed, and my daughter began to say literally everything - just a miracle. "

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What is important to know the parents of a 3-year-old baby?

1.Bepatience and understandingto the child, remember that at 3 years old the child is very important to do a lot on his own, do not interfere with this, forbid the kid only that which can harm his life and health, everything else - please, even if these actions seem unnecessary to you and ridiculous.

2.Support the child’s desire for independence, give him the best instructions, praise the child for his initiative and activity.

3.Remember that stubbornness is the requirement thatwith the opinion of the child were considerednot just a way to annoy you.

4.To pay attentionpreparing a child for kindergarten.

5. Always discuss those with your child.conflict situationsthat occur on the playground and in the garden, teach the child to take into account the opinions of other people.

6.Be careful with the feelings of the baby.

7.Teach your child a culture of social behavior.: say hello and say goodbye, say "thank you" and "please."

8.Stimulate the child's physical activitywell, if the kid has his own sports corner, and if you teach him to do exercises every day.

9.Ifthe child asks you some questions, take it seriously, try to answer honestly, if you do not knowso tell me, and immediately explain to the child where and how it can be learned, try to find an answer to his question with him, do not brush aside the child's questions, he will feel lonely, disrespectful.

10.Remember thatchild speech speedand the stock of his layer is formed mainly from the speech that he hears in the family from his parents, so you should control yourself.

Thus, we have determined that the basic needs of a child of 3 years is communication, independence, respect, recognition, physical development, development of speech.

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