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A modern summer resident can hardly imagine cutting off thick branches, sawing logs and removing old trees without a good tool. If you also like to spend time in a country house, then it is worth thinking about purchasing chainsaws, of which a great many are offered today.

When visiting the store, it is important to know how to choose the right tool. Technical products have a specific resource, which is calculated in hours. For example, for the simplest devices, this figure is about 500 hours, while farm units are designed for a time 2 times longer. If you want to take equipment with high power, you should consider high-end models. At the same time, it is important to take into account the duration of continuous work per day you need. Before making a purchase, you need to consider several options. The article will describe the Echo chainsaws that you might like.

Overview chainsaw brand CS-353ES

chainsaw echo

You can buy this model for 15 300 rubles. It represents the reliable unit for work on a personal plot, and also in the conditions of the house adjoining territory. The device is suitable for sawing. Inside installed air-cooled engine with a capacity of 2.1 liters. from.

The saw is characterized by easy start, which was achieved by reducing the load on the cord. Safety during operation is guaranteed by the inertia brake of the chain. Chainsaw "Echo 353" works with a fairly low noise level. This manufacturer was able to achieve thanks to the muffler. The unit weighs only 4 kg.


chainsaw echo 353

Among the main characteristics should be allocated power, which is 1, 6 kW, as well as the length of the tire, it is equal to 35 cm. The width of the groove is 1.3 mm. In the oil tank can be poured to 0.26 liters. Work with one hand with the help of this chainsaw "Echo 353", with the reviews of the owners about which you can find below, it is impossible.

This model has an easy start. Its dimensions are 396 x 232 x 268 mm. The fuel tank holds 0.25 liters. This saw belongs to the household class. She has a tire length of 14 inches. The number of links is 52. The design provides for a spark plug brand NGK BPMR 8Y. Engine capacity is 34 cm3.

Consumer reviews

If you are looking for a chainsaw, you should also read consumer reviews. Among other advantages of the above described device, customers are distinguished:

  • gas trigger lock lever;
  • aim mark;
  • security;
  • possibility of quick installation of the cylinder cover.

As for the lever, it is necessary to exclude the impact on the handle of the gas, which can occur involuntarily. Many consumers, with their words, like the presence of an aiming mark. It is necessary for positioning the device when sawing.

From the reviews of the Echo chainsaw, you can learn that the equipment is also safe. The shield for activating the chain brake is responsible for this. The cylinder cover, in the words of home craftsmen, is quite simple to install. To do this, there is a lock on the case, which provides easy access to the motor, as well as the air purification system.

Additional benefits should be considered:

  • chain tension regulator;
  • muffler;
  • chain catcher;
  • primer;
  • air damper.

The latter makes it easier to start the engine in cold weather. As for the muffler, it is responsible for reducing the noise level, but provides an efficient exhaust of exhaust gases.If the saw has been out of work for a long time, then you can quite easily start the tool at the expense of the primer. Consumers say that they like the presence in the design of a chain catcher, which protects hands during chain breaks.

CS-350WES-14 Model Review

chainsaw 353

An alternative version of the chainsaw from the manufacturer "Echo" is a model that was mentioned above. Its cost is 19 300 rubles. This chainsaw is equipped with an easy start system. When a nylon air filter is contaminated, it only needs to be washed with warm soapy water.

Vibration of the tool is reduced due to rubber shock absorbers. Considering the design of the Echo 350 chainsaw, reviews of which should help you make the right choice, you will be able to understand that the equipment has a metal adjustable oil pump.


echo chainsaw

The power device is 2.01 liters. with. that is equal to 1.65 kW. You may be interested in the length of the tire, which is 35 cm. The number of links here is 53. The weight of the saw is 3.68 kg. The volume of idling per minute is 2800. There is an easy-start system in the device.

Working with a saw with one hand will be impossible.The dimensions of the device are 392 x 241 x 236 mm. The unit operates at a noise level of 98 dB. The fuel and oil tank holds 0.37 and 0.32 liters, respectively. This saw belongs to the household class. She has a tire length of 14 inches. The groove width is 1.3 mm. Chain pitch is 3/8 inch.

Model Reviews

chainsaw echo 350 reviews

Before making a choice, you should read the characteristics and reviews of the Echo chainsaw. The above equipment option is no exception. According to consumers, the device has many advantages, among them should be highlighted:

  • fast start;
  • security;
  • control.

As for the last factor, it is expressed in the ability to adjust the speed of the chainsaw using a special kaurka. The “Echo” chainsaw described is also good because it provides a quick start. This was achieved through a booster pump, which is responsible for starting the engine.

Consumers also emphasize the fact that the device has a protective shield to prevent injury. It guarantees safety when sliding the hand. In such situations, the mechanism stops the chain. After reading the reviews of the owners of the chainsaw "Echo", you can highlight for yourself a few more features.For example: the presence of a connecting rod and a forged crankshaft, the coating of a cylinder machine with chrome. The material is low-temperature electrolytic.

Air purification occurs in 3 stages. The manufacturer was able to reduce vibration due to the depreciation system. Buyers also like the easily accessible position of the chain tensioner. The latter is oiled during operation of the system. To make it easier to start in the cold time was made possible by the air damper. Home masters emphasize also a good combination of power and weight.

Chainsaw Review CS-310ES-14 "

Among the other proposals of the company, especially this model should be highlighted. It is a household tool for occasional use. Power device is 1.5 liters. from. You can work in the garden or in the backyard area, sawing wood for the fireplace.

The chainsaw has an easy start system. The walls of the engine cylinder have a chrome-plated coating that prolongs the life of the engine. The manufacturer has provided a shock absorption system to reduce vibration and reduce the negative impact on the person using the unit. Includes 35 cm machine.


The Echo Chainsaw specifications should help you make the right choice. Among other major features should be allocated engine size, which is 30.5 cm3. The groove width is 1.3 mm. Power in kilowatts is equivalent to 1.1. The volume of the oil tank is 0.26 liters. In the fuel tank, you can pour 0.25 liters.

The overall dimensions of this Echo chainsaw are 396 x 323 x 268 mm. The device works at 97 dB. This household model develops idle speed at around 3200 per minute.

Consumer reviews

Before you make a choice, you should familiarize yourself with the opinions of those who are already lucky enough to use this or that equipment model. The model described above is not an exception. According to consumers, it is safe, provides a comfortable grip and easy start. Safety here, as in the two models described above, is provided with a protective shield to prevent injury. If the hand accidentally slips off, a mechanism that stops the chain instantly will work.

You can get a comfortable grip thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle. The manufacturer here has provided an easy start system, due to this, you will start the work smoothly and smoothly without any jerks.When consumers look at chainsaws, quite often they ask sellers what model has a vibration damping system. This is especially important for those who plan to work for a long time. In this model, this option is just there. An additional advantage experts believe the oil pump associated with the clutch. You may like the digital controller and capacitor ignition.

Review, specifications and reviews about chainsaw CS-600-18 "

chainsaw echo

The warranty on this model of equipment is 5 years. According to consumers, this indicates the reliability of the device. The chainsaw has a nylon air filter, and the engine power is increased by the overflow channels of the cylinder.

This chainsaw "Echo" weighs 5.9 kg, and its power is 3.6 kW. The walls of the cylinder have an electrolytic low-temperature coating that contributes to the long life of the tool. This feature reduces wear resistance.

Air purification is carried out in three stages, which increases the engine durability. For many consumers, from their words, this feature is almost one of the most important.


chainsaw echo

Chainsaws can belong to different classes, which determines their purpose. Before making a purchase, you should decide how long you plan to work with the tool at a time. If you need to prepare firewood for the fireplace, feel free to purchase a household model. But for owners of land who are engaged in sawing every day for several hours, suitable for a semi-professional or farm class chainsaw.

If you do not take into account these recommendations, then you risk to overpay if you buy a professional model that you will use only from time to time. But a low-power device may not be enough for you.

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