Bukli is the creation of a unique image

Every woman wants to always be beautiful andattractive. One of the main components of this is the appearance of the hair. A great way to solve this problem will be the hairdo hairstyle. It is distinguished by refinement and grooming. It is this kind of haircut that is considered one of the most popular in the whole world.

A bit of history

The hairstyle of bouquets was born in the 16th century. For two centuries, it was in great demand, with representatives of both sexes. However, the following centuries were marked by the fact that the hair was somewhat forgotten.

Now the classic again becomes in demand, which means that the bouquets are again in fashion.

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What is

Букли - these are laid curls. They are stacked vertically or horizontally. A combination of curls is also possible. The result is a neat and stacked hair that allows you to look spectacular at any time of the day.

Curls can be large and small. The size of the books will depend directly on their size. It should be understood that such a hairstyle can be created exclusively on clean hair.

Principle of creation

In general, the creation of a hairstyle is quite simpleoccupation. On the combed clean hair, the styling agent is initially applied. You can do without it, but using the tool will help create beautiful and attractive curls.

Curls are created with the help of an ordinary curling iron. If desired, you can make them large or small - at your discretion. From their size will depend on the external appearance of the bouquets themselves.

booklets pictures

After that, the ordinary tail is braided. This option is simple and easy to create. The second possible variation is the fixation of each curl at the roots with the help of small elastics. The tails can be combed to make the bouquets more effective.

The final stage is the laying of thea certain form. If desired, you can give preference to a flower, a circle, a ladder or any other. The main advantage of the booklets is that they always look spectacular and attractive.

What to look for

It should be understood that in the organization of the hairstylethe main thing is accuracy. Unkempt locks will look ugly, which is unlikely to help create a harmonious decoration. If you prefer chaos, then he needs to give a creative shade. It is quite simple to achieve this, it is enough to twist and mix the books amongst themselves.

It is very important to ensure that they are carefullyfixed and fixed at the roots. Each hair in the lock must have its own place. Букли, photos of which differs external appeal, represent an interesting variant of a hairdress. They will become an ornament for any girl. Due to their classical appeal they are suitable for any image. Букли is an effective decision for a party or celebration, family rest or travel.

Interesting options

One of the most unusual solutions iscreating a rim around the head. In this case, the books are an opportunity to give any image of romance and lightness. To create such a hairstyle, one part of the hair should be braided in a braid or a tourniquet formed from it. You need to do this before creating the letters themselves.

bouquets with their own hands

There are many ways to beautifully and effectivelybouquets with their own hands to lay. Fantasy and a variety of ideas will make it as interesting and attractive as possible. You can use hair accessories and accessories, for example, hairpins, flowers, decorative stones or ribbons. Bukli is an attractive and interesting hairstyle that will give the image the proper elegance.

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