Bran for weight loss

The fact that bran is a very useful product,known since time immemorial. Long ago they began to use them to normalize the digestive system. These days they simply need to include in your diet to everyone, because in modern food there are very few coarse fibers and fiber. Bran is the skin of seeds, a grain germ. Our ancestors baked bread exclusively from wholemeal flour, and white flour remained for the festive table.

In the bran, except for vitamins A, E and B, there are manymicro- and macro-elements are copper, magnesium, potassium. They stimulate the work of metabolic processes in the body, and most importantly, consist entirely of dietary fiber. They themselves are not practically absorbed by the walls of the intestine, but with sufficient amount of liquid entering the body, absorb it and swell, creating a soft volume. So they effectively clean the mucous membrane, working as a scrub. An invaluable benefit to the body is the fiber contained in the bran, in terms of reducing the amount of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Very many people prefer to use bran forlosing weight, because they have low calorie content. Bran swell in the stomach, filling it, and therefore a person for a long time does not feel hunger. Thanks to the bran, the peristalsis of the intestine is strengthened, and the absorption of nutrients in it is slower. People who often practice great physical activity to cope with hunger in the evenings can eat two spoons of bran, drinking them with kefir.

If you decide to use bran for weight loss,then still do not need to get too involved. The fact that excessive use of them can cause dysfunction of the intestine - bloating or flatulence. Eat bran little by little - no more than two or three teaspoons a day. If you have a stomach or bowel disease, it is better to get a detailed consultation of the doctor before starting to apply the bran.

Nevertheless, the benefits of bran do notexaggerated. They are really very necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for the prevention of a number of diseases, for cleaning the body of toxins and toxins.

Oats bran for weight loss are very effective. Their value - in that they contribute to protecting the body from cancer, normalize the work of the intestine. Wheat bran is used along with wheat germ. Rye bran for weight loss is also good. In addition, it's just a storehouse of fiber and coarse fiber. If you do not attract friable bran in its pure form, then you can eat bread with bran. Consumption of up to 100 grams of bread with bran per day will supply your body with fiber in sufficient quantities. Be sure that this is an inexpensive and effective way to join a healthy diet.

The main part of the bran for weight loss - peelgrains. Calories in such bran - the minimum amount. Medical studies have shown that in bran contains up to ninety percent of biologically active components of whole grains. It turns out that without eating foods from wholemeal flour, we constantly receive a lot of useful substances.

Bran contains up to fifteen percentprotein, there are fatty acids. Bran for weight loss can be added to porridge, soup, minced meat, jelly. They are eaten by stirring with milk, yogurt or kefir. Widely used bran in baking. Of course, you can use them separately. The recipe is simple. Just pour a little bran (one or two tablespoons) with boiling water, leave for a quarter of an hour. Then drain the water, and here is a useful and nutritious porridge ready!

Thus, bran will be removed from the bodyunnecessary heavy metals and radionuclides. With dysbacteriosis, bran is also widely used. Invaluable is their benefit in cases of colon diseases. It turns out that the bran itself is not digested, but it helps to fight many ailments.

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