Blinov Victor, Soviet hockey player

Viktor Nikolayevich Blinov is a Soviet hockey player. He was born on 01.09.1945, died on 09.07.1968. What are the scanty figures. What a short life. But how brightly it was necessary to live it and leave its mark in history, so that 50 years after your death you were remembered by grateful fans!

Carier start

Blinov Victor

Blinov Victor was born in the year of the Great Victory -1945 th. In Omsk, where the family of the future hockey player lived, the first sports steps were taken. Next to the house was a rink of the stadium "Dynamo", where he and his friends spent all their free time.

Omsk Spartak

Ice Hockey World Championship

At the age of sixteen, in 1961, he was admitted tohockey team Omsk "Spartacus." A year later Victor Blinov made his debut in an adult team of masters, in a match against one of the leaders of Soviet hockey - the Moscow "Dynamo". In that match, the daring hosts managed to take away points from Muscovites, finishing the match in a draw. Fast, powerful, powerful defender, he immediately attracted the attention of specialists. Especially remember the incredible strength of the throws on the opponent's goal by the gifted defender of "Omsk". The first puck in the USSR ice hockey championship Blinov was able to throw in the eighth match, leveling the score in the game against Novokuznetsk "Metallurg". "Omsk" won in that game with a score of 3: 1. This season, the young defender played for the club only 10 matches, but in the next two years he becomes an indispensable player of the team. Victor, speaking for Omsk "Spartacus", managed to excel in 80 games 13 times. At the end of the season in 1964, he became the owner of the honorary title "Master of Sports of the USSR." Rumors about Siberian nuggets are spreading all over the country. Young hockey player receives an invitation to the Moscow "Spartak"

Moscow "Spartacus"

stars of hockey

At that time, the "red-white" coached the legenddomestic sport - Vsevolod Bobrov. In a team for which such hockey stars as the Mayorov brothers, Viktor Singer, Vyacheslav Starshinov, then acted, the young defender did not get lost. The fans went to the stadium in droves to see the rising star of hockey. Not recognizing authorities, he threw pucks to famous goalkeepers. Under his power receptions were the stars of domestic hockey. In the first match for the new club Blinov Victor opened the account for his abandoned washers. In the first year of playing for "Spartacus" he scored 5 times. In the second season already 7 times grieved goalkeepers rivals. Triumphal for him and the team was in 1967. The club won the gold medals of the USSR hockey championship, and Victor became the best scoring defender of the country. That season, a pair of defenders of the Moscow "Spartak" - Alexei Makarov and Viktor Blinov - struck the entire hockey world of the Soviet Union with its over-performance. Each of them scored 17 goals against the opponents, thus dividing the title of "best attacking defender". He was the defender of the new formation, combining the qualities of the ideal player of the future: strong, tough, perfectly skating and possessing a crazy cast. Three times in the "Spartacus" Victor Blinov - hockey player of the new generation - became a silver medalist of the USSR championship. For 4 years, which led him to fate, he played for Moscow "Spartak" 141 match and scored 36 goals.

USSR national team

Viktor Blinov hockey player

Victor made his team debut inat the age of nineteen, in a match against the Canadian team. With the ancestors of hockey, he met 11 times from 32 matches played for the national team of the USSR. In all the games in the form of a national team, he scored 10 goals. The World Hockey Championship and Olympic Games in 1968 became the apogee of his career. In the match against Sweden (3: 2), at the Olympics, the young defender, having thrown himself and making an assists, was one of the best on the court. In total in that tournament Blinov Victor scored 4 goals in 7 games. It should be noted that before the start of the tournament, the Western media, recognizing the strength of the USSR national team, still gave the Canadians the victory in their forecasts. And in vain: the USSR national team wins the Olympic Games and the World Hockey Championship in 1968, beating Canada in the decisive match with a score of 5: 0.

Rest, which killed the young defender

After returning home after such a successfulperformances to all hockey players of the team was awarded the title of "Honored Master of Sports of the USSR." So, by the age of twenty-three, Viktor has become the owner of all the highest hockey world and national awards. He is at the peak of his popularity. It seemed that the player has a star future. Going on vacation in the summer of 1968 to his homeland in Omsk, Victor dreams of a good rest from a difficult season. A few people knew about how the rising star of Soviet hockey rested. In Soviet times it was not customary to take rubbish out of huts. Therefore, many fans and could not imagine that their idol had long been addicted to the bottle. According to friends of the hockey player, to this addiction he was accustomed to his father, who, as a shoemaker, sent his teenage son to the store for vodka every day. Whole and completely giving himself to the site, he and outside the hockey rink on vacation relaxed in full. A few weeks of constant use of alcohol and fellow countrymen did their job. He had a heart attack. They did not summon the ambulance, and nobody knew about it when Blinov returned to Moscow.

Death of the Olympic champion

Returning to Moscow in early July, Viktorundergoes medical examination. Perhaps he would do a cardiogram of the heart, the doctors would find the disease. But the defender, apparently fearing that he might be expelled from the team, did not. Even the healthiest organism when combining sports and drinking alcohol will fail. On that fateful day, July 9, 1968, in training, unable to withstand physical exertion, the heart of a young and bright player stopped forever. With his self-sacrificing game, fully giving his strength for the good of the team, he earned the love and respect of the fans.

Viktor Blinov Memorial Tournament

Viktor Nikolaevich Blinov

In Omsk, in the homeland of the Olympic champion, startingSince 1987, the pre-season tournament of the memory of V. Blinov has been held annually. In honor of the hockey star, a sports and concert complex in the city of Omsk is named. At the entrance to the complex there is a monument to the athlete. Viktor Nikolayevich Blinov is included in the Hall of Fame of Russian hockey. One of the most gifted defenders of Soviet hockey at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow is buried.

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