Black feces during pregnancy

As you know, a woman in position needs more nutrients and trace elements to maintain the body in a normal state. This fact is not at all surprising, because now you have to eat not only for yourself, but also for the fetus in the womb. Despite all of the above, experts often neglect additional multivitamin complexes. In addition, often pregnant women of the fair sex after conception of the baby complain of low levels of hemoglobin, which should also be increased through the use of special preparations.


black fecesOften, doctors pre-warn a woman that black feces may appear, and her consistency and smell will change. However, experts often just forget about it, which makes a woman worry about her baby and the general condition of the body. As you know, stress during pregnancy can be fatal to the fetus. Do not worry ahead of time, better read this article.It is worth noting that all multivitamin complexes contain iron, which, in turn, causes feces to change their color. Black feces - this is normal, you should not panic once again. For excitement you can always find a lot of reasons, so you should keep your nerves. Moreover, if the color of feces is black, you can be sure that the vitamins are of high quality and act as intended. In this way, the body of the future mother is trying to remove excess iron. The thing is that only the necessary amount is assimilated for normal functioning. In this case, do not stop taking feces causesOn the other hand, if black feces appeared as a result of taking medications, but there are no changes in the general condition of the future mother, there is no cause for concern. If, however, experiences do not let you sleep well, consult with a specialist, take a series of tests to make sure that the body functions normally. It is possible and at home to check whether black feces are associated with taking vitamins. Just for some time, it is necessary to reduce the dosage or stop taking it altogether, so the stool will be normal, the usual color.stool blackIt must be remembered that there are other reasons when a problem such as black feces appears. The reasons in this case may lie in food dyes. For example, currants, blueberries, black pudding and many other foods affect the color of feces.


If all of the above reasons do not fit, you should take a biochemical blood test. Through this analysis, the doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of these symptoms. Often, black feces signify bleeding in the stomach, but it is accompanied by diarrhea, excessive sweating and a general deterioration of the condition. If you notice these types of symptoms, you should immediately contact a specialist. Otherwise, there is a high probability of serious diseases, which often even lead to death and the death of a child at any stage of pregnancy.

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