Biography of Timur Yunusov (Timati)

Timati (his real name is Timur I. Yunusov) is a Russian rap artist who became famous after the fourth season of “Star Factory” as part of the band “Banda”. In 2006, the singer began his solo career and founded the Black Star Inc. production center. Timati’s activities extend far beyond music: this is the author’s clothing line, the fast food chain, and filming.
Rapper timatiRapper timati

Childhood and family

Timur Yunusov was born in a wealthy family. His father, a businessman investor Ildar Vakhitovich Yunusov, from whom Timati and inherited the commercial vein, has Tatar roots. The mother of the artist, Simona Yakovlevna Yunusova, nee Chervomorskaya, is Jewish. Timati is not the only child in the family, he has a younger brother, 3.5 years old, Artem, famous in the world of music under the pseudonym DJ Temniy.
Baby photo TimatiBaby photo Timati
His future artist spent his childhood in the parent's apartment on Prospekt Mira.From an early age he showed his creative abilities, and therefore his parents enrolled him in a music school, where for the next four years he studied the subtleties of playing the violin. But the boy didn’t have a special love for the instrument, being engaged only at the request of his mother, in whose family there were many musicians.
Mama Timati with her sons and granddaughterMama Timati with her sons and granddaughter
Timati began to be interested in rap and hip-hop, at about 13 years old, having been in the United States, the primary source of rap culture. It was around this time that he made his first tattoo, the fire dragon.
Timati in childhood and nowTimati in childhood and now
In 1998, Timati founded the VIP77 group, which included his friends: Pasha, Baby Lee, MC Dynamite, Master Spensor, Leo, and Dominic Joker. On the wave of common interests, he met Decl, not even suspecting that the father of his new friend was famous producer Alexander Tolmatsky. Timati helped Detslu write a solo album - he can be heard on the backing vocals in the album "Who are you", and also seen in the video "Evening Party at Decl at Home". The creative union did not turn into anything more, but because the roads of young rappers diverged.
In childhood, Timati and Decl were friendsIn childhood, Timati and Decl were friends
After graduating from school, Timati entered the Higher School of Economics,but after six months he quit school because he could not combine it with nightlife: he and his friends organized parties in the best clubs of the capital. He was one of the first to start promoting the famous Moscow night hip-hop clubs “Most” and “Marika”.
Young Timati in the video DeclYoung Timati in the video Decl

Timati at the Star Factory

In 2004, the VIP77 fell apart, reborn after a year with a new composition: Timati, Pasha, Deema, Walter and Julia Vaschekina. At the same time, Timati, along with Dominic Joker, Ratmir Shishkov and Nastya Kochetkova, was casting the musical reality show “Star Factory-4”. Under the direction of the producer Igor Krutoy, the young people who formed the band “Banda” recorded the songs, were trained by the best teachers of Russia and became more popular with each reporting concert.
The band "Banda" was born on the "Factory of Stars"The band "Banda" was born on the "Factory of Stars"
The guys did not make it to the final - in that season Irina Dubtsova, Anton Zatsepin and Stas Piekha became the winners. However, the producers paid attention to the guys and gave the young artists the opportunity to record their album and make a video. Long after the finale of "Factory" their hit "Crying Heaven" is heard from every second country radio.But the album "New People" was greeted by the audience without much excitement.
“Star Factory”: Timati - “Crying Heaven” (2004)
After that, Timati, along with other participants of the “Factory”, conducted a tour of Russia that lasted several months. Returning from the tour, Timati opened a night club Black club (B-club).
On March 23, 2007, Ratmir, his girlfriend, Deema from VIP77 and two more people had an accident, driving a red light in his car. The car crashed into an SUV, from which the gas tank was detonated. All the passengers died in the fire, unable to get out of the wrecked car. After the death of Ratmir, the band "Banda" announced the collapse.

Solo career. Black star

Timati's debut solo album “Black Star” was released in 2006, before the collapse of “Gang”. The record featured 17 tracks, including duets with Irina Dubtsova, Ksenia Sobchak, Karina Cox, Alexa, Fyodor Bondarchuk and the group Uma2rman. The cover itself represented a copy of the Tupac album cover “Until the End of Time”.
After the release of the first album, Timati was accused of plagiarism.After the release of the first album, Timati was accused of plagiarism.
Because of this, as well as because of obvious borrowings from Western colleagues (for example, he completely took the clip to the Zombie composition from the Clipse group), professional music critics like Artemy Troitsky repeatedly accused Timati of plagiarism.
The pioneers of the rap genre in Russia Timati also disliked. After Timati and Dominic Joker recorded the Bad Balance song “Bitch Love” and the song were included in the soundtrack to the documentary on the memory of Bad Balance from Micah, the band’s leader Vlad Valov accused Timati of mocking the deceased.
Rare photo: Timati blondRare photo: Timati blond
In parallel with his musical career, Timati was actively involved in business. In 2006, he founded his label Black Star Inc, which later released rapper L’One, Mota, Egor Creed, Misha Marvin, Scroogee, Christina Sy and other young performers onto the Russian music scene.
Black Star Records includes many successful artists.Black Star Records includes many successful artists.
In early 2007, the comedy “The Heat” came out on television, in which Timati played one of the main roles along with Alexei Chadov, Nastya Kochetkova and Konstantin Kryukov.
In the movie "The Heat", Timati played himselfIn the movie "The Heat", Timati played himself
In the same year, Timati voiced the main character in the cartoon film “Catch the Wave”.
Timati voiced penguin Cody in Russian dubbing cartoonTimati voiced penguin Cody in Russian dubbing cartoon
Timati did not serve in the army. In 2008, he was declared unfit for military service as “mentally unbalanced,” since, according to the law of the Russian Federation, a draftee, whose body is covered with tattoos for more than 50%, receives a certificate from a psychiatrist.
Because of tattoos Timati did not take the armyBecause of tattoos Timati did not take the army
In 2008, Timati together with Dj Smash released the hit “Moscow Never Sleeps”, which was awarded the MTV Russia Music Awards prize in the “Debut” category.
Timati ft. DJ Smash - Moscow Never Sleeps
In 2008, together with the company Sprandi, Timati released the first line of sportswear TS Timati for Sprandi, which was presented at the “Russian Fashion Week” in Moscow. And in 2010, under the label Black Star Wear, Timati began producing a personalized line of youth clothing.
Black Star Wear - clothes from TimatiBlack Star Wear - clothes from Timati
2009 was marked by the release of Timati's second album, which received the laconic title The Boss. In the summer of the same year, another close friend and associate of Timati died in a car accident - DJ Dlee.
Timati's photo session for the cover of the second album The BossTimati's photo session for the cover of the second album The Boss
In 2012, the third studio and first English-language Timati SWAGG album was released, consisting of the 21st track. Work on the record was carried out for three years, and the invited guests were no longer Russian celebrities, but international stars: P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Basta Rimes, Craig David, Laurent Wolf.
In 2012, Timati went internationalIn 2012, Timati went international
The result exceeded all expectations - SWAGG became popular not only in the homeland of Timati. Statistics Star Star Inc. showed that in terms of the level of rotation of tracks from the album, Europe beat the indicators of Russia and the CIS countries.Moreover, the composition “Welcome to Saint-Tropez” managed to dislodge Lady Gaga from the first place of international iTunes.
Timati ft DJ Antonie - Welcome to St. Tropez
A year later, the presentation of the Russian-language album "13" took place. The record failed to beat the records of the third album, but the album topped the iTunes charts in the CIS and Baltic countries. Pavel Murashov, Christina Sy, Moth, L’One and Fidel helped with the Timati recording.
In the same 2013, Timati, along with Snoop Dogg, appeared in the Russian comedy “Classmates: Call Good Luck”, telling about a young designer who received the magic opportunity to fulfill any desire simply by writing it in the status of a social network. Despite the presence of stars, the film fell through at the box office.
Timati and Snoop Dogg together starred in the film "Classmates"Timati and Snoop Dogg together starred in the film "Classmates"
In 2014, Timati, who is in close relations with the Head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic.
Timati is friends with Ramzan KadyrovTimati is friends with Ramzan Kadyrov
In September 2016, the Black Star Burger snack bar was opened in Moscow, on Novy Arbat. Timati suggested that customers try absolutely black burgers in black latex gloves, which have become a kind of "trick" of the restaurant.The second burger singer planned to open in Grozny - Kadyrov personally asked him about this.
Timati at the opening of the Black Star Burger restaurantTimati at the opening of the Black Star Burger restaurant

Timati's personal life

In an interview, Timati admitted that he had never had serious feelings for girls until he met a 16-year-old singer, Aleksey, at the Star Factory. The novel started right on the project, under the supervision of hundreds of cameras, fueling the interest of the audience to the young couple. The girl was the first to whom the artist sincerely confessed in love.
Roman Timati and Alexa began on the "Star Factory"Roman Timati and Alexa began on the "Star Factory"
After the release of Alex's video “Where are you”, where Timati appeared in the image of a romantic hero, in the press they began to say that in fact the novel of young people was a PR move by the producers.
Alex - "Where are you?"
In 2005, Alex and Timati strongly quarreled after a long joint tour and for the first time broke up. Alex returned to her native Donetsk, where she began to communicate closely with a young man from the coal business. But soon everything was back to normal. The press said that Timati flew to Donetsk and took Alex almost out of the crown.
In 2006, Timati launched the reality show "Yappie on a pickup truck", in which she took part and Alex. Then the lovers recorded a joint song "When you're around."
In 2007, Timati and Alex broke up finallyIn 2007, Timati and Alex broke up finally
In 2007, Alex and Timati put an end to the relationship once and for all. The young people were silent about the reason, but Alex's close friends said that they simply did not get along with their characters - Timati loved nightlife, and the girl preferred to evening at home for any party. Alex's feelings for the ex-boyfriend are eloquently spoken by her song “My Vendetta”.
Timati and Sophia RudyevaTimati and Sophia Rudyeva
Over the following years, many beauties visited Timati among the passions. This is also Miss Russia 2009 Sophia Rudyeva, to whom the rapper quickly lost interest, and Mila Volchek, who, according to Timati, had an indelible influence on his way of thinking. He was seen in company with model Victoria Lopyreva, Fergie singer, actress Mila Jovovich, but communication with them was unlikely to go beyond the friendly.
Timati and Mila VolchekTimati and Mila Volchek
For a long time Timati lived in a civil marriage with the model Alena Shishkova, whom he met at the end of 2012. In March 2014, their common daughter Alice was born.
Timati and Alena ShishkovaTimati and Alena Shishkova
Social networks of lovers were full of cute family shots, but the tale still came to an end - in May 2015, Alyona left Timati.It was rumored that the reason for the novel was the model with the goalkeeper "Dynamo" Anton Shunin.
Daughter Timati and Alena Shishkova name is AliceDaughter Timati and Alena Shishkova name is Alice
For the well-being of their daughter, Alain and Timati were able to maintain friendly relations. Both are involved in the education of Alice, and they celebrated the three years of the baby together.
New girl Timati - Anastasia ReshetovaNew girl Timati - Anastasia Reshetova
A new contender for the heart of the rapper was found quickly. She was the Vice-Miss Russia 2014 Anastasia Reshetova.

Timati scandals

It is difficult to substitute the epithet “scandalous” for Timati, but nevertheless his name often appears in the yellow press. One of the major scandals with his participation was the conflict with Philip Kirkorov.
The reason was Timati’s outrage at the results of the 2012 Muz-TV Award, which he shared on his Twitter account. A few days later, Kirkorov answered him the following:
Timati and Kirkorov argued on TwitterTimati and Kirkorov argued on Twitter
After that, Timati, not embarrassed in expressions, recalled Kirkorov’s past, in particular, the scandal involving the beating of a woman and insulting a journalist, summing up his speech with the phrase “Who are you going to teach the mind-reason, stuffed?”.
Timati Kirkorov AnswerTimati Kirkorov Answer
Almost all representatives of the domestic show business, from Joseph Prigogine to Nikita Dzhigurda, agreed with Timati’s opinion. The hashtag #filipsdavidyvidaniya, under which the artists who have sided with the rapper, have published their comments, hit the Twitter top.
The feud of Kirkorov and Timati seems to have come to an end in 2017, when the domestic pop king appeared in an advertisement for Timati burger, presenting himself as a satisfied client. “Now everything has returned to its place” - says his hero during the video. On March 8, 2017, Timati posted to Instagram a photo from Ramzan Kadyrov's private plane.
Timati on Kadyrov's private jetTimati on Kadyrov's private jet

Timati now

The artist continues his musical career and helps talented young performers in this matter. Perhaps, another football club will soon join its own label, a network of burger and fashionable clothes - in March 2017, Timati announced his intention to create his own team in order to “return Russia to interesting football.” It was reported that the players of 2000-2001 year of birth will play for the club.
Timati wants to create his own football clubTimati wants to create his own football club
Experts, having learned the amount of the initial investment - 10 million rubles - raised the artist tolaugh. “Timati’s investment will be enough for the table football team,” said football manager Yury Belous.

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