Biography of the model Alena Zabalueva

Alena Zabalueva was born on July 18, 1993. A girl from early childhood was a creative person. Alena is a famous Russian model who participated in advertisements of famous brands. She is an asterisk from Black Star.

From an early age, the girl was interested in creativity: she went to classes in acting and dance. She studied at the college for a hairdresser-stylist. Then she studied at the Rostov State Economic University, where she received the education of a manager.

She was also a pupil of the dance studio Flash Dance, studying dance in the style of Go-Go. She also learned all the subtleties of acting at the Center for Aesthetic Education. In turn, Alyona took part in Go-Go contests and brought with her 4 gold medals.

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At the present time Alena Zabalueva is acting in the clips of famous people of Russian show business. Also, her work requires frequent changes in the image, which is very like a girl. She took part in the TV show "Instagrammashchitsy", and also starred in the clip of Guf and Ptahi "Killer City".

On the personal life of Alain is silent. But it is worth noting that the girl has a lot of fans.Accordingly, from the male side, it is also not deprived of attention.

At the moment Alena Zabalueva is a model and stylist. It has the following parameters:

  • height - 165 cm;
  • shoe size - 37;
  • chest - 79 cm;
  • hips - 87 cm;
  • waist - 58 cm;
  • brown eyes.

What about Alena's style of clothes? Although she is a model, she has to follow the fashion, but she puts on the clothes that she considers comfortable. Also, Alena has 181 thousand followers on Instagram (as of July 21, 2017).

Alena's social networks

Alena is a very active user of social networks. It consists of almost every one of them. If you want to know all the contacts Alena will not be difficult. So without any problems you can find it on social networks, indicating its nickname.

Alena Zabalueva to plastic

Alena Zabalueva: before and after plastic surgery

In her life, Alain does not give answers to questions about changes in her appearance in an interview. But you can easily see that the girl has increased the volume of the lips, made a correction of the nose, changed the shape of the eyebrows.

It is impossible to see Alain Zabalueva before plastic surgery and after, as the girl does not display her photos at an earlier age and before surgery. However, even after her, the girl looks very beautiful and attractive.There is no pathos in her photos, but she does not consider herself better than anyone else - she just lives for her own pleasure.

Alena Zabalueva before and after

Also, what else is very important to note, the model has more than 13 tattoos. By the way, one of them can be seen on the face. Its subscribers, like all other people, notice that in some photos there is no tattoo. And all because of the large amount of makeup applied. But in any case, the girl has very attractive external faces, both with and without a tattoo.

As you can see, Alena’s life cannot be called boring. She is a creative person, that's why she is quite known to a wide circle of people, and her acquaintance with public figures only stirs her popularity. Despite the fact that Alena Zabalueva remains a well-known Russian model, in the future she will undoubtedly become more and more popular.

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