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Sochi is the largest Russian resort, which was largely facilitated by the 2014 Olympics. Modern Sochi at the height of the holiday season is a rather noisy place filled with holidaymakers. However, in the city you can still find a place that is suitable for lovers of relaxation in silence. This is a small settlement Kudepsta (Sochi).

The settlement is located on the border of the Adler and Khostinsky districts of the city. The most famous holiday destinations are Kudepsta sanatoria and Burgas, Avtomobilist and Yuzhny resorts. These sanatoriums Kudepsta are located twenty minutes from the city center. Let's tell about them in more detail.

Health Resort "Kudepsta"

military sanatorium Kudepsta

The military sanatorium "Kudepsta" is located in Khostinsky district, three hundred meters from the sea coast. Nearby are the mountains Ovsyannikov and Ahun. They are famous for the unique yew-boxwood grove growing on their slopes and whole plantations of cork oak. From the windows of the resort offers a great view of the sea and the river Kudepsta.

On the territory there is a very beautiful arboretum zone with evergreen plants and a coniferous grove. Many Kudepsta sanatoriums can boast such picturesque landscapes. But the health resort "Kudepsta" - the best in this regard.

We should also tell about the beach, the total area of ​​which is about three thousand square meters. It is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest (sewage, shower cabins). Safety of tourists on the beach is ensured through the work of the medical center and the rescue station. From the entertainment available boat rental and solarium.

For the guests of the sanatorium, various excursions to city sights are organized (a sightseeing tour of Sochi, a visit to a monkey nursery and a terrarium).

Great opportunities are available for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. For them, a gym. Vacationers can visit the arched sports complex and play tennis. In winter, trips to the sea water pool are organized.


sanatorium Kudepsta reviews

Reviews about the sanatorium "Kudepsta" say that it provides high-quality services for the treatment of diseases according to the profile of the boarding house, as well as general recovery.When deciding to purchase vouchers, it is necessary to take into account the orientation towards people with an average level of wealth. Accordingly, the interior decoration of rooms for discerning travelers may seem somewhat modest. Nevertheless, rest in Kudepsta is definitely recommended for people experiencing the need for health promotion.

Pension "Burgas"

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Sanatoriums in Kudepsta with treatment are represented by another popular wellness complex - Burgas. It was built in Soviet times, in 1974, and was completely renovated in 2008. The sanatorium is named after the eponymous Bulgarian city. Consisting of two seven-story fully modern buildings, the resort is designed for the simultaneous placement of more than seven hundred people. The pension is a typical three-star health resort, focused on people with an average level of material resources. Sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal systems, respiratory organs.

kudepsta sochi

Most of the rooms are categorized as standard, but for lovers of a higher level of comfort, the Sinatra building is functioning, which has deluxe rooms.The boarding house was repeatedly the winner of the “Resort Olympus” competition in the nomination “Sanatorium of the average price category”.

Sanatorium "Avtomobilist"

sanatorium motorist Kudepsta

In the village of Kudepsta there is another wonderful resort complex - “Motorist”. It is 6 km from Adler’s train station. The airport is 10 km away.

The complex includes a huge modern 14-storey building, built on a hill. This location provides a gorgeous view from the windows on the sea coast and mountains. On the territory of more than four hectares there is a park with plants characteristic of subtropics. Three hundred meters from the resort is the beach. A highway leads to it, which is laid between the hill on which the building rises and the territory of the sanatorium on which the bus runs. It is very convenient for holidaymakers who have difficulty moving.

Sanatorium "Avtomobilist" (Kudepsta) has a modern material and technical base, providing quality treatment. Services of manual and mechanical massage are provided, a complex of physiotherapy, electrophoresis is offered.These manipulations can be included in the cost of the voucher at the request of the guests. For an additional fee, a spinal stretching procedure is possible A chiropractor, mineral baths and oxygen cocktails are also offered.

Staying in a boarding house provides an excellent opportunity to rest, recuperate and regain its working capacity. A real gift will be a rest in a sanatorium for residents of ecologically unfavorable territories.


The pension has a developed infrastructure. It has its own pebble beach, equipped with umbrellas and sun beds. For the convenience of guests there are showers, toilets. A safe stay on the beach is provided by the round-the-clock work of lifeguards and doctors.

For sports there are open areas for volleyball and badminton. For children, special playgrounds are also provided.


Catering is carried out in the hall on the third floor, equipped with a distribution line. It consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vacationers are offered a varied menu, including meat dishes, all kinds of salads, including seafood.The menu is always present a large selection of snacks, desserts and drinks. In the hall there are special chairs for feeding children.

On the basis of the boarding house it is possible to conduct various kinds of corporate events. To do this, there is a well-equipped conference room with modern equipment. Its area is more than sixty square meters, accommodating up to fifty people. At the round table sixteen guests can simultaneously participate in the discussion.
Throughout the pension is provided around the clock access to the Internet.

Important information

You can get to the sanatorium by arriving from the airport by bus to the village of Kudepsta (Sochi). From the railway station of the city of Adler also runs a bus. Tourists wishing to visit the boarding house must have documents (passport, birth certificate for children under the age of fourteen). You should have a ticket, a spa card and a health insurance policy.

Visitor Comments

health resorts in Kudepsta with treatment

All Kudepsta sanatoriums considered in this article have a fairly well-developed infrastructure that provides comfortable accommodation for guests.Its essential elements are the availability of equipped beaches, sports and children's playgrounds, Internet access throughout. In the rooms, regardless of category, there is a daily high-quality cleaning with the replacement of toiletries. For motorists there are secure parking.
Sanatorium Kudepsta is the best option for those who prefer a budget holiday in unity with nature, silence, the azure sea and the gentle sun.

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