Barren marriage

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Infertile marriage is observed in about 12% of married couples. The couple is considered sterile if the pregnancy (without contraception) did not occur within 1 year of sexual activity.


  1. Primary infertility - couples who have never before conceived
  2. Secondary infertility - conception occurred in the past, but now the pregnancy does not begin. Multiple etiology
  3. Most couples find more than one reason.
  4. On the part of men, more than 30% (see Male Infertility)
  5. From the woman’s side - within 60% (see Female Infertility)
  6. Immunological causes - 5%
  7. Other factors (psychogenic, malnutrition, metabolic) - 5%.

Diagnosis is considered in Infertility Male and Female Infertility.


Reference tactics

  • Simultaneous inspection and consultation of both partners
  • Search and correction of the causes of lack of fertility
  • Constant outpatient monitoring with an emphasis on emotional support of partners
  • Donor fertilization with persistent sperm anomalies. Diet. Full nutrition.Drug therapy - see Infertility of a woman.

Current and forecast

  • In half of marriage couples, pregnancy occurs in the second year of sexual activity without the use of contraceptives.
  • If the couple is barren for 4 years or more (if the condition of competent medical research is met), the prognosis is poor.

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