Barley groats. Benefits and cooking

Benefits and composition of barley cereals

Even in Russia porridge was very popular. Not the last place among them was occupied by dishes prepared from barley cereals produced from unpolished crushed barley. This product contains vitamins belonging to group B, as well as A, E, D and PP. Barley and minerals are rich in barley. In its composition there are magnesium and zinc, potassium and phosphorus, iodine and bromine. Barley groats contain useful complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, starch, fiber, and natural sugars. Barley grains contain a lot of valuable protein, which the body is able to absorb one hundred percent. Barley groats have a low calorie content, averaging three hundred and twenty kilocalories per hundred grams of product. Of cereals, this value is one of the minimum.

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What can be cooked from barley cereals

Despite its extensive beneficial properties, porridge made from barley cereals is not as popular in our diet as rice or buckwheat.However, dishes made from this cereal are very diverse. Barley groats can be used for garnishes and casseroles. It is used to make liquid and viscous porridges, which are digested slowly and perfectly digested by our digestive system. Included in the diet of food prepared from barley cereals, allows you to save the ability to work and energy for a long period. Dishes from this valuable cereal are often recommended for diet food. Barley porridge included in the diet helps to eliminate body fat in the body and prevents their further accumulation. Barley cereals are useful for duodenal ulcers and stomach ulcers, as well as for pathologies of blood vessels and kidneys. Recommend their use and people suffering from hypertension. Barley porridge clears intestines from toxins and slags. Its use contributes to the rejuvenation of the body and the prevention of cancer. Including barley porridge in the daily ration, you can strengthen your nails and get silky thick hair. Also, the use of this dish will help get rid of depression and normalize the functioning of the thyroid gland.

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How to cook barley grits?

The benefits of cereals for a balanced diet is great.Without refusing dishes from wheat or buckwheat, you can diversify your diet. For this, it is enough to include in the menu a healthy and tasty porridge, for the preparation of which barley grits are taken. How to cook it? Simple enough. As with many other dishes, there are several recipes. First of all, you need to know how much to cook barley grits. Grains of this cereal are prepared within forty-forty-five minutes. At the same time their volume should increase almost five times.

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Such cereals are used in soups and for making dumplings, as well as for stuffing poultry. Great side dishes with mushrooms. Serve ready porridge to the table with yogurt or milk. It is necessary to boil barley grits in a cauldron or ceramic container, previously rinsing it from dirt and fine dust. The prepared product is placed in cooking utensils and poured with cold water in a ratio of one to two. A little salt and sunflower oil are added to the container. Cook barley grits to boil water over medium heat. After removal from the hob, the finished dish is left to walk for ten to fifteen minutes.Putting porridge in plates, you should add a little butter in it. Using a different method, washed grits can be added to a boiling mixture of water, salt and butter. Some recipes offer to cook barley porridge on mutton or lard. However, it should not be used for children and diet. Barley porridge can also be cooked in milk. It is added to the rump after it thickens.

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