Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven - a delicious and healthy dessert

In the conditions of the rabid rhythm of modern life,combined with low-use surrounding factors, dessert should be, firstly, quick cooking, secondly, without complicated culinary manipulations and, thirdly, of the ingredients that maximize the benefits to the body. All these conditions are met by a baked pumpkin with apples in the oven. Many people do not like this vegetable in traditional cooking. But after the oven, but with nice additions, it all goes "with a bang."

Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven

Baked pumpkin in the oven with apples: recipe

The golden vegetable is peeled from the outer crust and seedand arbitrarily cut - you can dice, you can plaques. If you prefer a soft baked pumpkin with apples in the oven, it's better to choose plates not thicker than one and a half centimeters. If you prefer an elastic pulp, stop on the dice. Apples are cut into slices and sprinkled with lemon to avoid darkening. The ratio of the main components is at your discretion. In the greased form, the pumpkin is first laid out exactly, on it - apple slices. From above dessert is poured with liquid honey (it can be heated a little if it is candied) and put in the oven for 20-40 minutes. The duration of aging is strongly affected by the thickness of the pieces. All! You can pamper yourself and the family.

apples with pumpkin baked in the oven recipe

Fantasies on the theme

Such a pumpkin in the oven (slices) with applescan be varied in taste in very different ways. For example, apple layers can be made two, and between them lay orange slices. Or you can almost sprinkle a dish with grated cheese and return it for ten minutes to the oven.

Very interesting is the option inwhich from the list of components is struck out honey: fruit-vegetables are baked, slightly sprinkled with sugar to give juice, and when served, they are watered with melted white or dark chocolate.

Almost indispensable companions of apples and pumpkins in this dessert are different nuts: they make it even more useful, fragrant and tasty.

Some landladies advise to cultivate honey with sour cream: for a glass of sour milk product somewhere 3-4 spoons. They say, so the dessert turns out more juicy and prepares faster.


You can cook apples with pumpkin,baked in the oven. The recipe we offer is unusual, original and gives a very tasty result. To implement it, you need a small pumpkin guitar with an elongated, not round shape. The preparatory work includes:

  • boiling three spoons of basmati to half-ready;
  • steaming a spoonful of raisins until soft and straining;
  • shredding of four apples with straws;
  • cutting plums with slices (take 1 glass);
  • light frying of dry chopped almonds (a couple of spoons).

Now we are engaged in a pumpkin. It is cut along, the seeds are removed, and the flesh is neatly carved so that along the walls it remains a centimeter and a half. It is cut into pieces and combined with the rest of the prepared foods, plus a little cinnamon, a gram of one hundred soft oils and a couple of spoons of sugar. This "stuffing" is filled with pumpkin halves, placed on the smeared baking tray and removed to the oven for one and a half to two hours. Before serving, such a baked pumpkin with apples in the oven is divided into 5-6 slices and sprinkled with melted butter.

baked pumpkin in the oven with apples

Sweet "sandwich"

If you are too lazy to do simpleadditional manipulations, such a dessert can become a favorite with your children. Large apples and pears are cut into fairly thick circles; the seeds are cleaned. Pumpkin is cut with commensurable plates. On the length of the food foil, the turret is assembled in such a sequence: an apple, a pear on it, a pumpkin third. Layers can be repeated. A spoonful of honey is laid out on top, the foil is wrapped, and the "sandwich" is put in the oven for a quarter of an hour. Then it is transferred to a plate, poured honey with juice and sprinkled with nuts. From such beauty and aroma, no one will refuse!

pumpkin in the oven slices with apples

Air casserole

If even a baked pumpkin with apples in the ovenYour children are protesting, they can be outwitted. The vegetable is rubbed large, filled with cream (so that only cover it) and put on a shallow fire. For about five minutes, apples are rubbed there. Again, a quarter of a cup of manga is soaked in cream. You can replace it with breadcrumbs, but it will be less gentle. When the puree slightly cools, both masses are mixed, flavored with vanilla and sugar and distributed in a form. On top of the thin slabs of oil are unfolded - and into the oven before getting blush. The caprices will never guess that a "suspicious" pumpkin is participating in the casserole! And be sure to ask for supplements.

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