Bad baby or you just spoiled it.

Being a parent of a self-confident child is not easy. Of course, on the one hand, it’s great that a child has strong convictions and is not afraid to talk about his desires and needs. But on the other hand, it is not always pleasant to face it.

However, do not rush to conclude that you have a bad child. Not all children, boldly expressing themselves, spoiled and undisciplined monsters. Many of them are simply bold children, who are confident in their thoughts and are not afraid to defend them.

How do you know if you have a bold child or a spoiled child? They have a similar, but still different pattern of behavior, and we will help you to understand, if you have not, by the hour, raised a petty brat.

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How do they talk to you

Most often, it is difficult to determine who among the self-confident Maltsov is a daring child, and who is spoiled. But things become more understandable if one tries not to look at behavior itself, but how it is expressed.

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Spoiled child: expresses its opinion, but in a disrespectful form, in which you do not allow you to contact.

Cheeky child:openly express their opinion (even if no one wants to hear it) simply as something ordinary, not intending to be rude.

How do they regard the victory

Whatever the child, impudent or just spoiled, in any case, he is always the leader and plans to win. But they regard these two types of it quite differently.

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Spoiled child: he expects to win, because he does not know the other. He made no effort to achieve, so he has no idea how to cope with the situation in the event that things did not go according to plan.

Cheeky child:expects to win, because he is confident in his abilities. He has plans for success, because he knows that he can make an effort to achieve it and is not afraid of challenges.

Why do they think they will get everything they want

Both types clearly define their desires, but they differently see the way of their implementation.

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Spoiled child: such children think to getsomethingenough to say so. They believe that you can insist and demand until you receive, and the system simply does not work otherwise.

Cheeky child:Not only do these children frankly state their needs, but they also show independence and work autonomously to get what they need. They expect to get what they want, but not from others - they are ready to take responsibility for the fulfillment of desire, and are confident in their abilities to make it possible.

How do they express themselves

They are noisy and loud, but self-expression occurs in different ways.

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Spoiled child: they shout and scream when they don't get what they want. They often get hysterical if things don’t go according to their plan, so it’s difficult for them to even express their anger at that very moment.

Cheeky child:they willingly go into the struggle to get what they want, but even taking into account the loud and indignant tone, they still adhere to words, and not hysterics and swings their fists.

How they disagree

At the very least, the child will be upset that everything goes wrong, as he expected, but when spoiled or insolent kids do not agree with something, they are not just upset.

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Spoiled child: these petty rebels demonstrate their displeasure with disobedience. When imsomethingthey do not like it, they literally do not obey the authority of the parents, and this is usually expressed in a far from polite manner.

Cheeky child:instead of disobeying the will of the parents, these children choose respectful disagreement. The difference is that respectful disagreement allows you to build a dialogue, to bring to a conversation, but the child still stands on the fact that the parent is not the authority.

Causes of bad child behavior

All tantrums have different reasons, so the answer to the question is whether your child is daring or he is terribly spoiled in how they present the reason for their tantrums.

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Spoiled child: they behave in such a way as to attract attention to themselves and express their point of view in order to get what they need.

Cheeky child:they behave this way because they do not see anything but their opinion and are trying to demonstrate it to everyone.

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