At least 5 reasons to enjoy autumn

At least 5 reasons to enjoy autumn

Autumn is not a depressive time at all. Each season is attractive in its own way. And nature, as Alice Freundlich sang, has no bad weather.

Summer is ending. Many sadly sigh, regretting the arrival of autumn. Even the days are noticeably shortened, and the autumn coolness is sometimes felt in the air. And soon drizzling autumn rain will be charged. But autumn is not a depressive time at all. Each season is attractive in its own way. And nature, as Alice Freundlich sang, has no bad weather.

We are sure that there are at least six reasons to rejoice at the onset of autumn. And so what.

Autumn is a creative time

Nature in the fall collects all the richness of bright colors to please them before leaving for winter rest. Red, golden, orange foliage on trees and shrubs creates a wonderful palette that shimmers under the soft rays of the autumn sun. The charm of the beauty of nature inspires creativity - I want to capture the wonderful landscapes in a picture or photo.

Autumn is the beginning of the theatrical season, it's time for the premiere, each of which is a kind of discovery:

  • A new reading of a long familiar story;
  • a talented director or actor;
  • new interesting scenarios.

In the autumn, a variety of exhibitions open, visiting which broadens the mind and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Autumn music festivals are a sea of ​​positive from beautiful music and interesting communication. Especially if they pass against the background of a red-yellow-orange riot of colors of golden autumn.

At least 5 reasons to enjoy autumn

Harvest time

Autumn for summer residents - the harvest period. They have no time to mope. They rejoice at the rich harvest of fruits and vegetables and enjoy working at their sites. And lovers of forest harvesting are sent to the forest - on the berry and mushroom plantations.

Dried rowan berries, wild rose, cranberries in winter will be a source of vitamins and a fun reminder of summer. Mushroom pickers, too, have no time to be bored - they are busy harvesting mushroom supplies. Who does not like dried mushroom soup in winter?

Harvesting is not only harvesting winter stocks. Autumn work in the garden, in the fresh air is a mass of positive emotions and excellent fitness, which helps to burn calories actively. For example, in one hour of work on harvesting apples, more than three hundred calories are lost.

Indian summer, you are beautiful

After the cold snap has begun, a warm, comfortable weather suddenly sets in - the Indian summer begins. In central Russia, it usually falls in the middle of September, but sometimes shifts in time. Falling leaves cover the ground with a solid multi-colored carpet that keeps it warm. The best time for a pleasant walk in the park or in the forest and gathering herbaria is coming.

Indian summer is an active time for gardeners, at this time they are busy with autumn planting of seedlings and berry bushes, preparing the garden for the next season. Autumn flowers continue to bloom - dahlias and asters, as a reminder of the summer, they are pleased with bright colors. Clear air breathes peace.

Poetic autumn rains

Walking in the rain is a great opportunity to reflect on life, dream about the future, outline a new goal and ways to achieve it. After the walk, warm herbal tea will be useful, and then you can get settled with an interesting book in a soft and spacious armchair by the fireplace. Under the monotonous sound of rain, pine logs crackled in it merrily and comfortably, filling the room with a pleasant smell of pine needles.Such evenings bring joy and peace.

After the summer holidays, friends and acquaintances return, whose company pleases in the long autumn evenings. In fun jokes and conversations, time flies by. Such meetings fill with positive emotions and energize. Autumn is a reason to visit more often and invite friends to yourself.

At least 5 reasons to enjoy autumn

Everything for sports

During the hot summer months it is harder to train, because the body gets too much stress on the heart and blood vessels. Cool autumn weather creates comfortable conditions for sports. An excellent tonic effect on the body will have a daily active walk. It will increase the production of endorphins and calm the nervous system.

Swimming has a healing effect on almost all muscle groups and all organ systems. It is shown to almost everyone. In addition, swimming is a real pleasure and tempers the body, helping it fight infections. Many people like cycling. Everyone can choose their favorite sport.

Bad weather is just the weather. There are many reasons for joy in the world around us - favorite work, communication with children and animals, travel. Yes, just a smile of a stranger. It all depends on the perception of the person.

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