Artist Efim Shifrin: biography and personal life

In March last year, his sixtieth birthday was celebrated by the famous artist Yefim Shifrin. His biography is full of bright highs and unexpected turns. This man, by the way, was able to materialize as a distinctive humorist, as well as a film actor, theater figure, writer and athlete.

efim shifrin biography

Humorist Efim Shifrin (his biography will be discussed in detail in this article) was born in the village of Neksikan, located in the Magadan region. In this place his father was in exile - writer and accountant Zalman Shmuilovich Shifrin. It should be noted that he was repressed completely in his youth due to his national identity. By the way, Zalman met his wife Rusha Tzipina, mother Efim, and also Samuel, his older brother, by correspondence. A 35-year-old woman learned about his tragic fate and wrote him a letter in support, and after a while she herself moved to the North to someone she had never seen before.

At the time of the birth of the child, his father was already rehabilitated, although the family managed to leave these cold places only 10 years later. They moved to Jurmala.In this place, Efim's youth passed. By the way, his brother also went through the path of art - he became a musician and conductor.


Yefim Shifrin, whose biography is so interesting to his fans, was a very shy and modest child. While still at school, he received the nickname Fima, which his father was extremely dissatisfied with, and tried to emphasize this each time, calling his son Nakhim (real name of the boy) in letters and a personal conversation. Efim had to wear glasses in his childhood, and this for his classmates also gave us a reason to play a trick. A similar effect on the child’s self-esteem was quite strong, and in order to win approval from classmates, he began to behave differently.

Once, at a school event, a boy made a number in which he parodied a teacher. The attitude to him after that changed dramatically. He began to participate in various festive concerts, while the children happily watched him depict strict teachers.

artist efim shifrin biography

Fast assault on Moscow

A couple of years Efim studied at the University of Latvia in the Faculty of Philology. In the evenings, the student participated in amateur groups.It so happened that after one of them, the biography of the actor Yefim Shifrin abruptly changed direction. He realized that the scene - his vocation. Shifrin took the documents from the university and went to conquer the capital of the USSR. Here he entered the school of pop and circus art named. Rumyantsev to the course of Roman Viktyuk (pop department).

Starting in 1977, Efim Shifrin, whose photo is presented in this article, began playing with Roman Viktyuk in the student theater of the State University. Among all his theatrical works of those years one can mention the participation of the young actor in such productions: “Duck Hunt”, “Goodbye, boys!”, As well as “Night after Graduation” A year later, the actor began working in Moskontsert. Here he worked for 10 years.

After graduating from college, Efim Shifrin, whose biography is not a secret to anyone today, did not abandon his studies, but entered the GITIS (Institute of Theatrical Art). He graduated from the faculty of directing in 1985. And in the same period, his first solo concert was played, built on the basis of the famous work of Viktor Koklyushkin called “I would like to say.” Further, according to the works of the same author, the performances “Round Moon” and “Three Questions” were staged at the Variety Theater.


As a professional actor, for the first time Efim Shifrin (his biography practically did not know of falls) came on the stage of the Moscow State University theater in famous performances, as already mentioned above. Later he began performing in one-man shows.

humorist efim shifrin biography

By the mid-eighties, Efim had already become a two-time winner of the All-Union and Moscow Competition of Variety Artists, in other words, he had become known in narrow circles. But the main fame of the artist shrouded in 1986, after he read the monologue “Mary Magdalene” in one comic TV show. It is interesting that from that moment on he became a constant participant of the programs “Around Laughter”, “Anshlag” and others.

At the same time, on the theatrical stage, Efim Shifrin, whose biography is so actively discussed today, dreamed of playing dramatic roles. In this capacity, his debut took place at the Theater. Evgenia Vakhtangov. The artist appeared in the play, which was staged by his teacher and good friend Roman Viktyuk based on the famous play written by Antonio de Benedetti. Then there were already other productions in the Viktyuk Theater.

In 1990, the actor founded his "Shifrin-Theater". He leads them today.By the way, the last repertoire has a huge number of pieces of music in which Shifrin performs the romances of Mark Minkov, Dmitry Shostakovich, Mikhail Kochetkov and other famous composers.


biography of actor efim shifrina

Yefim Shifrin with the cinema began to cooperate in the nineties. Then he starred in a small episode in a little-known comedy film, as well as in the musical “Angel with a cigarette butt”, where he sang about ten songs. He then actively voiced various animated films. The voice of Yefim, for example, is spoken by famous heroes of various domestic cartoons, among which are “Pilot Brothers” and “COAPP”. In addition, the actor began to actively act in “Yeralash” - a popular children's humor magazine.

Efim Shifrin in the new century appeared together with Alexander Domogarov and Yulia Vysotskaya in the tragicomedy “Glyanets”, besides, he was the leader in the film “The Hero of Our Tribe” and the only hero “Plays for a Man” (the drama). The artist in recent years does not stop to act in films. So, you can regularly see it in the fabulous New Year's musicals “New Adventures of Aladdin”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Golden Key”, “Three Bogatyrs”, etc.

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Yefim Shifrin, like his father, was able to realize himself as a writer. He, together with George Viren, published a biographical novel titled "The Theater named after me." After that, the artist wrote about himself in the story entitled “The Personal File of E. Shifrin”, and also continued to recall his life in his work “The Flowing River of Leta”, which was published in 2010.

Yefim Shifrin (children of the country also fell in love with this talented person), published in 2016 a work of art oriented to young readers. Cognitive and entertaining children's book "I am a big panda" turned out to be his first experience in the field of children's literature.

Shifrin Yefim: biography, wife

Efim Shifrin photo

The artist was never married. He also has no children. In addition, Yefim never confessed to his romantic relationship. Because of this, there are always a lot of rumors and gossip around Shifrin concerning his orientation. But to all those who are curious, he says that he is not going to let the public into his private life, since he has a right to secrets. And in this he is absolutely right. But human curiosity also does not go anywhere. And if you take into account what a huge army of fans was formed over the years by the artist, then it is strange that so far there has not been any leakage of information about his personal life.

Efim Shifrin at the age of 40 began to go to the gym. He was so imbued with this occupation that he became seriously interested in bodybuilding, and in this he also achieved tangible results. For example, he received diplomas from the Committee of Sport and Physical Education, the Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding for promoting healthy lifestyles and sports, in addition, received the award "Mr. Fitness" from the club World Class.


Shifrin as a hobby is involved in a variety of television shows. So, he could be seen in the program “Circus with the Stars”, in which he was able to win the Nikulin Cup. Most recently, he was invited to the jury at the “Without Insurance” show.

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In 1979, the artist became the winner of the Moscow First Variety Artists Competition. And 4 years after that - the 7th contest of variety artists. After 9 years he got the "Golden Ostap". In 2000, Efim Shifrin received the World Class Club award, thus becoming “Mr. Fitness”. In 2001 he won the Raikin Cup, as well as the Nikulin Cup. In 2006, he was awarded a diploma of the Committee of Sport and Physical Education for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

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