Are lenses harmful?

We are surrounded by many people with poor eyesight, and many of them put up with it, refusing the help of modern medicine. With the development of ophthalmology, there are many ways to improve vision, including wearing contact lenses, which are convenient and invisible to others, and most importantly, they are invisible even to the person who wears them. However, fear of wearing lenses is common among patients, and in this article we will try to dispel it and talk about whether the lenses are harmful.

First of all, it is worth noting that lenses, like glasses, can harm your eyesight if:

  • They are incorrectly chosen or you have acquired them without a doctor's prescription.
  • You misuse them and violate terms and conditions of operation.

Is it harmful to wear lenses?

Lenses, undoubtedly, are much more profitable to wear than glasses, if we talk about people who are complex about glasses. But this is not their only plus. When you wear glasses, you can only see well in front of you, in the center of the glass, lateral vision while you are as bad as without glasses. When using lenses there is no such thing, in the lenses you generally forget about what you see badly. Also, lenses save people with poor eyesight when playing sports.

However, wearing lenses carries some risks:

  • Increases the risk of inflammatory diseases.
  • Allergic reactions are possible.
  • Lack of oxygen for the eyes.

It is worth repeating that all these risks are minimized if you have picked up the lenses from a good doctor and are using them correctly.

Contact Lens Wear Rules

Answering the question about whether the lenses are harmful to the eyes, you should understand that, like any other medical product, the lenses require proper use:

  1. Be sure to buy lenses with a doctor's prescription, a doctor should be examined annually.
  2. Observe the period of wearing the lenses, in any case do not exceed it, because the lenses do not show whether they have passed the expiration date or not, just watch the dates. Wear weekly lenses - a week, monthly - a month, and so on. Disposable lenses put on once, if the lens is removed, then immediately throw it away. If the lens has fallen, do not rinse it, as well as throw it away.
  3. When buying lenses for the first time, let your eyes get used to them, starting from 1.5-2 hours, increasing the wearing time by 1 hour every day.
  4. It is better not to wear lenses for more than 7-8 hours in a row.
  5. Do not sleep in the lenses, although there are lenses in which you can occasionally sleep, but this is not recommended.
  6. To work at the computer is better to wear glasses.
  7. Wear and remove lenses with clean and dry hands.
  8. Wear lenses before applying makeup, remove before removing makeup.
  9. Every day, observe the hygiene of the lenses, rinse only with special solutions, store only in special containers.
  10. Do not wear lenses if you have a cold or are sick.

In addition to the usual lenses for vision correction, there are all kinds of colored and carnival lenses that change your appearance. Carnival lenses are much denser than ordinary ones, so their eyes are less comfortable, they miss oxygen much worse, and it is harmful to wear them for a long time. Are colored lenses harmful to wear? If you compare them with ordinary lenses, they, of course, are inferior to them, but if you choose between color and carnival, then in color the quality of vision and eye comfort are better.

Now you know whether contact lenses are harmful, and you can decide for yourself whether it is worth switching to them or not. At the same time, you must remember that you cannot completely give up on glasses, since you need to give your eyes a rest from the lenses.

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