Arcana, the meaning. "The Hermit" (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation

The history and practice of tarot cards nowmany are interested in Russia. Brought from the West, this tradition fell in favor of the people, and its popularity is growing every day. This is not enough to testify to all the new decks, developed and published already in Russia itself and countless copies of thematic literature, both translated and out of hand by domestic specialists. In this article we will touch only one aspect of this deep tradition, namely the map, which is intriguing and mysterious name "Hermit".

the meaning of the hermit tarot

On the appearance of maps

We begin our review of the map, which in the traditionthe tarot itself is called arcana (that is, mystery, riddle, if translated from the Latin language), with a description of its form. Immediately I must say that for today the tarot deck exists several thousand. Designs of a part of them are so unique and original that in principle there is no way to choose a description of the "Hermit" card that would fit everyone. Therefore, we will limit ourselves only to the traditional, classical way, which serves as the basis not only for the oldest, but also for the most popular deck today.

Description of the "Hermit" card

So, the lasso, known as the HermitIt is a map depicting a gray-haired elder dressed in a hoodie and a long gray cloak. A hood will be put on his head, and he himself marches along a hard-to-reach mountain road. The path is made at night, and so he lights his way with a lantern, which he holds in his left hand. In the lantern, a six-pointed star burns brightly. Support the old man on the way is a long wooden staff. Sometimes it is accompanied by an animal. Most often this is a snake, but there are also wolves, turtles, monkeys and other fauna.

recluse tarot value

The symbolism of the "Hermit" card

The elder, clothed in rags, isthe representation of the archetype of a monk, that is, a hermit, in a broader sense. It is separated from society and its life, from everyday life and goes its own way - difficult and thorny, it is emphasized by mountains. However, the mountains themselves are also a symbol of the spiritual height of the hermit, his wisdom, insight, the high level of development, the sphere of heaven, the divine, to which he is involved. Being an image of the mediator between heaven and earth, the Hermit is also an arkan depicting a prophet whose task, on behalf and on behalf of the higher powers, is to tell people the truth about themselves and to exercise supreme leadership in human evolution. "Hermit", thus, being separated from the society, is his spiritual leader, moral, religious, ethical guide, which is symbolically expressed in the lantern that the elder holds in his right hand. As a pioneer in the mountain world, he goes through spiritual darkness and the darkness of ignorance to the heights of spiritual revelations, lighting himself and others with the help of this very lantern, whose light is the light of divine guidance and revelation, which is emphasized by a six-pointed star. "Hermit" is an old man, because to achieve its level of development, conquest of the mountain top, it is required to overcome the difficult, long-term way of daily practice of development and ascent. The experience and wisdom acquired over the course of many years are expressed in the old man's gray hair and his stoop, fatigue. This means that the path of development, the path of ascent requires considerable effort, is fraught with many dangers and difficulties. To pass it, you need strength of mind, faith in yourself, and freedom from all human passions and weaknesses. The latter is expressed in a cloak and draped hood, which means that the "Hermit" is completely separated from the world, independent of anyone and does not spray himself with looks around, does not turn back, in longing for the abandoned glory, wealth and other joys of human life.

The Hermit's gaze is fixed at his feet, on the road,because he is attentive and circumspect, and his attention is entirely focused on the way, for the purity of which he is vigilantly watching, so as not to deviate to the right or to the left. The strength of his spirit, inner core, firmness of convictions, and also divine help on the way symbolizes the staff on which the elder rests. The Hermit's robe or robe testifies to the renunciation of material wealth, attachment to wealth and the desire to possess something other than truth.

hermit in the relationship

The meaning of the "Hermit" map in antiquity

The represented image of the old hermit isthe result of the development of the arcana for more than five hundred years - since the appearance of the first tarot decks. Initially, this map was called "Old Man" and symbolized the inexorable passage of time. This was emphasized by the fact that the elder held an hourglass in his hands. In such a role, "Hermit" personifies the transience of life and can predict an imminent death or the end of something.

Interpretation of the map in the forward position

Some specialists in tarot cards sharethe value of the cards in the forward and inverted position. I must say that this tradition is quite new and not all practiced. Nevertheless, for those who adhere to it, the possible value of the cards, thanks to it, doubles. Thus, instead of the traditional seventy-two basic (without taking into account the nuances), they have one hundred forty-four. What does the "Hermit" mean in the direct position? Tarot, more precisely, each of his cards, can be described in several key words. For the map we are interested in, they will be approximately the following: renunciation, loneliness, cognition, wisdom, inner growth, introspection, introspection, mentoring, spirituality, frustration, teacher, teaching, value system and its reassessment, growing up, crisis, freedom from outside influence, freedom , self-sufficiency, research spirit, revelation, divinity, old age, patience, expectation, blessing, observation.

Of course, this is only an exemplary list of keys,which should not be taken as an exact list. The base values ​​of the cards are only indications that serve the interpretation during the session. But the present, actual meaning of "The Hermit" (taro as a whole, to be more exact) is established by the master himself during practice. Genuine understanding of cards comes from within, not from books, reference books or articles. All this only helps to indicate the newcomer's way and direction. So it is necessary to relate to the listed values, and to those that will be given below.

hermit inverted tarot value

Interpretation of the map in an inverted position

There are several options for what canmean "The Hermit" is inverted. Tarot, the value of the cards itself is sufficiently multifaceted, has three variants of interpretation in the upside position: inversion, eigenvalue, underlining.

As for inversion, it's just givinga card of exactly the opposite meaning to that which it has in the forward position. Thus, it is easy enough to establish what the "Hermit" (taro, however, as already mentioned, in its traditional system does not provide any inversion values ​​for cards) is inverted. This is the end of loneliness, initiation, stupidity, infantilism, pride, mediocrity, earthlessness, lack of spirituality, extraspection, internal regression, spiritual and cultural decline, secularism, loss of freedom, pressure, fussiness, immorality, materialism, rest, end of expectations.

The second approach to inverted cards isgiving them their own meanings, not in any way dependent on their direct meaning. Here, each individual reader, on the basis of his own associations, devises and establishes what this or that card will mean. This is what, for example, the meaning of "The Hermit" (tarot, or rather, its interpretation, also depends on the characteristics of a particular deck and its cultural and symbolic code, so the proposed keys are just a few of the many possible options): depression, despair, failure, loss of self, new work, the end of the financial crisis, confrontation, lies, illness, unexpected trip.

Finally, the third image of the interpretation of invertedArcana is not based on giving them special significance, and emphasizing the importance of maps, sunken upside down, in the context of the alignment. Sometimes this situation is considered as an emphasis on the most negative meanings of the map. Thus, in the first case, the interpretation will remain generally the same as for the direct position of the map. As for the second, then a painful loneliness, exile, isolation, excessive self-confidence, selfishness, jealousy, arrogance, self-pity, the rupture of relations - all this could mean an inverted "Cabin Fever". Tarot, the value of the cards of which is multivariate, in relation to the Hermit, can, apparently, provide for both positive and negative meanings. Which of them is relevant in each particular scenario, will help to establish the context of the layout and, of course, the experience of the master.

Tarot's meaning and interpretation

Love value. "The Hermit" (tarot) in love scenes

With regard to the theme of the attitude of the sexes, howrule, this lasso is understood in the following manner. It is very important to note that isolation and loneliness, this is the basic meaning of the "Hermit" card. Tarot, the value of love cards which is determined not only by the interpretation of the map, but also by the context of the layout, provides for the Hermit a number of additional interpretations. First, this is an indication of the severance of relations. Secondly, the temporary separation, the verification of relations by distance. Also, the search for an ideal and ideal relationship is one of the options that the "Hermit" can mean. Tarot value in the relationship of this card matches and with such quality as insecurity in yourself and in your feelings. In addition, it is a sign of estrangement and coldness, as well as resentment and cooling of passion. In rare cases, the card indicates a betrayal or, conversely, devotion and overcoming one's selfishness for the sake of preserving and deepening the relationship. Another aspect is the rejection of the object of passion.

the meaning of the hermit in the love story

"The Hermit" (tarot) - the value in finance

As for the sphere of material values,This arkan postulates the rejection of the desire to possess them. In other cases - the need to disregard them for the sake of achieving the goal. In addition, forced poverty and poverty are also the things that the Hermit can mean. Tarot value and interpretation of their lasso sets on the associative series. Therefore, this card can also mean debts, business crash, break of partnerships, contracts, loss of work and stagnation of career growth.

The value of the card in the "yes-no" questions

Now two words about the fact that in matters requiringmonosyllabic answers, means the map "The Hermit" (tarot). The meaning of "yes-no" arkans acquire depending on the context. Therefore, the answer depends on what the question is asked. For example, with regard to questions about money, career and love, this lasso will mean, rather, "no." But the answer "yes" he will acquire in questions about successes in studies, studies, about internal growth and health.

recluse tarot value in love

Astrological attribution

Many associate arcana tarot with astrological categories, planets, zodiac signs and so on. "Hermit" is most often associated with Mercury and the constellation of the Virgin.

Council of the "Hermit" card

If this lasso fell out like a Tarot, then itsshould be understood as the need to look inward, to do introspection and to give time to one's spiritual and personal growth. It is also a council to rethink values ​​and re-evaluate priorities.

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Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation Arcana, the meaning. The Hermit (tarot) in love, in relationships, in finances. Interpretation