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July 27 this year, I bought a bike with a motor. On the same day, if you believe the extract from the USRN, which is now leaked to the media, Igor Ivanovich Sechin (head of Rosneft) became the owner of luxury 5-level apartments, overlooking the HHS.
What is this apartment? Well, bunny, this is beauty, of course, indescribable - by 2 billion rubles. It is precisely in this amount that the experts allegedly estimate the apartment, which even can hardly be called an apartment.
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Naturally, everyone was outraged: how could an official working in a state corporation, with estimated incomes below the apartment price, manage to buy such a property?
And I'll tell you how: you pigs. Unscrupulous.
Even if we assume that Sechin himself bought an apartment in the Crystal House on the Golden Mile for 2 billion, that's fine.
He deserved it. You are not. By and large, you do not even deserve a pension, and Igor Ivanovich brings many benefits to our country.
Sechin heads Rosneft. It shakes in incredibly difficult conditions that we sell to the damned West.Can you imagine what moral burden a person bears on his shoulders? And he, naturally, needs to rest in a five-story apartment.
It is you, idlers, you put your hands on the rails, and Sechin has responsibility on your shoulders! For our with you - do not hesitate to say! - the future.
And, by the way, about the future. If the head of the state corporation buys real estate for the money - this is a good sign. So, he is confident in the future of our capital and Russia as a whole.
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